In an environment of unlimited Money Printing and unlimited Government, how can you protect your wealth? Historically, one choice has been sound junior mining ventures led by superior teams. Torq Resources (sponsor) is exactly that kind of company. Shawn Wallace and Ivan Bebek have a strong track record of building successful companies, with resulting high returns to shareholders.

Shawn explained the Torq Strategy: “The team has been very deliberate and ‘picky’ in choosing projects and moving them forward.” They were making great progress in Chile, when Covid struck. The accompanying travel restrictions presented a major obstacle, but Torq soon crafted a brilliant new plan.

In South America, personal relationships are everything. Doing business on Zoom is not an option. Michael Henrichsen (Chief Geologist) had vast South American experience and a relationship network second to none. He created a team of “Finders” that brought a steady stream of quality projects in for review. The team was so effective, they became a permanent part of the Company after the Margarita acquisition. Now they’re closing in on more projects of similar scope & scale. Shawn is very optimistic about Margarita’s. He believes they’re in the right place at the right time. Chile has many areas that are unexplored and others that were cherry-picked in decades past. Large new copper deposits are extremely scarce. New exploration and production technologies could give these properties new life and big profits.

Shawn’s partnership with Ivan Bebek has been a major success story. Their backgrounds and experience fully complement one another. Both are ardent proponents of tight share structures and the requirement that the bulk of capital raised must go into the ground. And they both share a passion for the business and the industry

As in all their ventures, insider ownership is high. Shawn and Ivan have skin in the game, their interests as always are aligned with their shareholders.

Looking ahead, there are a number of factors that should affect the share price. First is near-term commencement of the Margarita pre-drill exploration program to hone in on the best drill targets. Measure twice, cut once for best results and use of capital. Next, as Shawn points out, new acquisitions are on the horizon. Finally, higher copper and gold prices will likely be reflected in the share price.


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Kerry Killinger was CEO of Washington Mutual Bank during the financial crisis. He helped build it up from a small regional player into a high-growth national entity. He'd spoken with JP Morgan-Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon about the possibility of merging the two. Then came the 2008 financial crisis and Jamie had other ideas, he wanted the bank for nothing. WAMU had been preparing for a major real estate price collapse and had cut back its real estate lending to prepare for the bad days. But that wasn't enough. They were caught short on capital and then Dimon pounced. In a flash Killinger was forced out and then WAMU was swallowed up by Dimon for next to nothing. The resulting behemoth has been extremely profitable ever since. In their book Nothing Is Too Big To Fail (Kerry and wife Linda) detail what took place behind the scenes and how it all went down, much to their amazement. It's a must read to understand what we're up against. 

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Acccording to Jerry Robinson we’ve gone off the cliff and now we’re airbone waiting for impact. Jerry forecast that the Fed would continue its policy of the so-called Greenspan Put. When in doubt print money! If still in doubt, print more money. Incredible amounts of liquidity are sloshing around the market leading to higher asset prices and bigger bubbles. 

Government can’t stop Bitcoin, but it looks like they’ve somewhat succeeded with gold and silver. Gold is not dead, there’s just other speculative assets available. Jerry is still a believer in gold. It’s holding up and it’s still consolidating and is in a long term uptrend. It’s got to retake the 250 moving day moving average. Silver has been hovering in its current range for a long time now. Their time is coming. 

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Hedge Funds blowing up. Archegos Fund gone. This is what happens at the top of a cycle or bubble.

More stimmies on the way, thanks President Biden. Right on the heels of the last stimulus plan. It will insulate the system from further blow-ups. 

Big risks are interest rates and currencies. Even a three percent yield on the treasuries won’t matter and further distort

Gold and silver retreating, what does it mean? 

$240 million this month in NFT’s.

Bezos fighting unionization with every dirty trick in the book. Bernie Sanders is out there fighting the fight for higher wages and better work conditions. 

Rush to upgrade condos in NYC due to the huge price decline. The Hamptons has turned into a year round 

Trial of Minneapolis George Floyd Cop beginning.

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Covid was an excuse to increase the size of government. We’re not raising taxes but even if they do raise taxes they will pale in comparison to how much is being spent. We’ll all have a lot less because the government is taking so much more. They can try to cover it up with a distorted CPI, and they’ll claim it’s the sign of a growing economy. We just had the worst trade deficit in history and the pundits claim it’s a sign of a growing economy, which it isn’t. Weak economies suffer rising prices, not a strong one. 

