Chris Duane on the Leap Day Metals Massacre--02-29-2012

Leap Day, February 29, 2012 was a momentous day for the precious metals markets. Gold and silver were slammed from 10am EST onward. Millions of ounces of unbacked paper gold and silver stampeded into the markets, destroying all weak holders in the process. But one must wonder how many real weak metals holders are left. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke testified before Congress today, and coincidentally, precious metals raids often occur before, during, and after his testimony. 

It's interesting to note the purchasing power of silver has been increasing over the past 50 years. In the early 1960's one silver dollar bought about four gallons of gasoline. Today, the same silver dollar buys around 8 gallons, but it has gone as high as 12 gallons. So much for paper based "assets."

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"Ranting" Andy--Leap Year Only Comes Once Every Four Years, But The Fed Intervenes Every Day--02-29-2012

"Ranting" Andy Hoffman made a special appearance today to discuss one of the most transparent Fed moves in recent memory. Today "Da Boyz" put the brakes on gold and silver. The unbacked Paper Silver and Paper Gold was flowing like Tanqueray and Tonic at a Charlie Sheen rehab party! While these one day results have been quite impressive, the US will be in financial rehab for decades to come. This and so many other market manipulations have all but destroyed any semblance of a Free Market Economy.

What we are witnessing now is nothing short of a financial cataclysm that will leave an impression on the financial world similar to that of the Grand Canyon on the geological landscape. The nation will be divided between those who have the precious metals and those who wish they had it. Time is running short. 

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Bob "The International Forecaster" Chapman is watching the precious metals raid and even he can't believe the depth and depravity of the efforts the Elite are using to stop gold and silver's rallies dead in their tracks. According to Bob, and we must agree, the raid will fail. It can't work in the long term, the underlying fundamentals show that fiat currencies are going the way of the buggy whip and the floppy disk. This is just another part of the concerted effort to try and undermine our faith in precious metals and jack up the confidence in paper currencies/ assets. But just like the London Gold Pool of the 1970's, you can't change the course of a market with platitudes. The market always speaks truth to power. 

The only way to stop the advance of precious metals, would be a massive increase in interest rates and a reversals of Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Realistically, what are the chances of this occurring? About the same as the United States and the World voluntarily going back on a gold standard. And while this may be the final result, there's a lot of manipulation and play that will take place before it happens. 

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Darryl Schoon was way ahead of the curve when in March 2007 he wrote, How To Survive The Crisis And Prosper In The Process." This paper was prepared for a private club Darryl had joined, The Positive Deviant NetworkThe report turned out to be quite prophetic, and it helped launch Darryl's career as a major authority in the precious metals and financial survival investment world.

To quote Darryl, "Today, central bankers, the mandarins of capitalism, are in disarray. Their attempts to contain capitalism’s current crisis increasingly resemble the tactics of a defeated army in retreat. Like Napoleon and Hitler’s respective 'Moscow moments', the 21st century economic crisis has brought to an end the bankers’ spectacular 300 year run at the table of power and wealth."

Since 2007, Darryl has not changed his tune in the least bit. He believes the Buck Minster Fuller was spot on by predicting a transformational global economic collapse. Darryl also believes there will be a much better world once this has taken place. 

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Byron King of Agora Financial is a geologist by trade, and he has actually been to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). Contrary to popular belief, the ANWR is a desolate place because very few tourists ever make it up there. So the price America is currently paying for NOT developing this extremely valuable resource is amazingly high. Without the added production from ANWR, the Alaska Pipeline may be close to closing, which would be an extreme loss to the nation and our energy security. While energy exploration and production always involves risks, they have been greatly reduced by better technology and risk management.

Byron explains that contrary to popular belief, there's very little risk to the environment from Hydraulic Fracking, or Hydro Fracking. The wells are thousands of feet below the water table and aquifers; therefore, it presents little risk of well water pollution. The uninformed, knee jerk opponents need to take a deep breath and understand the potential damage they are doing to America's ability to be energy self-sufficient. Old memes die hard, and the baby-boomers have painful memories of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and the Exxon Valdez's sinking. 

