Join Kerry Lutz and renowned economist Martin Armstrong for a captivating discussion centered around the Socrates computer model's uncanny accuracy in predicting political and market trends since 1985. Discover the model's compelling projection of a 61% chance for a Republican victory in the upcoming 2024 election and its implications for the political landscape.

Delve into the erosion of confidence in government, potential election irregularities, and the profound impact of deviations from historical election norms. Gain insights into the influence of various political agendas, including discussions about veiled threats and the involvement of influential figures like Klaus Schwab and George Soros in funding Democratic elections.

Transitioning to market forecasts, Martin Armstrong reaffirms his earlier prediction regarding the crucial turning point in January. Explore the far-reaching effects of global capital trends on stock markets, with a focus on how geopolitical events shape investment decisions and influence various stock market indexes.

The conversation also tackles pressing economic issues, such as the potential consequences of increased taxes and selective debt default, the dollar's reserve currency status, and the challenges faced by farmers and migration trends within the United States. Despite technical challenges, Kerry Lutz and Martin Armstrong exhibit adaptability and resilience, making this discussion a must-watch for those seeking insights into the ever-evolving world of politics and finance.

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Kerry Lutz and David Wright discussed various economic topics, including the recent surge in consumer sentiment and its potential impact on the economy, rising credit card debt, and the uncertainty surrounding future interest rate changes by the Federal Reserve. They also talked about the intricacies of economic stimulus and the mounting debt, providing insights into the contributing factors that have shaped the current economic landscape. The conversation also touched on the potential for Federal Reserve rate cuts, with Lutz suggesting that the cuts may be delayed longer than expected, while Wright highlighted the potential consequences of rate cuts, including the risk of reigniting inflation.

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Join us for an enlightening conversation with Charles Nenner, a renowned expert in market cycles, as he delves deep into the dynamic world of finance. In this thought-provoking meeting, Nenner shares invaluable insights into the stock market, corporate profits, and the cyclical nature of various markets, such as gold, silver, oil, natural gas, soybeans, live cattle, lumber, and Bitcoin.

Nenner highlights the critical importance of monitoring cycles and explores how geopolitical events can influence market triggers. Gain a deeper understanding of how market cycles impact inflation, consumer prices, and interest rates, and why it's crucial to consider long-term economic cycles when making policy decisions.

Hosted by Kerry Lutz, this engaging conversation also addresses skepticism about the Federal Reserve's approach and emphasizes the significance of incorporating long-term economic cycles into policy decisions. Nenner's predictions about a looming housing market crash later in the year and his advice on protective strategies are particularly eye-opening.

We also delve into the potential repercussions of the pandemic on travel and the airline industry, as well as its broader economic implications. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into market cycles and their profound impact on various markets. Plus, discover how understanding and integrating long-term economic cycles can shape better policy decisions.

Stay informed and empowered with the Financial Survival Network, and be sure to sign up for a free trial on Charles Nenner's website to access even more expert insights. This meeting is your ticket to a deeper understanding of the financial world's cyclical nature – watch now!

For a free trial of Charles's work go to

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In a thought-provoking conversation, Kerry Lutz and Lord Conrad Black delve into pressing issues of our time. They explore the current state of the United States, its political climate, global affairs, and the Ukraine war. Lord Conrad Black shares his optimistic outlook for the nation's future while stressing the importance of a balanced perspective on its history and civil rights achievements. The discussion also touches upon concerns of the working class, comparisons between administrations, and the diminishing influence of China on the world stage. They express skepticism about China's capabilities and delve into Europe's state. The conversation extends to education, addressing issues with teachers' unions and the rise of alternative methods like homeschooling. Don't miss this insightful exchange of ideas.

Amazon link to Lord Black's Latest Book

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Jason White shared his insights on the world of government contracting, particularly at the federal level. He emphasized the ease of finding federal government contract opportunities through, with over 96,000 opportunities available daily.