The stimulus was a grab bag. There was no real way to control the fraud. Wealthy people were getting the PPP. The fraudsters lined up around the block to take the government’s money. They were gifts not loans. Everyone was in favor of it. A huge boondogle of the highest order. 

We don’t learn from history. The 1920 bust was higher than 1929, but Coolidge cut government spending dramatically which made it a sharp but brief recession. In 1929 we went with Keynes and the recession carried on for over a decade. Herbert Hoover did everything the Keynesians wanted to be done and it didn’t work. Roosevelt just picked up the baton. From 1932 to 1941 was a long running continuous depression. 

There’s hedge funds blowing up and there always will be. The problem is the lenders. The funds can’t pay back its loans. The lenders are on the hook. Banks were so desparate for income that they would loan to anyone. Too big to fail and increase the moral hazard. 

Peter has positioned himself and others by recognizing that the biggest casualty is going to be the dollar. Paper wealth is going to dissipate. The post-dollar era is coming and you need to play that trend. Resources and business that have those resources will help protect your wealth from future disasters. 

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Doré Copper's CEO Ernest Mast believes that when it comes to mining, past is often prologue. (sponsor) He's acquired and continues to acquire a portfolio of successful past producing  projects that hold great promise for the future. The choice simple, its much easier and less risky to acquire and restart past producing mines . Often, they were shut down due to economic or technical reasons, rather than depletion of reserves. Restarting production is a far simpler matter, requiring minimal approvals and reduced investment. In addition, Mast is continues to consolidate nearby under or unexplored properties to further expand the resource. Ernie expects to release an updated 43-101 and PEA later this year. 

Doré's a 2700 tpd Copper Rand Processing Plant along with its  growing list of mines is part of a "hub and spoke" strategy to maximize the mill's economies of scale. High quality area  infrastructure helps facilitate this process. Add to that a quality local mine-oriented work force and you've got the makings of an efficient gold/copper producer with world-class potential. 

It's no wonder that Doré has found widespread support and investment from a variety of interested parties, from the Cree Nation, to the municipality of Chbougamau and numerous other companies in the area. 

With $4 copper and $1700+ gold, Doré is ideally situated to ride out the next commodities super-cycle turning in big profits for shareholders who have patience and vision, of which we'd like to include ourselves. (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF)

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People are still fleeing New York City in record numbers. The reasons are obvious, crime, lawlessness, government failure and a desire to move to safer environs. People are often fed up with the expense of the City, working from home and no longer have a need to reside there. Many physicians are fleeing and have been spurred on my lower rates. Some however have buyer’s remorse. It’s an interesting trend that will no doubt continue. 

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Just because the world is depressed doesn’t mean you to be too. Your internal state of mind is the key to your happiness and satisfaction with life. Reinforce your belief in yourself by using positive affirmations; they can make a big difference. Sometimes you get so down that you need professional help to get out of it and that’s okay too. It might even require medication and that’s okay too. 

Three things to turn your life around right now.

1 There’s never a perfect time, start the journey now. 

2 Adversity creates opportunity. Life is 99 percent virtual.

3 Working virtually gives you possibilities that never dreamed of before. Open your eyes and realize it. 

Today is the day and now is the time to turn your life around. Reframe and rebuild your business plan. Don’t worry about the small stuff. 

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Joe Gissy has a long history in the finance sector. Now he's going all in on Robot trading. Will it work? Obviously bots can act faster, analyze more data and sift through patterns faster than any human being out there. But is that enough to turn in superior performance. And is this the beginning of Skynet? In the Terminator movies the computers takeover and use specialized robots known as Terminators to eliminate human beings. But perhaps all we they need to do is disrupt our markets and stop all financial transactions. The humans might self-terminate saving Skynet the bother. However, this appears to be the future and just like robots took over chess competitions, so too will go trading. 

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Retail silver is in very short supply. Mints aren’t producing enough for various reasons. How can it be? Answer, because that’s the way the market is structured. As Rick Rule says, “This market doesn’t not act properly at all.” Billionaires are losing their interest for precious metals and going all in on cryptos. Every day is a new day with fundamentals stronger than ever. Treasuries are rising to near 2%, which is way below the normal 5%. Debt is expanding to infinity. Once the rate goes higher, the problem will get worse.

Conviction, don’t give up the ship. Only buy physical or allocated from trusted sources and even then be careful. Who can you trust to hold your metal? 

