Kerry Lutz and Nader Shariff discussed the investment potential of Detroit real estate, highlighting the city's low entry price point, strong rental returns, and ongoing redevelopment efforts. They also addressed the risks involved in investing in Detroit, such as dealing with nonpaying tenants and the challenges of maintaining older properties. The conversation also touched on the potential for further price increases and the current opportunities for investors to enter the market.

Additionally, they discussed the unemployment situation and the growth of new businesses in Detroit, particularly highlighting the impact of companies like Rocket Mortgage in providing employment opportunities. Overall, they expressed hope for the city's resurgence and encouraged engagement with their organization.

Find Nader here: investinupside

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and David Marra discussed the impact of AI on quantitative investing and the financial industry. They explored the use of generative AI to handle vast amounts of data and extract valuable insights, highlighting the remarkable implications and rapid evolution of the AI revolution. The conversation also touched on the sustainability implications of AI processors for electrical infrastructure, expressing concerns about the substantial energy requirements of data centers and the potential need for additional power sources. Additionally, they discussed the implications for discretionary and systematic managers, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of technological changes to remain competitive in the finance industry.

Find David here:
Find Kerry here: FSN and here:
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We met with West Red Lake Gold’s (🇺🇸WRLGF -- 🇨🇦WRLG new sponsor), CEO and President, Shane Williams. He is a true mine builder, having brought 5 prior mines online. He highlighted his action-oriented approach and the strategic decision to join WRLG, attracted by its incredible potential.

Shane revealed the latest drill results from the Madsen mine’s South Austin Zone, intersecting 68.36 g/t Au over 1.1m and 13.83 g/t Au over 3.95m. He has assembled one of the most solid teams in his experience, explaining how these moves have given WRLG the ability to start producing in Q4 ‘25. Discussing the primary focus on the Madsen mine, once valued at $1 billion, Shane provided insights into the timetable for restarting production and the steps he’s taken to mitigate inflation impacts on project costs. He’s still surprised by the company’s good fortune in acquiring the existing mill and infrastructure (for just pennies on the dollar) noting that replacement costs are north of $700mm. Following the previous management's inability to acquire profitability, he’s busy capitalizing upon this once in a lifetime opportunity.

He commented on the continued excellent drill results, the strategic challenges ahead, and the catalysts for success. With current gold prices holding strong, Shane is excited by the positive impact on WRLG’s economics as well as the broader industry. Highlighting recent successful funding efforts, Shane contrasted WRLG’s position with peers who have struggled to survive, underscoring key strategies for maintaining operational momentum. For these reasons we have taken a position in WRLG. 

Visit the company’s website @ and sign up to receive updates of for the exciting developments in the coming months.

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Kerry and John Grace discussed the changing role of utilities in the context of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence trends. The speakers emphasized the need for increased stations and the limitations of solar and wind power. They also explored the potential of battery power to stabilize the grid and address the challenges faced by millennial first-time homebuyers. The conversation provided insights into the changing landscape of utilities and real estate, shedding light on the implications for both industries in the current market.

John and Kerry also discussed the significance of consumer age in shaping buying and selling behavior, drawing attention to the historical trends in home purchasing and the age at which individuals typically make significant property investments. The speakers highlighted the impact of life expectancy on housing market dynamics, emphasizing the need for forward-looking asset management strategies. The discussion also delved into the challenges of selling a property that has doubled in price, with considerations for relocation and the financial implications. Overall, the conversation emphasized the importance of being prepared for market fluctuations and making strategic decisions to safeguard assets.

Find John here: Financial Advisors

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: 

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Eric Mangold and Kerry Lutz discussed the importance of reevaluating the traditional retirement age of 65 and having a clear plan for life after work. They explored the reasons behind the shift in retirement trends and the impact of increased life expectancy on retirement decisions. The conversation also delved into the significance of staying mentally and physically active during retirement to avoid depression, and the role of caregiving in providing purpose and activity for retirees. Additionally, they highlighted the importance of avoiding excessive news consumption and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during retirement.

