Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Gaven Newsom is now the governor and he's planning ever larger giveaways to illegal aliens. Where does he think the money's going to come from? California is already $127 billion in debt and counting. Liberalism has reached pandemic proportions and Joe is very concerned. In fact, for the first time, he and his lovely wife are making plans to flee the state. Who can blame them for not wanting to go down with the ship? 

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It's all over town, the Bezos's are getting a divorce. Is that enough to move Amazon's stock and the market? Probably not and it's likely just a diversion. But a costly one at that. Eddie thinks we're just going through a routine stock market correction and that the market will soon bounce back. Hopefully, he's right and the economy will keep buzzing along. But there's definitely some very strong headwinds, especially escalating debt that will have to be dealt with. 

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Politicians, especially on the left are saying things that they could have never gotten away with 5 years ago. Cursing out your president on live tv was unheard of. In a way Trump has brought this on himself. Having very little ability to filter his speech, he lowered the bar for others. And now that the toothpaste is out of the tube, it will be impossible to put it back in. So get ready for lots more. 

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GM announced positive earning reports while deciding to shutter 5 US assembly plants, discontinue car production and offshore more manufacturing to Mexico. Is that really winning? It's a trend that's been in place for nearly 40 years, but Jeff is hopeful that the new USMCA deal will help raise wages and competitiveness of the US economy. Things are starting to heat up in China and the question is whether compromise will lead to an agreement. Right now it's anyone's guess. Trade is a evolving issue. 

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