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Eli David started StartupBlink to identify the best places in the world for start-ups. Despite it's well publicized problems dealing with homelessness and sanitary conditions, San Francisco is still number one. Then comes New York City, despite the best efforts of Comrade diBlasio to destroy it. Coming up at number 3 is London, hardly anyone's idea of a start-up. Eli is an economist and uses a number of measurements to compile his report. Coming up quickly from behind is Beijing and Shanghai. Will they one day be number 1 and 2? 

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Gary Wagner joined us for a review of current gold and silver price action and trends. Gold hit its low last month, at just under $1700. Now it’s at $1724. Yesterday we had a weak dollar and US equities moving higher. Gold can’t get out of its own way and everything is negative for it. Short-term we’re in  bearish mode. Below 50 and 200 day moving average. At the same time deficits are escalating out of control. A series of events are occurring that are driving it down, but there’s good support at $1700. From what we’re looking at now, we could see some pressure in both metals, so it’s a good time to buy. August was the beginning of a multi-month correction. There’s still weaknesses in the market. Bitcoin hit $60k and now it has corrected. Gary now has a bitcoin report. Gary’s son went short at $60k and expects it to retrace to $45k. Now we’re seeing corporate acceptance. 

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Big SNAFU as Miami declares spring break state of emergency, a sign that things are getting back to normal. Too many people partying means things are getting back to usual. Small businesses in Miami are back making money. Drunks are big tippers. So much 

DeSantis is a genius and is on track to being 2024 Republican presidential nominee. John believes the Texas-Florida model will be shown by history to be the right move. 

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Masks Dr. F. It’s about time someone called out Mr. Doctor F. Starting to look like the entire pan-demic response was over done and uneccesary. And the fall-out is shocking. The sooner we get passed it the better. 

Markets still going higher and they’re flooding the system with cash. Nasdaq moves up and down 200-300 regularly. The Robinhood checks have gone out and things are heating up. The economy and inflation will pick up. Interest rates are heading higher. 

Will the money move into bonds now that rates are going higher? Volatility is guaranteed to pick up. John is short the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. Long periods of low interest rates cause people to borrow more and become overleveraged. 

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Today's mobile home park is nothing like you've been led to believe. While they're certainly not exclusive communities, most residents are hardworking people on their way up to a spot in the middle class. They provide affordable housing that has enabled many people to save for a home and move on up. They're usually well managed and provide excellent cash flow. Brian explains how they also provide investors with excellent returns and a great way to diversify real estate holdings. 

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The entire country, including small business is hooked on stimulus a/k/a stimmies. Naresh fears that it’s going to become a regular annual or semi-annual occurrence. It’s on its way to becoming a permanent economic fixture. The rich keep getting poorer. Families with an income over $400,000 will be hit with additional taxes. In Blue states, a full 60 percent of your income will be gone. There’s lot’s more here. Get ready.  

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Airlines ask White House to develop standardized COVID-19 travel 'passports'

Leading airline and business groups are asking the Biden administration to develop temporary credentials that would let travelers show they have been tested and vaccinated for COVID-19, a step that the airline industry believes will help revive travel.

Various groups and countries are working on developing so-called vaccine passports aimed at allowing more travel. But airlines fear that a smattering of regional credentials will cause confusion and none will be widely accepted.

“It is crucial to establish uniform guidance” and “the U.S. must be a leader in this development,” more than two dozen groups said in a letter Monday to White House coronavirus-response coordinator Jeff Zients. The groups said, however, that vaccination should not be a requirement for domestic or international travel.

The groups include the main U.S. and international airline trade organizations, airline labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The White House did not immediately comment.

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There’s nothing new in the market, but we’re seeing financial violence again. The public has never been more engaged in the market. Bob hasn’t seen anything like it since the 1960’s. There’s no numbers one can put on it, but Bob says it’s the great public participation. The difference between inflation in the financial aspects versus a rising CPI and cost of living. Bob’s classical definition of inflation, which is in an inordinate increase in credit, not prices. You’ll get them switching off periodically, such as the 1970’s. The reckless Fed and its buying of treasuries to keep rates down parallels that era. Newly created credited flows into the economy in different ways, often unpredictable. Bob isn’t predicting Weimar level inflation, runaway inflation this time. Bond markets are not facing extinction this time. It won’t happen with the reserve currency and main economy. We are at a cyclical peak for financial assets and commodities. Watch the gold silver ratio, if it goes up take note, we’ll be heading for a crisis. US Dollar pattern could lead to a rise, especially in light of history which favors the reserve currency. The greatest financial crisis in history is coming this fall.

