I have Mariusz Skonieczny on the show to discuss how to take small stocks and get in at the right time in order to make a profit. It’s important to remember that every entity has different clienteles, futures, and management, and Skonieczny recommends going to an exchange and looking at companies individually. If you want to learn how to invest for the long haul, be sure to tune in.

-How do you take small stocks and get in at the right time to make money?
-People involved with stocks during the pandemic had a good turnout
-The stock market is a vehicle to get an ownership in financial assets
-Every entity has different clienteles, futures, management, etc.
-Going to an exchange and looking at companies one by one is an effective strategy
-It’s important to be confident in your trade and to be willing to ride out the trade
-You need to detach from your decision in a stock once you’ve made it; you have to stay with it

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MicroCap Explosions

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It’s almost time to deal with taxes, and in spirit of this, I sit down with Ben Golden to talk about how you can minimize your taxes and interactions with the IRS. As a registered agent with the IRS, Golden has an abundance of pointers in regard to helping people that are having trouble coming to a tax resolution. Tune in for more information.

-Tax time is only a few short weeks away. Golden comes on the show to give advice on how you can minimize your taxes and interactions with the IRS
-Golden is a registered agent with the IRS
-Golden’s company helps people that are already having problems with a tax resolution
-The same techniques don’t necessarily work for everybody; each person is in a different situation
-A lot of people would rather run away from their tax problem than face it head on
-67% of all audits go unanswered, and that’s why there is a change
-There are a few different types of audits; if computers are not included, there is about a 1% chance of being audited
-Those that make lower incomes are being audited more

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IRS Trouble Solvers

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If you’ve been to supermarkets, the gas station, and any major stores, you’ve probably noticed the record high prices being implemented all over the United States. Brad Williams comes on the show to discuss the implications of these astronomical prices: they demand that we consider what we can live without, and what things can be temporarily swapped. Unfortunately, there are many things we cannot forgo in our day to day lives. Listen in to hear Brad and I discuss this further and unpack some of the major changes that accompany inflation.

-In consideration of the sky-rocketing prices, people are forced to decide what to cut out of their budget
-Some things cannot be substituted; gasoline is one of these things
-In the capitalist economy, people find their ways around things—but options are becoming somewhat limited
-Fossil fuels are the cheapest, most effective way to power an economy, which works against the intent of eco-friendly movements
-It’s a good time to add metals to your portfolio
-Looking at commodities may be a way to hedge up your portfolio
-We’re in a commodities super cycle

Useful Links:
Ask Brad Williams

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If you owe money or are concerned about your credit score, then this episode will be of interest to you. Paul Oster has been helping people restore their credit for over a decade, and comes on the show to give great tips for keeping an eye on your credit score and managing bills that will greatly impact this. Medical bills are especially important to be attentive to; anything under $500 no longer incurs a penalty, but amounts above this will impact your credit significantly. Don’t forget to check your credit reports frequently, and tune in for more great insight on improving your credit.

-Some have stopped reporting certain medical collections
-You are still obligated to pay your medical bills
-For anything under $500, there is no longer a penalty if you haven’t paid it
-Average medical debt on credit reports is $500
-If you owe more, then it is important to figure this out so that your credit doesn’t suffer
-Remember that we can look at our credit reports every seven days for free (CARES Act)
-If you have medical bills that you are worried about paying, reach out to the creditors
-Oster helps people look for ways to correct

Useful Links
Financial Survival Network
Better Qualified

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Douglas Eze joined us for a talk about building generational wealth. Douglas is President and CEO of Largo Financial which has affiliate offices in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and Virginia with over 600 licensed Financial Consultants on his team. Not only is he a financial advisor and wealth strategist but he is an author and speaker. 

First step to building wealth is to lower your tax bill as much as possible while obeying the law. Next look for cash flow and income generating assets. Finally, keep an open mind for extreme opportunities. Such things pass through everyone's life. 


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Mortgage expert Debbie Bloyd explains that even as interest rates rise, housing sales will remain high since there is just not enough supply to satisfy demand. Real rates are still extremely negative, over 10 percent and this just adds to the number of people seeking new homes. While the marginal buyer may be priced out of the market, there are still plenty of institutional cash buyers chasing a limited number of homes. Which means that for now, the real estate market, at least in hot markets, shows no signs of cooling down. 