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Over the weekend, I learned the NYC Board of Education released evaluations of every teacher in New York City. I found this extremely interesting, however, finding the list was nearly impossible. Alas I found it here, but I was dismayed to see the usability of the site's search engine is almost nonexistent. After spending several hours inputting common last names and random zip codes, I was shocked by the results I found. The top-rated teachers are easy to find, but finding people who are rated low is very nearly beyond the bounds of possibility. Check it out for yourself to see if you can find your child's teachers or schools, and please let us know what your thoughts are regarding these evaluations.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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"Ranting" Andy Hoffman may not always be right, but he's never in doubt. Andy has been following the precious metals markets for too long to be fooled by the obvious hand of governmental sponsored manipulation. According to Andy, unbacked paper contracts are losing their affect on the physical metals prices. While it's been a long time coming, it's obvious now the market is getting away from the manipulators and is seeking its true free market value.

As we all know, markets can be manipulated in the short run. However in the long term, they will trade at their free market value. Unfortunately, every market the government meddles with results in malinvestment and irrational price movement and discovery. This is exactly what's happening in the mortgage, housing, and student loan markets as well as in the precious metals markets. Like all good things, however, it eventually comes to an end. So you should start thinking about picking up some silver eagles, maple leafs, 90% silver-pre 1965 coins, and whatever else suits your preference. But do it soon because the odds are the next big move is happening now. 

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SGTReport Interviews Kerry Lutz-The Matrix--02-27-2012

Yours truly is getting discovered by the alternative media. I sat down for several interviews last week. One of my favorite pro-freedom sites, honored me with an in-depth discussion about freedom, how to reclaim and how to make people understand what is at risk. Sean is a master interviewer, who's videos have been viewed by millions. He understands exactly what's happening and is doing everything in his power to help people awaken.

It really comes down to a scene from The Matrix, will you take the red pill or the blue pill? The red pill will help you awaken to reality and the blue one is for the sheeple. As a major red pill proponent, we really don't have much choice. Freedom is just to important a matter to be left to the ruling elite. Look at the mess they've gotten us into now. There will only be more of the same, if we allow them to continue on. 

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Yaron Brook was with us again for another exploration into why the individual is supreme, and why we need thousands of people to constantly communicate the message that collectivism is always a path to authoritarianism and impoverishment. Ideas have the power to reshape generations. This is why the current debate of individual rights and the proper role of the state is essential to everyone's future.

Key to the debate is the understanding that the concept of the individual being free to pursue his own personal happiness and fulfillment will result in the economic elevation of the entire society. The elimination of the wasteful and parasitic activities of government could result in unimagined wealth for our country and the world. But, people are oblivious to the toll that the out of control government exacts upon us all...and until they understand, change will be extremely difficult. 

For more, check out the Ayn Rand Institute's new blog at

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Ty Andros, of Traderview, joins us again this week to review the current global economic events. The head of the European Central Bank has started telling the truth, and the world might never be the same.  Socialism just isn't working out like the brilliant architects of the collectivist scheme planned. In fact, they're collapsing faster than anyone ever thought possible. Europe and the US must eliminate needless regulations and cut taxes to unleash the private sector.

Tax increases, like those in the UK, have not yielded the tax revenues that were anticipated. Increased taxation on the rich never works because the wealthy can determine when and if they are going to recognize income and how much taxes they will pay. The system has been designed to accomplish this end, and it has been very effective. There is no way redistributive systems will ever succeed. Therefore, the best thing the government can do is get out of the way and allow the free market to enrich all of society. Capitalism has always worked this way, and it always will.

During our chat, Ty also questioned the use of Greece's gold reserves in an effort to collateralize new loans. When Greece ultimately defaults, this will leave the country completely impoverished, and it will result in years of impoverishment to the population. Ty fears the US's gold is gone or has long since been sold off. We hope his opinion is incorrect, but we've seen far too many governmental schemes to think otherwise. But at some point, we will all learn the truth.

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At FSN, we never gloat or say we told you so. However, now we're going to make an exception! Jason Burack of appeared on the show at the end of January 2012, and he made an extremely great case for higher gold and silver prices. We were in complete agreement with his predictions last month, and are reveling in watching those predictions come to fruition this week. It is now the end of February, and silver's once again broken through $35, and gold's at $1780. These are clearly very nice runs for markets where the naysayers said the bubbles had burst.

