When last we spoke with Nick Santiago the market was tanking but he was nearly certain that it would shortly head higher. He was recommending the homebuilders and retailers. Again he was right on the money. The market recovered a good portion of its losses and his recommendations have taken off. Now he's bullish on gold and the dollar. He sees the stock markets heading sideway until 4Q when it will be heading higher. Gold is heading higher but will probably see a pullback shortly. A remarkable record call these markets. 

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John Miller lives in Vietnam. His dear wife Monica was suffering from Stage 4 cancer and they decided to try stem cell therapy. Unfortunately the cells arrived at her time of passing. So they sent John 500 million cells derived from an umbilical cord. John received them and incredible things started to happen. His arthritis diminished greatly. His hair turned dark and his freckles and liver spots disappeared. He's feeling great and thankful to this novel treatment. We're not endorsing it or recommending it. We're just telling John's remarkable story. 

Direct download: John_Miller_31.Jan.19.mp3
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The principles in Jeffrey's new book The Secret Life could resolve the impasse between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump on the wall impasse. Not pre-judging the other and being willing to give the other the benefit of the doubt, all done in a spirit of moderation and focusing on the larger relationships within our country that are so important to maintain - rather than continued focus on far narrower interests - could lead to a resolution between the two on this issue that is important to our entire nation. When Pelosi says she will negotiate funding for enhanced border security and barriers in good faith once government is reopened, that is something on which she could be given the benefit of the doubt by President Trump. The two might pre-agree on some amount of new barrier funding that would be part of any subsequently negotiated deal - to be fully hashed out only after the government is reopened. President Trump might lengthen the new grace period for DACA recipients from the three years now on the table, in order to further build trust between the two sides. If there could be a thaw in the current deep freeze between the two polarized sides in our society, we would all reap the benefits.

Direct download: Jeffrey_Katz_30.Jan.19.mp3
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Now that California Senator Kamala Harris has thrown her hat into the presidential ring, the Medicare for all debate has been reignited. While it sounds great, we need only look at our neighbor to the north - Canada, or across the pond at the UK. Their experiments with socialized medicine have been a disaster. Long weighting times to see a specialist and to obtain a medical procedures have condemned many to increased suffering and death. Sally has no doubt that that's what would happen here. 

Direct download: Sally_Pipes_29.Jan.19.mp3
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Noted commentator and author Noah Rothman's latest book Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America, makes the case that Social Justice Warriors are a threat to our nation. As someone famous person once said, "They've learned nothing and forgotten nothing." Sounds like the very definition of an SJW. They just can' t quite grasp the notion of free speech and the Bill of Rights. They're under the misguided impression that rights spring from the government and not God. Hopefully they can still learn, but don't count on it. 

Direct download: Noah_Rothman_29.Jan.19.mp3
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Why buy Apple when you can own gold? For the past 10 years the stock market has been the place to be. Oversized returns have crowded out most other investments or speculations. That situation appears to be changing. Gold just broke the critical $1300 mark and to Ned that means let the good times roll. Silver won't be too far behind as it's about to break the $16 mark. 

Ag commodities have also been ignored. Ned believes that the Indian population's appetite for more calories is just taking off. A few hundred calories per day more added to the average Indian diet will lead to a massive increase in commodities/food demand. Ned thinks it won't be too long in coming. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_29.Jan.19.mp3
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Noted tax litigator and author joined us to discuss the coming Big Brother IRS tracking systems. The IRS has spent a fortune bringing their systems up to date. They've signed up a company to build a massive database to allow the IRS to search, analyze and visual data to do real time tracking of taxpayers spending patterns. They've already got the data and now they're serious about doing something about it. They'll be taking your credit card info, bank transaction data, real estate, cellphone and email data and identify patterns and make them available to audit questionable returns. It's truly a frightening Brave New World

Direct download: Daniel_Pilla_28.Jan.19.mp3
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Events over the past week have proven the Media for what it truly is, a mob of congenital liars. Witness the racist Covington kids tale and the Buzzfeed story about Trump supposedly directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Any pretense at objective reporting has now been blown out of the water. The press cannot be trusted and should not be trusted. That's why alternative media is so popular. But look out, the big three internet companies are censoring like never before. 

Direct download: Karen_Kataline_28.Jan.19.mp3
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According to Mason Weaver black Americans are being kept down on the Democrat Plantation doing their masters' bidding. Poverty Pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don't care about the community. They only care about their power and wealth. They've destroyed the black family and have created a culture of dependency, but Mason believes people are waking up and that the battle has already been won. Here's hoping that he's right. 

Direct download: Mason_Weaver_28.Jan.19.mp3
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Andrew Zatlin has turned bearish on the economy and employment. We've plateaued and that means it's down from here. How we get there is the question. Obviously, central banks will be pumping in liquidity like crazy. China is already doing it now. A new infrastructure bill is coming to the USA. But will it be enough?

Direct download: Andrew_Zatlin_25.Jan.19.mp3
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Eric Wade Senior Editor and Lead Analyst with Stansberry Pacific Research. He believes that there's a possibility of a huge rally in 2019. New investors are coming and the will result in way more buying than selling. A lot of current Bitcoin investors are anxiously awaiting new money to enter the space. Only 8-10 percent of the American Public has even considered getting in to cryptos. Investors as a class are generally older and very few of them have considered it.  Until you start investing in crypto you'll never know how easy it is to buy direct. 