They also discussed the role of a government contractor in sourcing and fulfilling contracts, highlighting the potential for success in this field. He recounted his interaction with the federal government in 2017, when they requested 82 million gloves, and the subsequent negotiation process that led to a contract in 2019.

The conversation delved into the specifics of the security services provided to government agencies, including guarding valuable assets and transporting money. White also explained the rules and preferences for subcontracting contracts, noting that most federal government contracts allow subcontracting.

Additionally, he shared his approach to pricing and selecting subcontractors, emphasizing the need for price comparison. The meeting concluded with a detailed conversation about the potential for making money in federal government contracting, identifying real estate, janitorial, landscaping, and IT services as areas of opportunity.

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Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent producer price numbers and expressed concerns about the state of the economy, consumer demand, and credit. They explored potential scenarios of a soft landing, inflation, recession, and the potential impact on the stock and bond markets. Eddy Gifford also raised concerns about the dollar's primacy and the potential domino effect of uncertainty on global economies.

The conversation highlighted the complexity and uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook and the potential challenges ahead. Additionally, Eddy Gifford provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in the current investment landscape, emphasizing the need for nimbleness and discipline to navigate uncertainties. The discussion underscored the importance of being informed and prepared to make strategic financial decisions in the face of market volatility and potential risks.

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🌟 In a thought-provoking discussion, Kerry Lutz and Arlan Hamilton delve into the crucial topics of diversity and inclusion within the investment landscape. 🌟

Arlan Hamilton, a trailblazer in the world of venture capital, opens up about her personal journey, the challenges faced by underrepresented entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and the pressing need for diversity in investment decision-making.

🚀 Key takeaways from their engaging conversation:

1️⃣ Arlan's Journey: Arlan Hamilton shares her inspiring story of being underestimated in Silicon Valley and how she overcame the odds to become a leading figure in the investment world.

2️⃣ Access to Capital: Discover the hurdles underrepresented entrepreneurs face when seeking funding and why equal opportunities are paramount.

3️⃣ Aviation Sector: Explore the risks associated with diversity in the aviation industry and how both speakers are dedicated to ensuring the best talent can thrive.

4️⃣ Investment Criteria: Arlan delves into her investment criteria, focusing on innovative ideas from underrepresented entrepreneurs that can make a significant impact.

5️⃣ Stories of Resilience: Learn about specific entrepreneurs Arlan has supported and their remarkable journeys, showcasing resilience and groundbreaking ideas.

6️⃣ Embracing Failure: Arlan candidly discusses her experiences with alcoholism, sobriety, and the role of failure in personal growth and success.

💪 Embrace Failure for Growth: The conversation emphasizes the value of viewing failures as opportunities for growth and personal development.

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Kerry Lutz and Paul Oster discussed the impact of holiday spending on consumer debt, particularly credit card debt, and its detrimental effect on credit scores. They emphasized the need for consumers to address their credit card debt in 2024, highlighting the potential economic downturn and the severe consequences of missed payments on credit ratings. The speakers also discussed strategies for effectively managing credit card debt, including exploring lower-interest borrowing options, devising a clear and mathematical plan for debt repayment, and cutting unnecessary expenses.

The discussion also focused on the pervasive influence of credit scores on financial transactions, highlighting the detrimental effects of lower credit scores on insurance premiums, utility deposits, and other expenses. The speakers emphasized the importance of taking proactive measures to improve credit scores and break the cycle of financial disadvantage. They recommended using free apps and software like and NerdWallet to manage debt and track expenses, and highlighted the essential role of individual commitment and discipline in the process. Additionally, Oster discussed the potential benefits of credit management programs and the power of reducing credit card interest rates to zero for the right individuals.

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We sat down with Fury Goldmines’ CEO (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Brian Atkinson for a sponsor update. Newly released drill results showed a significant intercept at the Hinge Target. (31.77g/t gold over 3.50 meters.

