Pet Hug has been in the precious metals sector since 1974. He's one of those rare individuals who experienced the last bull market and crash. Armed with this knowledge he's particularly well-suited to have a clear perspective of the current market. And he's Director of Trade for Kitco Metal, and everyone who listens to this show knows Kitco. Peter's guardedly optimistic on Gold for the coming year for many reasons, among them the propensity of central banks to inflate their way out of any economic slow down. With Peter's long involvement in the sector, I wouldn't bet against him. 

Direct download: Peter_Hug_30.Nov.16.mp3
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Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism, is at it again. He's got a solution for the nation's pending debt implosion. Rather than cut spending or fuel economic growth, sound goals in and of themselves, the Captain proposes that the Fed simply print up another $20 trillion over time and buy up stocks around the globe. Over time its portfolio would yield huge dividend income and presumably appreciation, as they bid up the price of the entire market. In fact, Japan and other countries are already doing this. Can it work or could it just accelerate our march to financial oblivion? We'll probably never find out. 

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey_30.Nov.16.mp3
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Greg Crowe, CEO of Silver One, was bitten by the mining bug long ago. Holding two geology degrees, he wracked up an extremely successful career, working around the world bringing projects online. He was enjoying a comfortable and happy retirement when the Silver One opportunity presented itself. Greg gladly came out of retirement to take this one on. And for good reason, there's three extremely promising projects that look like potential big silver producers, which is why yours truly is an investor in the company. And we're thrilled that Greg has partnered with FSN to tell this extremely compelling story. 

Find the company at

Stock symbol: TSX-V:  SVE  OTC:  SLVRF  FF:  BRK1

Direct download: Greg_Crowe_30.Nov.16.mp3
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William Kelly has been trying to reform Chicago's corrupt system for years. As a candidate for mayor of Chicago and as a radio talk show host. Even though the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago have been collapsing, he hasn't given up hope that they can be saved. He's working tirelessly and his new book adds impetus to the effort. Will Trump's victory help save the city and state? 

Direct download: Citizen_Kelly_29.Nov.16.mp3
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What's going to happen next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • OPEC "deal" - give me a break!
  • INFLATION expectations
  • Physical vs. Paper PM market disparity
  • Today's article, the "giant pink elephant in the room" - of surging interest rates!
  • Etc, etc.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_30.Nov.16.mp3
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Chip Lake, noted political consultant sees the role of the mainstream or legacy media becoming redundant. As their hostility and ignoble agenda becomes more obvious by the day, Trump will by-pass them altogether and real social media directly to the people. Why go through a distorted media filter that is hostile to his interests and the country's? Stay tuned because there's a new era of political discourse on the horizon. 

Direct download: Chip_Lake_29.Nov.16.mp3
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Wayne Allyn Root joined us today to bask in the glory of the Trump victory that he called so long ago. There was plenty of vote fraud, but not enough to deny him the victory. Now they're starting with idiotic recounts to taint his presidency but again they will meet with failure. And don't expect Mitt Willard Romeny to be Secretary of State. Wayne says it ain't gonna happen. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_28.N0v.16.mp3
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Black Friday was a big hit raising sales up to $551,000 and the store goes on and on. Mike discussed the new Amazon Product Review Policy or change to the terms of service as it's called in the trade. What this means is that Amazon now provides that sellers cannot furnish free or discounted products and require the recipient to write a review. This assures that the buyer's review is genuine and not simply the result of barter. In addition, the disclaimer requirement embedded in the review stating that, "This product was received for free or at a discount, " has been eliminated. Overall it's a net positive because these types of reviews will have more credibility. 

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_28.Nov.16.mp3
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Dr. Gerard Lameiro called 46 out of 50 states before election night. Without voter fraud he might have called them all. Rasmussen Polling even sent him congrats. He and I believed that Trump was going to win the election almost from the beginning. Now Trump has triumphed and they're trying to recount his victory out of existence. But it's not going work, it's too little too late! 

Direct download: Gerard_Lameiro_28.Nov.16.mp3
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A one of my favorite performers, Will Rogers said, "Every time Congress passes a law it becomes a joke and every they make a joke, it becomes a law." John and I have hit upon a unique solution to ill-governance, the Comedian Party. With the possible upcoming Italian election of funny man Beppe Grillo and the recent election of reality tv start Donald Trump, the benefits are becoming quite clear. Comedians are the least likely to bring a country to war. They have the unique ability to make people laugh in the most miserable of situations and their best humor is based upon current events. Here there's no shortage of material for sure, so let's start electing people who have a sense of humor, asap!

Direct download: John_Rubino_28.Nov.16.mp3
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Damion Lupo joined us for a post election review and what you need to do to take advantage of the coming opportunities. It's the age of the entrepreneur and a lot of the victim mentality and working the system will be gone soon. The producers will once again reign supreme. And we can hardly wait. 

Direct download: Damion_Lupo_23.Nov.16.mp3
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Master of terror in several genres, Terry Goodkind talks to us about NEST, his newest and most thrilling novel.

What would you do if you could see true evil... And you discovered that evil was staring back at you... No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, it sees you. It can reach out and touch you.

With NEST, Terry Goodkind launches a new series of contemporary thrillers with a supernatural look into the nature of mankind; a search that takes you to the very origin of what it is to be human. From John Allen Bishop's basement to the harrowing halls of the Darknet, this pursuit is relentless. A great book not to be missed. 