Look for some bumps along the road, but this bull has got a lot more mileage left in him. And he's not going to stop until all the negativists have been broken. No, it won't be a straight line up. Naturally, there will be plenty of dips along the way, but that's perfectly normal in a healthy market. Just remember, if the trend is your friend, then this one could your best friend for life (BFF).

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Jordan Roy-Byrne of believes Warren Buffet's derisive comments about prices and why investors purchase gold are totally off the mark. While the Oracle of Omaha has had a spectacular investing career, in the past five years, gold and silver have far outperformed his company, Berkshire Hathaway. In February of 2007, the Berkshire shares were trading around $71. Today those same shares are around $80. Contrast this with gold, which was around $660 in February 2007, and today it's at $1780. Where would you rather have invested? Even going back to February of 2000, Berkshire was around $30, and gold was at $293. The results for the last 12 years show Berkshire is up 2.67 times, and gold is up 6.07 times. So much for barbarous relics! Gold has far outperformed Buffet and the rest of the market, by a long shot. 

Perhaps you should regard Buffet's comments about gold the same way you do his statements about taxes: very interesting but very ill-informed. 

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Nick Santiago, of joined us to discuss the re-energized boom in the precious metals and resource stocks. It's hard to believe he was once a wanna-be hedge fund guy, and now he's spreading his message to the people. Nick is big on education. He wants you to understand how you got where you are now and how to put together a plan to carry you and your family into the future, no matter how bright or dull it may seem.

Obviously metals are an important part of the equation. However, Nick believes learning how to trade, whether you buy one share of stock or nothing, is an essential skill everyone should possess. According to Nick, looking at the world through a trader's eyes can help you understand the economic world and  help you build wealth.

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The Financial Survival Network just reached another milestone; our first three-way round table! Today, Sean of, Chris Duane a/k/a The Silver Shield of and BrotherJohnF of Silver For the People joined us for a discussion about citizen blogging/journalism, their respective accomplishments in the new media, and where they're each heading. Collectively they've gotten over 10 million views and downloads on YouTube and other well known venues.

People are starting to stand up and take notice! Their viewpoints on the dollar, foreign relations, militaristic adventurism, Middle Eastern intervention, and free markets are always certain to be controversial. But, they do also make you think and question what's really going on with our economy and with the global economies. Their goal is to help people become aware that the current system is not serving anyone's interest, except the bankers. The system we have in place now is quickly turning us into a nation of debt slaves, whose only purpose it to pay interest and taxes. Clearly, there's something very dysfunctional and disturbing about contemporary life in America and around the World. Everyday, it seems the world moves closer and closer to the abyss or a dark place from which it can never return.

These three men are trying to help put the brakes on our downward descent, and we wish them great success in their efforts.

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Jason Hamlin of spoke with us yesterday to discuss the prospects for the yellow and shiny metals. Jason sees much smooth sailing ahead, and so do I. While there is a small chance of another pullback in the metals markets, this should be short lived. After the limited duration, the big move should be on. Then we will see that new highs will be tested and new records set. And judging from this week's action in the precious metals, Jason's view looks to be the likely scenario. 

Certainly the fundamental picture for gold and silver has never been more bullish. Governments continue to pump out fiat currency units like there's no tomorrow. However, tomorrow inevitably comes and for us that means more inflation, more debt, more defaults and more worldwide financial turmoil. In such situations, people invariably turn to precious metals to protect their wealth. And while Jason believes the metals will continue to serve this purpose, he also believes the potential for wealth accumulation/increase is also present. Simply put, when the world wakes up to the diminution of fiat currencies, there will be a pile on into gold and silver. The result will be great increases in the purchasing power of gold and silver. These will be far greater than the actual inflationary increases.