CEO Tim Clark emphasized how much these results validate FURY's strategic approach and he outlines plans to increase the resource at the Eau Claire; a crucial point for potential buyers and analysts. He stated, “… when I first was here and sitting down with investors, we were talking about making this a turnaround story. Now, …all that's behind us and we're one of the marquee names in the junior exploration space in gold.”


He has high praise for SVP Bryan Atkinson’s success in drilling 19,000 meters – instead of the planned 15,000 meters and still coming in $1 million under budget. Atkinson noted that results are pending for 5 more drill holes in the Hinge and another 5 in Percival.

The makings of a banner 2024 are clearly in place and the eventual release of an updated resource estimate should give us a clear indication of Fury’s potential value. Fury has the financial capability to make it happen with C$7 million in the treasury, along with C$50 million in Dolly Vaden Silver shares, which in light of recent results could be headed significantly higher. This is why we continue to patiently hold shares and await the eventual bull market in junior miners.

Company website:

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Kerry Lutz and Nick Santiago discussed various topics related to the financial market. They analyzed the recent movements of the market, including the resurgence of technology stocks and the impact of the Powell pivot. They also discussed the Federal Reserve's monetary policy shifts and their impact on the market, as well as potential indicators of an upcoming recession. The conversation also touched upon the energy market, precious metals market, and investment strategies.

The discussion on the energy market focused on the performance of crude oil and natural gas, with Santiago sharing his trading experiences and challenges. They also discussed the potential impact of the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs on the cryptocurrency market. The conversation on the precious metals market highlighted the volatility in gold and the underperformance of silver, as well as the market outlook for 2024.

Santiago provided insights on sector analysis and investment strategies, advising against tech stocks in the first half of the year and recommending considering companies that were beaten down last year. They also discussed the housing market, emphasizing the shortage of housing caused by large firms buying houses and reducing supply. The conversation ended with a discussion on the potential for China to invade Taiwan and the potential consequences of such an action, as well as the likelihood of more wars in the coming years and the potential impact of political scenarios on the global economy.

Find Nick here: inthemoneystocks

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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed a range of topics, including the increasing layoffs in the tech and banking sectors, the future of banking and the impact of automation, the potential ramifications of AI integration in the legal system, the distressing state of the real estate market, the uranium market and the potential role of nuclear energy, the impact of new extraction technologies on oil production, the potential impact of automation and AI on the future of work, the price of gold, the recent release of Bitcoin ETFs and ETPs, and the border crisis.

The speakers analyzed various economic indicators such as consumer spending, commercial real estate, and credit card delinquencies to support their observations about the layoffs in the tech and banking sectors. They also explored the idea that traditional banks and branches may become obsolete as technology continues to advance, and predicted that many banking tasks could be automated without any loss of efficiency. Additionally, they expressed concerns about the vulnerability of AI to hacking and manipulation in the legal system.

The speakers also discussed the challenges faced by the real estate market, including the shift towards remote work, oversupply of buildings, and the challenges faced by various real estate investors. They highlighted the recent surge in uranium prices due to production issues at Kazatomprom and expressed optimism for the future of nuclear energy. They also explored the potential implications of automation and AI on the future of work, including the need for a societal transition and the potential for political pressure as automation progresses.

The speakers expressed cautious optimism about the trajectory of gold prices and its implications for investors, while expressing skepticism about the potential impact of Bitcoin ETFs and ETPs on the market. They also discussed the border crisis and its potential impact on northern cities and the political implications, as well as alleged Chinese military issues and broader concerns about corruption and incompetence in the U.S.

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In a riveting discussion, Kerry Lutz and Peter Grandich tackle the looming economic storm, warning of social, political, and economic challenges that could shake the world. Grandich emphasizes capital preservation over high returns. They also delve into the gold market, cryptocurrencies, and suggest looking abroad for investment opportunities. The conversation turns to China's economic shifts and its debt crisis, exploring global repercussions. Lastly, they dive into the cryptocurrency craze, examining underlying motives and the need for critical thinking amidst market fervor. Don't miss this insightful conversation!

