The Financial Survival Network just reached another milestone; our first three-way round table! Today, Sean of, Chris Duane a/k/a The Silver Shield of and BrotherJohnF of Silver For the People joined us for a discussion about citizen blogging/journalism, their respective accomplishments in the new media, and where they're each heading. Collectively they've gotten over 10 million views and downloads on YouTube and other well known venues.

People are starting to stand up and take notice! Their viewpoints on the dollar, foreign relations, militaristic adventurism, Middle Eastern intervention, and free markets are always certain to be controversial. But, they do also make you think and question what's really going on with our economy and with the global economies. Their goal is to help people become aware that the current system is not serving anyone's interest, except the bankers. The system we have in place now is quickly turning us into a nation of debt slaves, whose only purpose it to pay interest and taxes. Clearly, there's something very dysfunctional and disturbing about contemporary life in America and around the World. Everyday, it seems the world moves closer and closer to the abyss or a dark place from which it can never return.

These three men are trying to help put the brakes on our downward descent, and we wish them great success in their efforts.

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Jason Hamlin of spoke with us yesterday to discuss the prospects for the yellow and shiny metals. Jason sees much smooth sailing ahead, and so do I. While there is a small chance of another pullback in the metals markets, this should be short lived. After the limited duration, the big move should be on. Then we will see that new highs will be tested and new records set. And judging from this week's action in the precious metals, Jason's view looks to be the likely scenario. 

Certainly the fundamental picture for gold and silver has never been more bullish. Governments continue to pump out fiat currency units like there's no tomorrow. However, tomorrow inevitably comes and for us that means more inflation, more debt, more defaults and more worldwide financial turmoil. In such situations, people invariably turn to precious metals to protect their wealth. And while Jason believes the metals will continue to serve this purpose, he also believes the potential for wealth accumulation/increase is also present. Simply put, when the world wakes up to the diminution of fiat currencies, there will be a pile on into gold and silver. The result will be great increases in the purchasing power of gold and silver. These will be far greater than the actual inflationary increases.

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