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Ron Hera, the extremely bright and knowledgeable proprietor of HeraResearch, came back on FSN today. Ron and I walked the floor together at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, and he's a regular guest of the show. There's so much happening in the world today that no one can keep track of it. But, that's why we have gold and silver. When things are really heating up, gold and silver tell us everything we need to know. Copper can give us a great look into commodity and resource demand and pricing, but when gold and silver go dramatically higher over time, we learn the real story about the health of sovereign debt and the ever expanding money supplies. Our advice is to watch their prices regularly, but don't get too involved in the short term fluctuations.

Ron had some interesting comments about the Casey-Brook debate that took place at FSN last week. Ron believes some elemental form of government is required to help us all live together peacefully and to protect the country from external threats. However, Ron also feels the system we currently have in place doesn't do a good job with anything it undertakes, and it's actually harming the economy and destroying opportunity in a wholesale manner. Excessive regulations, lawsuits, and taxes indubitably make us all poorer. So maybe it's time to start downsizing the public sector. 

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My friend Greg got a new toy. An Escort Radar Detector that is iPhone/Web enabled. The concept is simple. Your radar detector syncs with your iPhone/Android cellphone. You then become part of a vast network of drivers who automatically report radar and laser speed traps and cops across the continent. If there's a cop up ahead who's turning his radar on and off, not allowing your detector to pick it up, no worries, the network will probably already have gotten it and will furnish you with fair warning.

Another revenue raising parasitic governmental activity is red-light cameras. These devices insure that if you get stuck in an intersection due to traffic, you will receive a ticket in the mail. These cameras are intended solely to raise revenue, not to insure public safety. The network has a national database containing virtually every red-light camera in the nation. Plug in your phone and you'll be amazed how many of these dollar snatchers have been strategically placed around your city or town. 

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We sat down with the ever ubiquitous "Ranting" Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin today. While alot of you have been worrying about Uncle Sam grabbing your gold, as always, Andy has his eye on the bigger picture. As usual, there's something rotten in the Middle East, and we're not talking about a food storage issue. Rather, the pressure on Iran has been ratcheted up. They were effectively removed from the international financial grid due to their forced removal from SWIFT, which is the backbone of the international electronic funds transfer system.

Now we will find out how supportive their allies Russia and China really are. While no one favors an out and out war, and while the US seems to be marching ahead, Andy thinks there's lots of challenges ahead that could derail the country and the World. Exploding oil prices, rapidly rising gold and silver prices, and commodities through the roof to name a few. Are you ready for next chapter in the ceaseless world-wide economic collapse?

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Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of Fox's Freedom Watch was unceremoniously dumped from the network this week. Napolitano says in a Facebook posting that it was nothing out of the ordinary and to please not email Fox demanding his reinstatement. According to the Judge, these things happen all the time and are ratings inspired. Watch the two videos linked here and let us know if you think his termination was purely economic. 

The fact is, Judge Napolitano was calling out the powers that be. He casting light on the fact that the political parties only have their well-being at heart, not yours. That the system is completely broken and that the government is out of control and a threat to us all. He highlighted the futility of the candidates this electoral go-round and pointed to Ron Paul as being authentic, honest, consistent and all too often right. If these acts and words earned the Judge a discharge, then it was a well earned one indeed. 

We wish the Judge and his family the best and pray for his well being. 

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We sat down with Mickey Fulp and while there's not a lot to be happy about, many markets have been going up since the first of the year. And as the old Wall Street Maxim says,  So goes January, So goes the Year. And you have to take your profits while you can get them. But of course you always need to have a core holding of gold and silver. The rest is extra money that you've hopefully been able to grow during the course of a very tough couple of years. There's absolutely no indication that anything has fundamentally improved of that any of the long standing, intractable problems have been solved, but Wall Street doesn't seem very concerned about these issues. But you should be, because one day they'll wake but it will be too late.

Copper's been heading down a bit since January, seems the Chinese have been hoarding it. And perhaps the most surprising developments, the US approved two new nuclear power plants to be built in Georgia and the Germans are restarting several shut-in nukes. While nuclear power's rebirth in the West has been greatly exaggerated, perhaps reality is now catching up. Uranium stocks haven't had much of a move recently, but that could be changing. 

All-in-all financial markets never surprise us with their unpredictability, and 2012 is proving no different. 