Find Eric here: Argosy Wealth Management

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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The meeting covered a range of financial topics, including declining credit scores, evolving pricing strategies of retail stores, student loan debt, housing market concerns, psychological and societal factors in financial decision-making, budgeting for groceries, and debt repayment and financial planning. Speakers emphasized the need for individuals to take control of their financial situation by cutting expenses, accelerating debt elimination, seeking help from financial planners, and making deliberate financial choices. They also highlighted the importance of addressing high-interest credit card debt, conducting an insurance protection audit, and creating a household budget to mitigate the challenges posed by the changing economic landscape.

The speakers underscored the pervasive influence of societal pressures, such as advertising and social media, on consumer behavior, and the emotional allure of luxury purchases. They emphasized the need for individuals to confront the reality of their financial limitations and make conscious, disciplined choices about spending. The discussion also touched on the significance of setting and adhering to a budget as a means of maintaining fiscal responsibility in the face of external pressures. Overall, the meeting provided practical insights and actionable advice for improving financial well-being and taking control of one's finances.

Direct download: Paul_Oster_15.Apr.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Ed Siddell discussed the recent inflation and PPI numbers, expressing skepticism about the government's narrative of a healthy economy and the Federal Reserve's ability to address economic challenges. They also touched on the growing disparity between Main Street and Wall Street, the potential impact of future rate adjustments by the Federal Reserve, and the need for prudent investment decisions. The conversation also explored the potential of commodities such as gold and silver as safe havens, the impact of the halving event on Bitcoin, and the emergence of new investment opportunities in the global market.

The discussion briefly touched on the news of OJ Simpson's death, before delving into a detailed analysis of treasury rates and the inverted yield curve. Finally, they discussed the evolving perception of the government and the importance of staying informed through various platforms.

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Kerry Lutz and Christopher Willis discussed the various options available for Americans seeking alternative citizenship and residency overseas. They explored the factors driving individuals to consider these options, the differences between residency and citizenship, and the practical implications of holding a second passport, particularly in light of travel restrictions during the pandemic. Willis provided insights into the cost and paperwork involved in obtaining Caribbean and European citizenship, highlighting the trade-offs between cost and speed of acquisition.

The conversation also touched on the opportunities and challenges in different regions, the impact of political changes on immigration programs, and the significance of obtaining citizenship in a different jurisdiction for freedom and flexibility. Overall, the discussion emphasized the evolving necessity for the wealthy elite to consider these alternatives as a form of non-traditional insurance or a plan B in uncertain times.

Find Chris here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe


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Kerry Lutz and Mandi Ellefson discussed the challenges faced by successful CEOs in growing their businesses. Mandi, the founder of Hands Off CEO, emphasized the need for CEOs to remove themselves from day-to-day operations and focus on higher-impact activities to double profitability. She suggested that CEOs should solve higher quality problems, charge more for services, and build the right systems and processes to achieve business growth and profitability. Mandi also provided practical advice on reallocating time, generating more profit per client, and building effective teams to help CEOs transition their businesses to run and grow without their direct involvement.

Find Mandi here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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We sat down with Shawn Khunkhun, CEO of Dolly Varden Silver, (🇺🇸DOLLF -- 🇨🇦DV new sponsor) and dove into its unique strategy and recent successes. DV has been hitting high-grade gold and silver, most recently 79.4 g/t gold over 12.35 meters. The results have well exceeded Shawn’s optimistic expectations. The 2024 drilling season is getting off to the earliest start in many years, due to the lack of snow fall in British Columbia. The company will have 3 drills turning and plans for an updated resource estimate at in the future.

It has an attractive capital structure, with a public float of just 8 percent. Interest expressed by major miners and large financial institutions has been increasing together with the price of gold and silver. The company recently raised C$15 million and has enough cash on-hand to meet its obligations for the next two years.

While “Silver” is part of DV’s moniker, Shawn discussed the company’s substantial gold resources, which now equal its silver resources. He believes that Eric Sprott’s $300 silver is a real possibility. With the company selling at just $1 per ounce in the ground, a substantial discount to historic levels of similar companies, that price could increase substantially, which is why we own shares. 