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Inflation has its downsides, but an advantage is the profit one can gain in the real estate market. I sit down and chat with Marcin Drozdz, who gives tips on easily and effectively raising capital so that you can settle deals in the market. If you are seeking the resources and flexibility to make offers within real estate, tune in to hear Drozdz’s expert advice.

-Real estate can be a great way to profit from inflation; rents are going up and prices have nearly doubled in some places
-Marcin Drozdz has come up with an easy way to raise capital
-Right now, making sure you have your capital in order is extremely important, since making an offer requires proof of having funds
-Drozdz’s system preps people so that they have the resources and flexibility to make offers when it’s most opportune
-The biggest mistake people make is making sure that they have all of the official matters/documentation taken care of before talking to people
-Work to your unfair advantage

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Marcin Drozdz

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George Gammon, an expert on the contemporary scene, comes on the show to talk about the implications of the war and media; as large problems become the talk of the nation, they distract us from other issues and create a sense of diversion. Topics such as war are a racket that come at the expense of the masses, and we need to be aware of what is happening in the economy amidst all of the noise. Tune in for more.

-It seems as if large scale problems keep surfacing that distract us from the other issues occurring
-War has worked well in the past when less popular presidents want to be re-elected; diversion helps
-War prompts people to forgo their freedom and liberty
-We need central currency to ensure that no one is working with outside forces
-Politicians, the global elite, and the media are incentivized to participate in this war; they take advantage of any crisis opportunity possible
-Many people have abandoned critical thinking and may support the US going forward with this war
-We discuss Butler’s 1933 speech on war being a ‘racket’ that comes at the expense of the masses
-Rather than dreading inflation, welcome it, because it is your greatest opportunity to acquire wealth and get ahead

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Rebel Capitalist Live
George Gammon Twitter

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We’re experiencing a peculiar rally at the moment, and Michael Pento comes on the show to give more insight on what’s happening with the rate hikes, and why we’re seeing this rally. In the past, the stock market has gone up significantly when the Fed hikes interest rates for the first time. Additionally, we’re seeing bubbles in every market, and the stock market could go higher if the Fed reverses its policy—driving our economy into QE unlimited. Tune in for more on what’s to come.

-There are 8 more rate hikes ahead, but any news is good news when it comes to Wall Street
-This rally is happening because in the past, the first time the Fed has hiked interest rates, the stock market has gone up significantly
-This rate hiking cycle is unique
-The Fed is now tightening into a slow down in global growth—particularly US growth
-The Fed can’t hike more than one or two times before they invert the yield curve
-They plan to do quantitative tightening as well
-Digital currency could also serve as a tool for inflationary measures
-If the base money supply never grew more than 2% per annum, the situation would look a lot different
-There are bubbles in every market
-The stock market will only go higher if the Fed reverses its policy and we go into QE unlimited

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Pento Portfolio Strategies

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I sit down and chat with Octavio Marenzi to discuss how the war in Ukraine has affected markets, and it seems as if everything is going up. Commodities, gold, and oil are reaching highs, and from a US perspective, this is not a conflict that is going to have much of an impact. Tune in for more insights on what’s to come, and what to expect on national and global levels.

-How badly has the war in Ukraine affected markets, and what can we expect going forward?
-Markets, commodities, and gold are going higher; oil is headed toward its all-time high
-From a US perspective, this is not a conflict that is going to have much of an impact
-Looking at NASDAQ, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to pinpoint when the war started
-In European natural gas, prices have jumped sporadically; the situation is different for US natural gas because they are different markets
-Once the correction goes down, the Fed will jump back in to keep everything under control
-Increasing interest rates for years will destroy the markets
-Gold is going to be more or less okay in the short term
-Mortgage rates in the US have gone up, which will most likely impact real estate prices
-It’s okay to be a risk taker, but you have to be a risk manager as well
-For the average person who doesn’t make any moves, inflation is decimating
-For people who are in debt (in a fixed interest rate) it’s not a bad thing; it works negatively for people who save up money

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Hear the story about how Caroline Yuki helped her mother retire 10 years earlier than she planned. Now her mother has a comfortable retirement, has multiple streams of income and keeps increasing her monthly cash flow. It's a common sense system that can help you earn big rewards with low risk. 

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Did the Petro Dollar just die?