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Things are going down at an escalating rate according to's Ty Andros. He believes the US and the World economies are contracting at rising rates. This is why the debt can't be paid. Real economic growth, which allows for servicing and repayment of debt is non-existent. Of course, if you just rely upon the official government statistics, you won't realize this. But when inflation is properly calculated, deliberate distortions, like implied rent being treated as income, are factored out and the picture looks quite bleak. 

Ty has said it before and so have many of our guests, buying gold and silver is the only way for the average working person to secure his/her future. We've repeated this admonition to you so many times in the past, but it really can never be repeated enough. Look at the average American or citizen from virtually an country; they own little or no precious metals. If they were fortunate enough to get the family sterling silver passed down through the generations, this could well be their economic salvation in the coming hard times. Thinking outside the box, and finding new ways to realize value from what you own and the services you can provide are the keys to prosperity in any economic depression. Don't sell your metals until you absolutely have to--this is sound advice that will make all the difference.

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Jim Rickards joined the Financial Survival Network to discuss his new book Currency Wars and to discuss the eventual dropping of the fiat money standard. Virtually everyone who doesn't reside in Washington, DC or Wall Street understands that Nixon's closing of the Gold Window 40 years ago, has helped create the unstable economic and monetary conditions the world is now experiencing. At some point, either an economic collapse or a world monetary agreement is going to put the experiment out of our collective misery. Jim doesn't see an economically enlightened leader stepping forward to lead the world into a new Golden Age.

So that means that a collapse and resulting chaos are probably going to cause the inevitable transition. Jim states for the record, and it is a well established fact, "a Central Bank is not mandatory." The US got along just fine during the 1800's after President Andrew Jackson disbanded the Second Bank of the United States. In fact on his death bed, Jackson said he was most proud of his victory of central banking. The problem is that mankind doesn't learn from history until it's too late. And that will probably be the case here. 

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Chris Duane and I sit down after an enormously successful roundtable with David Morgan to discuss the market for enlightened free thought. While things on many fronts appear to be getting worse, and freedom appears to be under every increasing attack, more and more people are coming to understand the failure of the current economic and political paradigm and are seeking answers. That's why Chris, Sean (SGTReport), BrotherJohnF and so many others are finding ever larger audiences for their ideas and answers.

As Chris explains it, the BabyBoomers--of which yours truly is a member--are about to go down the economic river without a paddle. People who just a few years ago were looking forward to a comfortable and dignified retirement are now facing a lifetime of toil and hard labor. Retirement nest eggs have been devastated. According to Chris, the only hope is the immediate purchase of 1000 ounces of silver. Once the dollar experiences its ultimate demise, this amount of silver should be the ticket to many retirements, in style and with self-respect. While the future price of silver is always a matter of conjecture, its past increase has been meteoric, going from $4 per ounce a decade ago to $33 now.

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Bix Weir of fame was with us yesterday and explained that Ron Paul is actually ahead in the delegate count for the Republican Presidential Nomination. It seems Ron Paul supporters have been working the system and getting his delegates installed even when others have won the popular count! If this is true, it could be a major election game changer. Time will tell if Dr. Paul has the winning electoral special sauce.

Bix is expecting major market gyrations in March. He believes a global financial realignment will be rearing its ugly head and that this will further cement Dr. Paul's victory in place. FSN stays away from exact predictions because we have learned through hardened experience, "Things take much longer to occur than you ever believed, but happen much faster than you ever thought possible." The economic collapse/soap opera certainly falls into this category.

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Direct download: Bix_02-16-2012.mp3
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Sean founder of the, one of the most popular freedom advocate sites on the internet joins us for a no holds barred interview. He believes freedom is hanging in the balance and that we may have crossed the Rubicon. Since starting his YouTube channel, he's gotten millions of views. He's struck a chord with people around the world who sense that something is very wrong and who are trying to understand the exact nature of the global financial challenges that lie ahead.

Awareness is the first step towards addressing the underlying issues. Until some level of understanding is achieved, it will continue to remain impossible to find solutions to these seemingly intractable problems. Sean has dedicated much of his life to help you clearly see the challenges that we are all facing and those that your children and grandchildren will face in the future. The defining issue of our country and the world is really whether or not these problems can be solved.  

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