Direct download: Eric_Wade_25.Jan.19.mp3
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Danielle was always skeptical of the seemingly perpetual bull market in stocks and in fact wisely advised taking money off the table, to avoid the inevitable down cycle. Today, stocks are retreating from their 50 day moving average, another indication that the bear market has finally arrived. We'll know more over the next month, if stocks break their December lows. It will be further confirmation that the cycle has indeed changed. But is it worth waiting to find out for sure? Sometimes the cautious approach is the best. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_22.Jan.19.mp3
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Real estate investing was in Mark's blood. It was his family's business, but he never had the desire to pursue it. After exploring other paths, he committed to real estate and his career has taken off. As a flipper and a realtor, he has a winning formula for making money. He shares his secrets of his success on his website and has written 6 books. It's safe to say he's a mission to help Americans boost their wealth and their futures. 

Direct download: Mark_Ferguson_22.Jan.19.mp3
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It's been a month since 25% of the government shutdown due to the Wall funding impasse between President Trump and the Democrats. Does Trump have a higher long term goal in mind by invoking the shutdown? Using the available legal tools at his disposal, is he going to take this opportunity to RIF (reduction in force) the government and trim away the deadwood. 800,000 non-essential employees are out of work. Will Trump make it permanent for several hundred thousand of them? AmericanThinker's Thomas Lifson believes that's exactly what he's going to do. Let's see what happens next. 

Direct download: Thomas_Lifson_21.Jan.19.mp3
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We connected with Bill Powers of MiningStockEducation.com. He's guardedly optimistic about precious metals and the miners. While it appears that the sector is still in a down market, recently encouraging signs have emerged. Relative strength in PM prices along with fundamental changes taking place in the industry could make 2019 a great year for investors and miners alike. 

Direct download: Bill_Powers_21.Jan.19.mp3
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Jordan Roy Byrne joined us at the Metals Investor Forum for a review of the current precious metal market. Jordan believes we're in for one final decline, perhaps minor, which will lead to an amazing set-up for a major bull market in gold. He's extremely bullish on a number of mining companies that he believes will rack up impressive results in the not too distant future. It's important to note that the last few times we talked with Jordan he was not bullish in the least. Things have change. 

Direct download: Jordan_Roy_Byrne_19.Jan.19.mp3
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Unbeknownst to Kerry, Jordan Goodman has been under investigation and charged by the SEC for securities violations. Mr. Goodman has only ever been a guest on this show and has never had a commercial relationship with Kerry Lutz or the Financial Survival Network.


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Between the shutdown, trade issues, the deficit, the student loan bubble, the auto loan bubble, etc., what's an investor to do? The only surprise is that the market hasn't taken a bigger hit, but there's time. Interest rates appear to have peaked at the present time, but is that enough to keep the engine going? And oil prices have crashed too. Jordan as always has some common sense ways to survive and thrive. 

Unbeknownst to Kerry, Jordan Goodman has been under investigation and charged by the SEC for securities violations. Mr. Goodman has only ever been a guest on this show and has never had a commercial relationship with Kerry Lutz or the Financial Survival Network.


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Has the republican party finally grown a set. They seem to be intent on keeping the shutdown going and improving border security with a wall thrown in for good measure. Who will blink first? If history is any judge the republicans will probably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But the republican liberty caucus isn't backing down, that's for sure. 

Direct download: Matt_Nye_15.Jan.19.mp3
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Martin Armstrong joined us for a wide-reaching discussion about the economy, stock markets, debt, gold and cryptos. He's absolutely certain that the parabolic 10 year stock market rise is going to continue onward and upward for many years, and not for reasons you may think. He's also predicting the rise of central bank cryptos as a means to further control the populace and fight crime. And that means the demise of private cryptos, which we've been predicting for months. Gold is going up, but there may be a final capitulation first, $995 gold to shake out all the remaining weak hands, but not necessarily. Too much to fit here in one episode. Go to FSN and join our mailing list to receive Part 2 of the interview.

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_pt1_15.Jan.19.mp3
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As the partial federal government shutdown hits day 25, perhaps there's lots more to the story than meets the eye. Has it all been a plan by Trump to dramatically pare down the government workforce? Once the shutdown hits 30 days, Trump can order a reduction in force or RIF and fire many non-essential employees. It certainly gives him leverage with the Dems as they couldn't stand seeing hundreds of thousands of their natural constituents on the street and unemployed. Is it 4-D Chess or our imagination? 

Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_15.Jan.19.mp3
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Gaven Newsom is now the governor and he's planning ever larger giveaways to illegal aliens. Where does he think the money's going to come from? California is already $127 billion in debt and counting. Liberalism has reached pandemic proportions and Joe is very concerned. In fact, for the first time, he and his lovely wife are making plans to flee the state. Who can blame them for not wanting to go down with the ship? 

Direct download: Joe_Messina_14.Jan.19.mp3
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It's all over town, the Bezos's are getting a divorce. Is that enough to move Amazon's stock and the market? Probably not and it's likely just a diversion. But a costly one at that. Eddie thinks we're just going through a routine stock market correction and that the market will soon bounce back. Hopefully, he's right and the economy will keep buzzing along. But there's definitely some very strong headwinds, especially escalating debt that will have to be dealt with. 

Direct download: Eddie_Ghabour_14.Jan.19.mp3
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Politicians, especially on the left are saying things that they could have never gotten away with 5 years ago. Cursing out your president on live tv was unheard of. In a way Trump has brought this on himself. Having very little ability to filter his speech, he lowered the bar for others. And now that the toothpaste is out of the tube, it will be impossible to put it back in. So get ready for lots more. 

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