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Dr. Michael Busler is an economist, columnist and teacher. Economics is his specialty and free markets are his passion. He had a long standing relationship with the late Milton Friedman and has followed in his path. What ails the country and the world in his opinion is the refusal by our leaders to govern less and let the markets decide. This philosophy is what made America the greatest economic power the world has ever known. And the deviation from these core values is what's causing it to fail now. We talked about fraud and how the government is a great facilitator of it. Much more here worth listening to. 

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When it comes to being a successful trader you fail your way to success, it's really that simple. Like all aspiring traders, Chris blew up his account several times until he figured out the key to success. Now he's teaching others and trying to help them avoid failing their way up in the process. It's not easy to learn, especially trading options, but if you stick to it and use Chris's system, you might just succeed your way to success. 

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The market is setting up for quite an advance in April. What the March crash did was reset sentiment. It’s a slingshot sending markets higher. Totally counter-intuitive. This is how markets work. It puts so many of us into the wrong side of the market. It’s emotional and you need to stop trying reason with the market. 

Back in 2017 Avi set a target of 2200 before the rally began its ascent to just below 4000. It’s been playing out very accurately. Elliott Wave Theory simply tracks human psychology. It’s been guiding Avi extremely well. Other systems have validity too. 

The Russell 2000 still has much upside left to go. Tremendous opportunity in the next few month. 

Precious metals, big time bottoming coming up over the next week or two. That could lead to a major move in metals and miners this coming year. A similar set-up to 2016.

Rates may go higher, but look for a yo-yoing in bond prices. Stay away. Once the rally is complete in 2023 (S&P 6000), looking for a rising rate deflation. There’s potential for really bad pro-longed bear market, but there’s time. 

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All Roads Lead To Precious Metals 

Never fear more stimulus is on the way. Reddit/Robinhood are getting their checks and don’t forget the infrastructure program that’s on the way. $4 trillion coming into the market. Very stimulative and inflationary too. Cities and states are having their debts paid off by the government. Is the stimulus uneccesary? Will it be more harmful than beneficial. Lumber, copper, everything is going up. Maybe Dr. Copper is right after all. Watch out for inflation. The perception of an inflationary economy is here. What if it doesn’t work? We already have an overleveraged economy with adjustable rates. Higher rates might well slow down the economy. 

Higher rates equal lower bond prices. Real estate could take a hit from higher rates. The amount of currency in the world dwarfs the quantity of precious metals. 

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The big picture. Gold bottomed at 1050 and just about doubled to 2063 in August 2020. It has now retraced 30 percent of its gain, exactly. The decline was orderly in the metal and the stocks as well.  We had a parabolic move in gold and of course it’s going to retrace. It’s a very healthy correction. I could come down and test the 1580-1600 level. The algos. As predicted from 1850 down to 1670

The Dow Jones Industrials have become the stock market leader. The louder the cries of a crash, the more the shorts are going to get hit. Yields have had  an impact. But Friday, gold had an upside reversal in spite of yield. The gold miners started showing relative strength in the face of the metals decline. 

Silver has been holding its own. It hasn’t broken $30 yet, but that’s a major resistance point. It’s not even close to it’s $50 high. It’s maintaining. The silver juniors predicted the move. They’re building a base to go higher. It’s always a bullish sign when silver shows strength in the face of lower gold prices. 


This is actually a gift. All the juniors are cashed up. Money keeps pouring into the sector. A lot of quality juniors have corrected 30-40%. But they’re up several times. They’reat a great entry point. It’s an amazing time. In spite of or maybe because of the trolls.

Dr. Copper is sounding the alarm on inflation, among other things. Rising rates are supposed to kill commodities, but the converse is true. Rising rates are actually a net positive for metals. 

David sold a few stocks for company specific reasons and to raise cash ahead of the Fed. 

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Today's stock market is the same as the old one, just with new tools, Robinhood, apps, etc. But emotional excesses have always occurred and still do today. The 1999-2000 Internet Bubble is a perfect example. Not really that much different than the Gamestop short squeeze. Jack believes that the shorts are doing a service, by helping to uncover fraud. 

We all must become better risk managers. That means, you need to decide whether it’s an investment or a trade. If you don’t want to do the work, just go out and buy an index fund, especially after a bad period in the markets. Being a trader it’s very different. Your time horizon is shorter and your potential risk is greater. For a trader you must pick your stop point before you get into the trade. 

