We met with West Red Lake Gold’s (🇺🇸WRLGF -- 🇨🇦WRLG new sponsor), CEO and President, Shane Williams. He is a true mine builder, having brought 5 prior mines online. He highlighted his action-oriented approach and the strategic decision to join WRLG, attracted by its incredible potential.

Shane revealed the latest drill results from the Madsen mine’s South Austin Zone, intersecting 68.36 g/t Au over 1.1m and 13.83 g/t Au over 3.95m. He has assembled one of the most solid teams in his experience, explaining how these moves have given WRLG the ability to start producing in Q4 ‘25. Discussing the primary focus on the Madsen mine, once valued at $1 billion, Shane provided insights into the timetable for restarting production and the steps he’s taken to mitigate inflation impacts on project costs. He’s still surprised by the company’s good fortune in acquiring the existing mill and infrastructure (for just pennies on the dollar) noting that replacement costs are north of $700mm. Following the previous management's inability to acquire profitability, he’s busy capitalizing upon this once in a lifetime opportunity.

He commented on the continued excellent drill results, the strategic challenges ahead, and the catalysts for success. With current gold prices holding strong, Shane is excited by the positive impact on WRLG’s economics as well as the broader industry. Highlighting recent successful funding efforts, Shane contrasted WRLG’s position with peers who have struggled to survive, underscoring key strategies for maintaining operational momentum. For these reasons we have taken a position in WRLG. 

Visit the company’s website @ https://westredlakegold.com and sign up to receive updates of for the exciting developments in the coming months.

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Kerry and John Grace discussed the changing role of utilities in the context of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence trends. The speakers emphasized the need for increased stations and the limitations of solar and wind power. They also explored the potential of battery power to stabilize the grid and address the challenges faced by millennial first-time homebuyers. The conversation provided insights into the changing landscape of utilities and real estate, shedding light on the implications for both industries in the current market.

John and Kerry also discussed the significance of consumer age in shaping buying and selling behavior, drawing attention to the historical trends in home purchasing and the age at which individuals typically make significant property investments. The speakers highlighted the impact of life expectancy on housing market dynamics, emphasizing the need for forward-looking asset management strategies. The discussion also delved into the challenges of selling a property that has doubled in price, with considerations for relocation and the financial implications. Overall, the conversation emphasized the importance of being prepared for market fluctuations and making strategic decisions to safeguard assets.

Find John here: Financial Advisors

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: inflation.cafe 

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