Direct download: Terry_Goodkind_23.Nov.16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:27pm EDT

If you can find a better precious metals forecaster than Erik Hadek, I'd like to know. When we first talked to him about a year ago, he said that 2016 was going to be a great year for precious metals. Shortly thereafter, gold and silver took off. Then he warned that an intermediate market peak was coming and sure enough like clockwork it happened or is happening now. But wait for 2017. Erik believes that precious metals and commodities are set to take off and the rally will continue in 2018. He believes metals will perform better than mining stocks over this time period. So get ready!

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_22.Nov.16.mp3
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What will happen next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Bond/Currency Carnage continues<>

Historically bullish PM fundamentals, versus historically bearish oil fundamentals<>

Post-Trump market lunacy - the Cartel never met a thinly traded pre-Thanksgiving trading day it didn't like
India cash ban

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_23.Nov.16.mp3
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Bob Hoye is first and foremost an economic historian. The situation that we currently find ourselves in has happened many times before. He's been saying for years that during these credit busts, the reserve currency is always the beneficiary. We're seeing that situation now. Down the road, he sees gold's purchasing power increasing, even if its dollar price doesn't. The situation will take a long time to improve. Adjustments must be made. 

Direct download: Bob_Hoye_22.Nov.16.mp3
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According to historic cycles, the economy almost invariably heads into a recession after a two term president's last term. This combined with the promises that President-Elect Trump has made could make for difficult sledding ahead. How much can the government really do to avoid recession? Danielle thinks not so much. 

Danielle is very skeptical of Trump's ability to deliver the change he promised. Will he go after reforming Wall Street at the expense of Main Street or will he let them know there's a new sheriff in town? She sees troubling signs that it will be business as usual after the inauguration. Stay tuned!

Direct download: Danielle_Park_22.Nov.16.mp3
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David Ackerman lives and breathes compliance and administrative law. He's been following the Fiduciary Rule recently passed by the Department of Labor. Finally some department has taken a stand that the client's interests trump everyone else. However, this brings up the concern about the way governmental agencies function and do their jobs. David believes that it's high time that the government agencies do business must be completely revamped. Perhaps Donald Trump understands this too. 

Direct download: David_Ackerman_22.Nov.16.mp3
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Richard Groden's company IslandSky has plans to change the way mankind gets vitally needed water. Richard was on a trip to South America and hit upon the idea of simply extracting the airborne humidity from the atmosphere. It would be an inexhaustible supply that could be harvested in humid climates as well as arid climates. Thus was born the line of SkyWater machines. From a household unit to larger commercial machines, his dream has become a reality. They're very economical and they produce higher quality H2O than many municipal water systems. Something that the world has been waiting for. 

Direct download: Richard_Groden_21.Nov.16.mp3
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Kirk Du Plessis is a full-time options trader, real estate investor, and stay-at-home Dad. Option Alpha, which started as a small blog has quickly grown into one of the industry's most respected authorities on options trading with more than 5.4 million visitors each year and 30,000 active members representing 42 different countries. Each month Option Alpha coaches thousands of people from all over the world. Kirk and his team shows them how to consistently make smarter, more profitable trades while also boosting their confidence.

Direct download: Kirk_Du_Plessis_21.Nov.16.mp3
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All of a sudden Facebook, Google and Twitter have found religion. They're going to eliminate Fake News. But seems like the definition of fake varies, depending upon your political persuasion. The Left views all conservative news sites as fake. Sites like Breitbart, Drudge and others. Will they succeed? I wouldn't count on it. 

Direct download: James_Hirsen_21.Nov.16.mp3
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How do you rescue the economy? Well John Rubino knows that it will take way more than an election. The debt is still out there and only going up. With the infrastructure bill that will certainly be passed and expanded military spending, the debt has nowhere to go but up. Until the new economic system is implemented, there will be no relief. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_21.Nov.16.mp3
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Our old friend Joe Messina joined us for a look at the election and the resulting pop-up riots that are taking place. For the peaceful and tolerant left, what can explain their anger and the ir violence. They're in denial over the election and why they lost. They have no desire to accept the truth and therefore will not be set free!

Direct download: Joe_Messina_16.Nov.16.mp3
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Ed Martin joined us to discuss the significance of Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. Ed is highly hopeful and optimistic that Trump prevailed and has a vision for the future. Will he be able to drain the swamp, that's an extremely difficult task that will take an incredible effort and a realization of what he's up against. Our thoughts are with the president-elect on this one. 

Direct download: Ed_Martin_16.Nov.16.mp3
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What a difference a day makes. We went from the possibility of the election of Trump being the end of the world to instead being a major catalyst for a major stock market advance. Did anything that major really change? Craig Hempke thinks not and that you still need to be prepared. The debt is out of control and shows no signs of being tamed. And are the Chinese dumping US Debt? What's next for gold and silver? 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_16.Nov.16.mp3
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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • America being torn apart politically, economically, and socially
  • Economic destruction of post-Trump markets, and impossibility of Trump making good on promises
  • Indian cash ban, extremely ominous
  • Monte Paschi bail-in, Italian referendum, etc.
  • PM smash, outlook
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_16.Nov.16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:00am EDT





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