Will the Fed raise rates 6 times this year? (Target is 2.8% by end of 2023. Is this serious or pathetic?)

Was Bix Weir?

Are we heading into a recession already?

How big a deal is $110 oil?

Will food prices keep rising?  (“Dust bowl conditions” threaten to create a disastrous winter wheat harvest)

Do rising long-term interest rates constitute monetary tightening? 

Will global supply chains ever go back to pre-covid normal?

What's the next crisis? Cyberattack?

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It’s no longer a stock market, it’s a commodity market. Oil is going between $150 to $250. Natural gas cycles are higher. Stock markets have peaked and are going lower, the Ukraine War has little to do with it. It’s all in the cycles. Commodity stocks are going through the roof. Play them through ETF’s Wheat is in a major upswing. Real estate may peak, but rents are not coming down. Inflation could be around for decades. Gold is having a short term pullback but is going much higher. Ethereum is about to hit a low and will present a good opportunity through the etf. Charles is long the Euro. You need to be invested in the right asset class and now its commodities. The current worldwide insanity is either a disaster for your finances or a golden opportunity.

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David Morgan comes on the show to talk about what the circumstances in Ukraine will mean for metals prices, as the these are directly correlated. As circumstances change within currencies and amongst varying economies around the world, we start to question how countries will continue to do business together. Tune in for more insight.

-What does the quagmire in Ukraine mean for metals prices?
-How are we going to do business together as currencies/economic circumstances change?
-A cyber-attack would be extremely detrimental
-We should still be looking at mining stocks; we may reach a point where it is hard to get metal

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Financial Survival Network
The Morgan Report

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Torq Resources’(OTCQX:TRBMF—TSX.V:TORQ) Executive Chair Shawn Wallace and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen joined us for a sponsor update. News is starting to pick up. Assay results on their 13 hole maiden drill program at Margarita are expected shortly. While never drilled before, all indications are that there’s great prospectivity here. They had been trying to land this project for quite a while and finally acquired it last year. Phase 2 will commence later in the year and the company has done two recent capital raises to advance the project. Drill targets will be established upon analysis of Phase 1’s results.

Concerning the company’s Santa Cecilia project, Wallace states, “We've been engaging with the communities … community initiatives are as important as anything else we do … including the technical work and the financial work. [We’re crafting] a relationship with the local community, that's going to endure over time … It's not a small task.” Once the process is complete, the project will be permitted and quickly move ahead. For good reason too, as two 2012 prior drill holes yielded nearly 1 kilometer of 0.45% copper equivalent.

The recent price movements in gold and copper, at least partly due to geopolitical issues, were already heading in the right direction before the war erupted. Wallace expects demand for copper will continue to eclipse supply, which will inevitably lead to higher copper prices and greater pursuit of copper projects. That’s good news for Torq’s shareholders, who along with the rest of the sector have recently experienced less than stellar results. But all of that’s about to change, which is why we’re shareholders. Company Website:

Company Website:

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The Ukraine/Russia circumstances are having a large impact on the markets, and I have Bob Hoye on the show to give historical insight on why this is happening and what we can expect in the near future. When we look at the past, these sort of uprisings have taken a long time to resolve diplomatically, and the pain of the recession will be the only factor that drives Putin to make some sort of change. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come.

-Hoye comes on the show to give a historical perspective on what the Ukraine/Russia circumstance is doing to markets
-When you look at previous uprisings in the former Soviet Union (near the mid 1900s), diplomatic solutions have taken very long to arrive at
-Pain felt by the effects of a recession would cause Putin to make a change
-Putin contends that the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union
-Speculation in the political markets has become unusually reckless
-It seems that governments don’t always learn the lessons that history provides
-The financial catastrophe in Russia has earned a recession—the federal reserve is supposed to prevent this, but this theory doesn’t necessarily work

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David Erfle comes on the show to talk about what’s happening with gold in light of the current economic circumstances. Today, the price of Gold hit an all time high, and Erfle expects it to sit at $3k/oz at the end of this year to the start of next year. Everything happening with the trading of gold is, in many ways, influenced by our current inflationary situation as well as what’s happening around the world economically.