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Kerry Lutz and financial expert Ted Thatcher discussed the Federal Reserve's recent pivot on interest rates, expressing skepticism about Jerome Powell's decision and its potential impact. They also delved into the dynamics of Wall Street's investment approach, emphasizing the focus on being on the right side of the trade and the potential opportunities in commodities and real estate. The conversation also highlighted the looming banking crisis and the Fed's measures to mitigate it, including the significance of the bank term funding program in preventing regional banks from facing liquidity challenges. They acknowledged the need to be cautious in the current investment environment and briefly mentioned the impact of global factors, such as the financial situation in China, on the future outlook.

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Kerry Lutz and Robert Kientz discussed various economic issues, including potential layoffs in the banking and tech sectors, challenges faced by the banking system, and the evolving global economic landscape. They also explored the impact of the growing national debt and its potential repercussions on asset values and wealth distribution among different generations. Additionally, they expressed concerns about the potential for a recession and the complexities the Federal Reserve may encounter in addressing inflation and interest rates.

The conversation also delved into the role of financialization on various assets, with a focus on the potential impact of Bitcoin exchange-traded products (ETPs) on the cryptocurrency market. Kientz and Lutz highlighted concerns about manipulation and centralization, emphasizing the need for a critical examination of the impact of ETPs on the cryptocurrency market. Finally, they discussed the outlook for the gold and silver market in 2024, with Kientz predicting increased interest in these precious metals driven by potential volatility and geopolitical uncertainty in the upcoming year.

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Kerry Lutz and Steve Goreham discussed energy and the environment and today's misguided government policies. They expressed skepticism about the practicality of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and emphasized the importance of prioritizing low-cost, reliable energy and addressing real pollution. They also discussed the potential consequences of a weakening electric grid and the need for people to recognize the risks associated with over-reliance on electric power.

They explored various aspects of electric vehicles, acknowledging the challenges and costs associated with electric vehicle ownership, and debated the market penetration of electric cars. Finally, they delved into a detailed discussion about the challenges and drawbacks of renewable energy, emphasizing the significant impact on electricity prices, the potential for increased blackouts, and the high cost of grid-scale batteries.

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Kerry Lutz and Eric Hadik discussed the potential effects of the dollar's performance on the 2024 election and the broader economic climate. Hadik predicted a downward trajectory of the dollar from 2023 to 2026, highlighting the influence of geopolitical and monetary competition, and its potential ramifications on inflation and U.S. debt. The conversation also touched on historical cycles of fiat currency and hard currency battles, with Hadik referencing the 40-year cycle and its implications for the dollar's strength against assets like gold. The speakers explored the potential impact of market trends on gold, predicting that it may see more upside in the future due to loss of purchasing power.

They discussed  market indicators, predicting an upside breakout within the year and analyzing the potential impact on energy prices, particularly crude and natural gas. They anticipated a significant bottom in mid-year, followed by a less inflationary wave down into the third quarter, aligning with other market trends. Additionally, Eric delved into the intricacies of market analysis, focusing on the outlook for bonds, notes, and interest rates, and the potential impact of non-correlation and inter-market correlations.

Eric provided a comprehensive overview of the four-year cycle in bonds, noting a potential rebound and decline in interest rates by the third quarter of 2024. 

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Anthony and Kerry discussed the market outlook for 2024, with Anthony expressing optimism about the Powell Pivot and the potential for avoiding a recession. They also explored the resilience of the housing and labor markets in the context of rising interest rates, considering the impact on potential moves and inventory shortages in the housing market. Additionally, they discussed the significant impact of geopolitical events on the financial markets, addressing the potential repercussions of the upcoming presidential election, China's economic instability, and conflicts in the Middle East.

They expressed apprehension about the possibility of a Black Swan event and emphasized the need for careful monitoring of global developments. Finally, they shared their perspectives on the stock market's future trajectory, highlighting the importance of remaining vigilant and adaptable in the face of geopolitical uncertainties and their potential effects on financial stability.

