Real estate has seen quite a rise during the current cycle. However, our economic world is complicated; everything is \connected. While the stock market has been taking its lumps, what will be the effect on real estate? Danielle believes that it's going to come down as well, for a number of reasons. Obviously the wealth effect brought on by rising stock prices can act in reverse. There's also the necessity of many investors to liquidate their holdings, both due to demographic reasons and the need to pay debts and cover losses. Any way you slice it, real estate is probably going down. 

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2019 is beginning to look a lot like 2010. Economic growth will be hard to find. Metals should start going up smartly later in the year. The Fed will be buying all the debt that's being produced. People will realize that there's no plan and that there's no turning back. No going back to normal. The past 4-5 years were a time of relative economic tranquility, but that's over. Calling in the Plunge Protection Team because the market dropped 20% was the tip-off according to Craig. De-dollarization continues unabated which will lead to declines in the USD.

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David Moadel is the Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for David discusses why the next 10 years is going to be a lot different than the last decade and you need to be prepared. Real estate, gold and cannabis are his three main themes. 

David’s journey from newbie to influencer began as a teenager, when his father first began teaching him fundamental, time-tested principles in the vein of Graham, Buffett, Munger, and Bogle. Being young and doing what teenagers are known for doing, David tried doing things his own way at first – with disastrous results, as you might expect.

Finally, ready to accept and adopt his father’s strategy of building wealth over time, David became success in this. David soon began teaching these principles to others on an informal basis: friends, family members, and just about anyone who would listen. It soon became apparent that David was a natural-born educator with a talent for breaking complex concepts down and make them accessible to learners of all backgrounds.

Throughout the years David has devoted himself to the teaching field: he has earned a master’s degree in education and Florida teaching certification, and has taught at the elementary, high school and college levels. Having taught fifth-graders for years, David earned a reputation as a devoted educator who truly cares about his students.

While teaching in the public school system, David noticed that while the students were forced to learn chemistry and trigonometry, no allowances were made in the school day for any sort of basic financial education. As a result, these students were growing up with no foundation, destined to make poor financial choices. David decided to dedicate his time and efforts to making much-needed financial education available to the public.

David’s down-to-earth and patient instructional style made him an instant hit on YouTube and other social platforms, and in his role with Portfolio Wealth Global, David is now able to pass his father’s investing wisdom on to investors all over the world. With this solid foundation – updated with modern strategies for an ever-changing marketplace – David is proud to serve the investing community with strategies to build wealth for a lifetime.

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