Noted anarchist Jeff Berwick sees the end of Hillary Clinton's run for president. It's obvious that the Powers that Be are turning the screws. With Wikileaks has there been too much attention for them to accept? It does seem that the worm has turned. But what does it really mean if Trump is elected? Jeff believes that Hillary and Donald are just two flavors on the same ice cream cone. Trump is into big government and militaristic adventurism. Is he right? We might just find out next Tuesday. 

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Noted physician Dr. Elaina George has been spearheading the effort to empower patients and to find viable alternatives to the broken healthcare system. She gives solid examples of what you can do to save money and start taking control of your healthcare spending.

Check them out and see what it's like to manage your healthcare and spending and take control. 

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Rev. Robert Bakke, says “Pastors need to stop living in financial fear.”

Robert Bakke, America’s fastest rising preacher, is doing what most pastors are afraid to do, which is publically endorse a presidential candidate. “I’m endorsing Trump because I’m not afraid of liberal blowback and I’m not afraid of losing my non-profit status,” says Bakke, “The future of America and the world’s economy is at stake.” Bakke says pastors and evangelicals must get to the polls to stop a Democratic platform that will bankrupt America both morally and financially.

According to federal law, churches that operate as a 501C (3) non-profit are forbidden from endorsing political candidates. Doing so could cost the church its 501 status, thereby eliminating the tax deduction available to congregants for their financial support, ultimately bankrupting the church. “The original intent of ‘Separation of Church & State’ was to stop the government from interfering with churches,” says Bakke, “Not to exclude them from the process.” Bakke says he’s taking the lead on this because his ministry operates as a for-profit ministry. “We’re not a 501C anything, “says Bakke, “Trump has committed to fight the language that restrains pastors and 501’s, so it won’t be long before all churches will be following our lead.”

Bakke, who is also an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author, strongly believes America needs a successful businessperson in the White House. “Many significant figures in the Bible were the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth, which puts Trump in good company,” says Bakke, who continues, “God is a God of love, power and wealth, and he absolutely loves it when America prospers. Pastors need to help get Trump into office if America is going to survive. God will provide the rest.”

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