Eli David started StartupBlink to identify the best places in the world for start-ups. Despite it's well publicized problems dealing with homelessness and sanitary conditions, San Francisco is still number one. Then comes New York City, despite the best efforts of Comrade diBlasio to destroy it. Coming up at number 3 is London, hardly anyone's idea of a start-up. Eli is an economist and uses a number of measurements to compile his report. Coming up quickly from behind is Beijing and Shanghai. Will they one day be number 1 and 2? 

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Gary Wagner joined us for a review of current gold and silver price action and trends. Gold hit its low last month, at just under $1700. Now it’s at $1724. Yesterday we had a weak dollar and US equities moving higher. Gold can’t get out of its own way and everything is negative for it. Short-term we’re in  bearish mode. Below 50 and 200 day moving average. At the same time deficits are escalating out of control. A series of events are occurring that are driving it down, but there’s good support at $1700. From what we’re looking at now, we could see some pressure in both metals, so it’s a good time to buy. August was the beginning of a multi-month correction. There’s still weaknesses in the market. Bitcoin hit $60k and now it has corrected. Gary now has a bitcoin report. Gary’s son went short at $60k and expects it to retrace to $45k. Now we’re seeing corporate acceptance. 

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