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Join Kerry Lutz and Jason Hartman as they delve into the anticipated trends and predictions for 2024, with a special lens on the real estate market. This conversation is a deep dive into how supply and demand forces shape our economic reality, alongside a critical review of the Federal Reserve's handling of inflation. While acknowledging the unpredictable nature of future events, Lutz and Hartman emphasize the strategic importance of investing in income-producing assets to safeguard against economic volatility.

The dialogue further explores the persistent issue of inflation, dissecting its profound implications, especially for the United States as a major debtor nation. They engage in a thought-provoking analysis of the ongoing tug-of-war between technology's deflationary effects and the inflationary pressures exerted by expansive fiscal and monetary policies. This discussion sheds light on the changing dynamics of global labor markets and their potential long-term influence on inflation.

Furthermore, the speakers debate the possible outcomes of sustained inflation and government interference in the economy, touching upon the controversial profitability of war and the crucial need to dismantle incentives for conflict. They underscore the complexity of these interrelated factors and advocate for a holistic grasp of their economic consequences. Additionally, Hartman offers valuable perspectives on the real estate sector, advocating the timeless principle of supply and demand and challenging the prevalent pessimistic views on housing shortages in the U.S.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the upcoming economic and real estate trends, the forces of inflation and technology, and the wider global economic implications as we step into 2024.

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In this critical discussion, Kerry Lutz teams up with economic expert Michael Pento to dissect the latest non-farm payroll report, revealing a worrying decline in the labor force and negative revisions that point to a rapidly deteriorating jobs market. They challenge the face value of headline numbers, urging viewers to understand the deeper implications behind the stats.

Pento, in particular, criticizes the inefficiency of government hiring and sheds light on the concerning net loss of jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors. The conversation takes a sharp turn to the bond market's volatility and the Federal Reserve's ambiguous stance on rate cuts. Pento debunks the overzealous market reactions to the Fed's announcements, exposing the stark difference between the central bank's rhetoric and the market's interpretation. The duo navigates through the intricacies of market behaviors and the influential role of the Fed, providing a nuanced perspective on the economic and financial challenges ahead. 

As the session wraps up, Lutz and Pento plan to reconvene in the coming months to further analyze the unfolding economic landscape. This insightful dialogue is not just a critique but a beacon for anyone looking to grasp the current state of the economy and anticipate what's next. Stay tuned and dive deep into the realities of the job market and monetary policy with two seasoned economic commentators. Visit Michael at

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The NASDAQ tanked on the first day of 2024 trading. Is it just Apple or is Big Tech going to have a hard year? 

How likely is a soft landing?

Will the January effect help gold/silver miners this year? 

Gold seems to be holding above $2000. What are the odds of an up year in 2024? 

Both wars are ramping up. Storm before the calm or the start of WW3?

The credibility of Ivy League schools is cratering. Pres of Harvard just resigned (Dilbert comic attached)

There's a chart showing births by illegal immigrants now outnumber births by Americans (attached). Is this a form of cultural suicide?

In this enlightening discussion, Kerry Lutz and John Rubino dive deep into the first trading day of 2024, dissecting market dynamics, and the halt in the Fed's interest rate hikes. They analyze the ripple effects of complex collapses in China, the US, and Germany while forecasting a bullish trend in the gold market for 2023. The duo introduces the "Inflation Cafe" concept and debates the political and cultural impacts of populism, open borders, and the widening gap between the wealthy and the masses. They scrutinize the controversy surrounding the Harvard president and the college scandals, shedding light on the implications for society. The conversation takes a geopolitical turn, touching on the cultural war and conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, as well as power struggles among global giants. Lutz and Rubino express their apprehension about overvalued stocks, an impending bear market, and the dire state of the housing market due to high mortgage rates. They emphasize the interconnectedness of global crises, the urgent need to combat inflation, and the growing societal discontent. This comprehensive dialogue covers a gamut of pressing issues from financial markets and geopolitical instability to societal challenges, making it a must-watch for those interested in understanding the complexities of the current global landscape.

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