Company Website:

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Kerry Lutz and Ted Thatcher discussed various topics related to the economy and financial markets. They analyzed the latest jobs report and its potential impact on inflation, unemployment, and the stock market, as well as its significance for the upcoming election, the banking sector, and the Fed's future actions. They also discussed the reliability of statistics, expressing doubts about the accuracy of the current job numbers and reflecting on the history of revisions in job and inflation figures.

In addition, they explored the impact of the Florida economy on the real estate market, focusing on both commercial and residential building sectors, and the influence of mortgage rates on the market. They provided insights into the seasonal trends in Florida and the significance of connecting with Ted's website for further information.

Find Ted here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz and Michael Pento discussed various economic issues, including inflation, interest rates, and the stability of the US dollar. Pento expressed skepticism about the possibility of inflation going below 2% and argued that a recession or depression might be the only way to achieve that. He also highlighted the increasing strength of gold trading, with central bankers buying gold due to their lack of trust in the US dollar and bond market.

The discussion also touched on the potential consequences of interest rate cuts, monetizing debt, and the challenges faced by households, corporations, and the government in handling current interest rates. Overall, the conversation emphasized the need for a viable and functioning middle class in the country.

Find Michael here: Pentoport

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed a range of topics including the current state of the economy, the precious metals market, geopolitical tensions, the potential consequences of increasing interest rates on regional and community banks, the problem of squatters taking over homes, and the challenges of reaching a wider audience on digital platforms. They explored the impact of deficit spending, immigration, and the surge in tech stocks on the economy, while also expressing apprehension about potential terrorist threats and the role of the U.S. financial system in a failing global system. They also provided an in-depth analysis of the current state of the precious metals market, emphasizing the significant rise in gold and silver prices and the positive performance of junior and major miners.

The conversation touched on the potential consequences of increasing interest rates on regional and community banks, speculating on the likelihood of a banking crisis that could favor larger banks and elites. They also discussed the widespread problem of squatters taking over homes, highlighting Florida's legislative response to address this issue. Additionally, they delved into a speculative discussion about the market cap of Trump Media and Technology Group, pondering the possibility of its value increasing significantly despite lacking fundamental support. The discussion also explored the challenges of reaching a wider audience on digital platforms and the potential of alternative platforms like Rumble and Substack for expanding their reach and engaging with their audience.

Find John here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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We sat down with Martin Turenne, CEO of FPX Nickel (🇺🇸FPOCF -- 🇨🇦FPX) to discuss the company’s financial state and its numerous strategic advancements. FPX has an impressive cash hoard, recently increasing from $30 million to $45 million, leaving the company fully funded for the next 2 years.

This is the result of transformative investments from large strategic corporate investors like Sumitomo Metal Mining, a Japanese leader. He also delves into FPX’s innovative and collaborative approach to develop the Baptiste nickel project in British Columbia. Martin has been forming important partnerships with major entities like Sumitomo, JOGMEC (a Japanese Government entity) and Prime Planet Energy and Solutions (a joint venture of Toyota and Panasonic), showcasing FPX Nickel’s integration into the Japanese battery metals ecosystem.

The cost of admission to this exclusive club is increasing, requiring equity investment at a substantial premium to market. He emphasizes the innovative nature of FPX's mining projects, including exploiting novel Awaruite nickel deposits in Canada and eventually elsewhere. The company's commitment to environmental stewardship is key to its collaborative community engagement.

The broader market dynamics of nickel and copper prices were covered, providing insights into the industry's financial landscape. Martin made the case that the company’s superior financial position and prospectivity is not reflected in the company’s current market undervaluation. As things move ahead, he’s confident that this will change greatly.

Company website:

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The meeting covered a range of topics, including the global economy, Bitcoin, and artificial intelligence (AI). Kerry Lutz and Darryl reflected on the 14-year journey of economic uncertainty, the struggles of central bankers to restore stability, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy. They also discussed the potential implications for China's economy, the psychology of market participants, and the role of gold as a barometer of systemic distress. 