Never, ever forget, it’s okay to fail. Just keep coming back and you may very well ultimately succeed. Always begin with a smaller stake, never risk your entire nest egg. Avoid impulse trading. It's a sure way to lose. 

And perhaps most importantly, remember that while markets may change and technology is always leaping further ahead, emotions remain the same and in the end they move the market. 

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Kevin Drover, CEO - Aurcana Silver (sponsor) is extremely excited about imminent silver production at it's Ouray, Colorado mine this summer. He personally moved there to oversee the final production steps. 130 people are working the mine as we speak. The initial annual silver production target is 3.1 million ounces. That level would anticipate processing 270 tons per day at their underground mill (slightly more than 50% capacity). Plans are already underway to increase that total and to drive up production even higher. But Kevin is taking the cautious approach to assure that Aurcana achieves its production goal. Average all in costs are around $9 per ounce, which means big profits are ahead. 

The company is cashed up with $46 million and is starting plans to reactivate its Shafter mine in Texas. As shareholders we are expecting big things from Aurcana soon. 

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The Fedcoin has bipartisan support. Jay Powell, appointed as Federal Reserve Chairman by President Trump, said in October that the Federal Reserve is conducting research into issuing a digital currency, on its own and also in partnership with other central banks and the Bank for International Settlements.

Janet Yellen, appointed as Fed Chair by President Obama, said last week, “It makes sense for central banks to be looking at issuing sovereign digital currencies.”

They give different stated reasons. Powell is more conservative, and his focus is on addressing the potential competitive threat of bitcoin and digital currencies from countries such as China. However, if he really wanted to make the dollar more competitive against the yuan, then he would just abuse the Fed’s credit less.

Yellen nods to a progressive idea, saying that a Fedcoin, “could help address hurdles to financial inclusion in the U.S. among low-income households.” However, if she really wanted the “unbankables” to be able to open accounts, then she would just repeal anti money laundering and other regulations that penalize a bank for crimes committed by its clients.

Both Powell’s and Yellen’s statements are disingenuous. A Fedcoin is coming, because it’s necessary. Allow us to explain the two real reasons. The first is sinister. The second is more pernicious.

Why Fedcoin? The Real Reasons

The first reason is the pathological fall of interest rates over the last four decades. Interest in the US dollar has not gone negative yet, though it has in the Swiss franc, the euro, the pound, and the yen. Interest will continue to fall.

When the rate goes negative enough, the banks will not be able to hold the line on paying zero interest in deposit accounts. They will be forced to pass through their pain to depositors. This will provide the first incentive to withdraw cash from the banks—thus pulling out capital—since the 1930’s. The paper dollar bill has zero yield. People will prefer zero to negative yield. Free is better than paying to hold your money.

The central banks have three ways to try to fight this. One, they could try to impose losses on dollar bills. They could create an algorithm that deducts from the face value, based on serial number. If they roll this out to point-of-sale devices, then every merchant will know the legal tender value of your cash. That “twenty” could actually be worth $19.93. But this seems impractical and confusing.

Two, they can demonetize cash. People are given until a certain date to turn in their cash for a credit to their bank accounts. After that, the paper will have no legal tender value. But, as Yellen noted, many people are kept out of the banking system.

Or, three, they could issue a Fedcoin and force everyone to trade their paper cash for Fedcoins. Fedcoin would be nothing like bitcoin.

Fedcoin would be programmed to erode at a rate to match the Fed’s negative interest rates. Thus, it would not provide a haven to anyone seeking to hold cash to avoid the erosion of bank balances. They will have you totally trapped.

This is an extension of the same idea behind banning gold in 1933. The people were disenfranchised, unable to opt out of the government’s debt. The most conservative saver was forced to hold government bonds, rather than gold. Indeed, after that, the definition of risk-free asset is the government bond.

After 1975, you can hold gold. But now, it’s not a dollar balance. It has dollar price volatility. Hence, it’s unsuitable for many conservative savers (and financial institutions). If you have a billion dollars of cash, and a liability to pay a billion dollars in two months, then you cannot take the risk on gold. As we write this, the price of gold has dropped $244 dollars since the start of 2021, or about 13% in about two months.

An individual may be able to escape the system by buying gold (or bitcoin), however the dollars are trapped in the system. The seller of the gold (or bitcoin) is the new owner of those dollars. And faces the same awful choice of the tiger or the tiger.

The Fedcoin will be designed to further tighten the noose. Even cash will become entirely electronic, and subject to slow confiscation. Not by inflation. But by negative interest rates that reduce the account balance.

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