The conversation then shifted to Bitcoin, with Lutz discussing the institutional adoption of the cryptocurrency and suggesting that institutions are being sold debt and IOUs. He expressed skepticism about the motives behind institutional investment in Bitcoin, portraying it as a way for the fast boys to profit at the expense of the slow boys. The meeting also covered the potential impact of AI, with participants expressing concerns about the environmental and societal implications of AI technology, as well as the ethical and philosophical aspects of AI development. They discussed the potential negative consequences of creating machines that mimic human actions and the dangers of creating machines that are similar to humans but lack the ability to make ethical decisions.

Find Darryl here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe




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I have been a huge fan of Karl Denninger for nearly 15 years. I've wanted to get him on the show for the longest time and finally caught up with him. We discussed a range of topics, including the rise of libertarianism in Argentina, the impact of political leaders and their promises, and the role of fear in shaping human behavior.

 They also explored the influence of food on metabolism, the dissatisfaction with current political candidates, and the budgetary situation in the United States. The conversation highlighted the need for political change, the enforcement of laws related to illegal immigration and price fixing, and the need for cost reduction to enhance competitiveness and job creation in the US healthcare system.

The discussion also touched on the potential consequences of electing certain leaders, the lack of fear of legal consequences and ethical implications in wiretapping activities, and the societal shift from previous decades. They emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and the role of the people in bringing about positive change. The conversation shed light on the significant interest payments made by the Treasury and the complexities of taxable treasury interest, as well as the monopolistic practices in the healthcare system and the need for reducing the overall cost of medical care. Overall, the meeting provided a thought-provoking exchange on a range of pressing issues.

Find Karl's prolific work here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe


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Kerry Lutz and Jason Nelson discussed the implications of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on the supply chain, particularly the potential impact on the Port of Baltimore. They highlighted the immediate inflationary costs that consumers may face and the long-term effects on trade. Jason emphasized the significance of the Port of Baltimore as a key hub on the Eastern United States and provided expert insights into the potential reverberating impacts of the accident.

The discussion also covered farming and food quality, advocating for regenerative farming and free-range cattle as essential for better food quality. The meeting concluded with information on how to connect with Jason "Storm" Nelson online.

Visit Jason



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Eric Hadik and Kerry Lutz discuss the current conditions and future predictions for various key markets. Eric highlights the overbought state of the stock market and suggests a possible multi-month topping phase. They go onto an in-depth analysis of the gold and silver markets, forecasting a significant rise in gold prices towards record highs. The session also covers critical trends in interest rates, the oil market, and Bitcoin's cycle progression. The conversation underlines the necessity of observing price action and specific sell signals to ascertain the peak and potential downturn in the markets. Moreover, the speakers debunk common misconceptions about the correlation between metal prices and stock market performance, with examples from the cryptocurrency sector. The meeting wraps up with the speakers providing their contact details and expressing appreciation to the attendees.

Find Eric here: insiidetracktrading

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the increase in consumer confidence, analyzing the present situation index and the expectations index. They expressed concerns about a potential market bubble and its impact on consumer confidence, while also discussing warning signals from the gold and Bitcoin markets. The possibility of a credit event and its potential impact on the banking sector was also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of risk management and having uncorrelated assets in investment portfolios.

The potential impact of AI on the market was also explored, as well as the significance of commodities like gold and copper as indicators of inflation. The need for portfolio diversification, including the inclusion of commodities and cryptocurrencies, was emphasized, along with the evolving role of financial planners in recommending diverse investment strategies.

Find Eddy here: tactive wealth

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz and Carl Gould discussed the increasing cost of chocolate due to climate change and regulatory standards, as well as the potential impact on consumer behavior. They also explored innovative approaches that businesses can take to maintain the quality of chocolate products while managing costs. The conversation then shifted to consumer behavior and market adaptation in response to rising prices, using examples from the chocolate and amusement park industries. The discussion highlighted the resilience of the free market system and the ability of consumers and businesses to adapt to changing economic conditions, leading to the emergence of new market categories and innovative solutions.

Find Carl here: CarlGould

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz introduced Gregory Wrightstone, who discussed his new book, "A Very Convenient Warming," and the work of the CO2 coalition. Wrightstone challenged the prevailing narrative on climate change, emphasizing the positive impact of modest warming and increased CO2 levels on Earth's ecosystems and human well-being. He also addressed misconceptions about CO2 levels and highlighted the importance of CO2 for plant growth.

The conversation then shifted to discussions about the impact of rising CO2 levels and warming temperatures on the environment, electric vehicles, and energy sources, reflecting differing perspectives on these topics. The meeting ended with Lutz expressing appreciation for Wrightstone's work and encouraging listeners to visit the CO2 coalition's website for more information.

Find Gregory here:

Find His Book here: A Very Convenient Warming:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe


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The meeting was led by Kerry Lutz and featured Andrew Winnett, a financial expert, who provided insights into inflation, the stock market, retirement planning, and Social Security. Andrew highlighted the role of excessive money printing and the staggering national debt in causing inflation, and expressed concerns about the accuracy of inflation data and the potential challenges of maintaining stable inflation rates in the future. He also discussed the impact of demographic shifts on social security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the need for a conservative approach to retirement planning.

Andrew emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to wealth management, discussing the often overlooked aspects such as long-term care planning, estate planning, and addressing longevity risk. He introduced the "silo strategy" for retirement planning, which involves categorizing funds into safety, income, growth, and long-term care/estate planning in order of importance. Andrew also delved into the intricacies of Social Security claiming strategies, highlighting the advantages of delaying benefits for the primary breadwinner until at least full retirement age.

The conversation also touched on the role of real estate in retirement planning, with Andrew emphasizing the long-term wealth-building potential of real estate and sharing his personal investment experiences. Additionally, Andrew offered a special offer for listeners to access his books and movie at, providing valuable resources for retirement planning. The discussion reflected a sense of urgency and the importance of preparing for the uncertainties surrounding Social Security, inflation, and retirement planning.

Find Andrew here: Retirement Renegade

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe


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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino offer their unique perspectives and engage in a comprehensive analysis of recent events surrounding former President Trump. They dissect a New York appeals court's decision allowing Trump to post just $175 million to delay a staggering $464 million fraud judgment, offering insights into its implications on Trump's financial and political landscape.

This ruling marks a significant reprieve for Trump, amidst mounting legal challenges and his potential bid for the 2024 presidency. Lutz and Rubino delve into the complexities of Trump's legal battles, highlighting the challenges he faces in securing bonds and the broader implications on his financial stability. They scrutinize the intersection of law and politics, emphasizing the potential impact on public perception as Trump navigates his legal entanglements.

Moreover, they explore Trump's response to the ruling, including his social media company's imminent Nasdaq debut and his remarks critiquing President Biden and the New York attorney-general. Throughout the discussion, Lutz and Rubino provide nuanced insights into the multifaceted nature of Trump's legal saga, emphasizing its implications on his future endeavors and the broader political landscape. 

Find John’s work at

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: Inflaton.Cafe

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Kerry Lutz and Greg Mohr discussed the appeal of investing in franchises, specifically in the home service industry. They explored the motivations for individuals to enter the franchise business, the types of home service franchises available, associated costs and potential returns on investment, and success rates of franchises. Mohr shared a success story of a couple who shifted from real estate investing to owning a flourishing electrical services franchise, emphasizing the importance of being coachable and leveraging the established game plan of a franchise for success.

The discussion also covered financing options, including SBA loans and self-directed 401k or IRA investments. The meeting concluded with contact information for Mohr and a note of appreciation from the hosts.

Find Greg here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Rabbi Jeffrey Katz discussed the enduring wisdom of Maimonides and its relevance to contemporary society. He emphasized the importance of decision-making, truthfulness, and reliability, which can elevate individuals in personal and professional aspects of life. Katz also challenged the traditional notion that wealth precedes philanthropy, arguing that adopting a philanthropic mindset can lead to affluence and wealth.

He shared personal experiences and insights from Maimonides' life, highlighting the challenges the philosopher faced and his dedication to sharing his wisdom. Additionally, Rabbi Katz promoted his book, "Rules to Live By, Maimonides' Guide to a Wonderful Life," and provided details on where it can be purchased. Kerry Lutz expressed appreciation for Rabbi Katz's insights and wished him success with the book.

Find Jeff's Book here: Rules to Live By

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:



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