-Today, the price of Gold hit an all time high
-The end of 2021 was your last opportunity to cash in
-Once there is a close above 1900, this will be a signal for the gold price to start moving
-Russian citizens had their wealth decimated overnight last weekend
-All of the wins are in gold sales
-The west has waged financial war against Russia
-Palladium/platinum are essential for cities
-Our current economic situation is starting to resemble that of the 1970s
-We will most likely experience wage and price controls
-Erfle would not be surprised to see the gold price at $3k/oz at the end of this year or beginning of next year
-Gold stocks are still trading at very low levels

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Andy Schectman comes on Financial Survival Network to talk about the impact of the war on the metals market. Price appreciation in the metals has been a major effect of what is going on—especially as the dollar continues to lose value. Schectman predicts that the next war will likely be fought over the US dollar, and we continue to learn that we can’t put our trust entirely in this currency. Tune in for more predictions on what’s to come.

-When governments are fighting wars, it’s hard to believe any perspective
-Platinum has recently gone over $1k/oz—all of this supply is coming out of Russia
-The price appreciation is an effect of what is going on
-The sanctions in Russia will have an impact on the US
-The US isn’t going to slow down the printing of money any time soon
-Each war sets the issues and creates the rationale for the next war
-The next war will likely be fought over the US dollar; Russia and China are somewhat aligned
-Schectman thinks that the Ukraine situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better
-If all of your savings are in dollars, you are destined to go broke

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How do we effectively maneuver the economic shoals that could potentially affect our portfolios? Jim Tucker comes on the show to talk about what he’s been advising clients to do in light of the current circumstances. Tucker says that from an investor perspective, the situation with Ukraine is going to primarily be noise. With volatility, there is a lot of opportunity to make/lose money. Tune in for more insights. Highlights:
-From an investor perspective, the situation with Ukraine is going to primarily be noise
-Volatility gives an opportunity to make/lose a lot of money
-This will not be a long impact of the market
-The ending of the pandemic is an opportunistic/cautionary thing depending on how you look at it
-The Federal Reserve is making its first increase in interest rates soon
-Find a quality manager that will play the field of green energy. Water is something that is gaining a lot of attention
-Existing car companies will make transitions, upgrading with their original car models to electric ones

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Most people alive today never experienced the 1970’s period of runaway inflation. They are quickly coming to terms with their massive loss of their purchasing power. Like a runaway train, once governments lose control, it’s nearly impossible to stop. In an effort to put the genie back in the bottle, they will be forced resort to wage and price controls. As with Nixon’s failed experiment 51 years ago, these efforts are doomed to failure. Here’s 8 reasons why:

1. No one really wants to stop it.

2. Central Banks are powerless.

3. It’s the speculator’s fault.

4. Ignorance of inflation’s true causes.

5. Authoritarianism is in the air.

6. Shortages inevitably lead to higher prices. 7. Something has to be done.

8. The War Drums are Beating.

Other recent links:

8 More Shortages About to Worsen

10 Shortages That Are Getting Worse

Six Lessons I Learned From Working with Billionaire Hedge Funds

Get Ready for Non-Transitory Inflation: Ten Things About to Shoot Up in Price

Back by Popular Demand – Prices of 7 More Things Ready to Go Way Higher

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Justin English is CEO of Salt Lending Inc., the first cryptocurrency lender in the crypto industry. Unlike a traditional loan that takes your credit score into account, a SALT loan is an asset-backed loan in which your crypto assets act as collateral for your line of credit.

They have issued hundreds of millions in blockchain-backed loans. Here’s an article on them on TechCrunch.

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Precious metals prices have been getting smacked down a bit, so I have Jeffrey Christian on the show to help us comprehend how the war with Ukraine could potentially affect prices. There are different scenarios that will arise regarding military and political outcomes, and if Ukraine wins, gold prices will come back down. Ultimately, there are a number of factors at play and we can expect to see these come to fruition with time. Tune in for more.

-Precious metals prices are getting smacked down a bit
-How could the war potentially affect precious metals prices?
-There are different scenarios in terms of military and political outcomes
-Ukraine will face massive opposition
-If the Ukrainians win, gold prices will come back down
-NATO also gets sucked into this
-We’re 12/13 months into the recessionary period, and there are a lot of factors going into the rising prices
-Real economic growth depends on the administration and congress, not the Fed policy
-A lot of things have changed in price that are not reflected by the CPI numbers
-The managed economy has helped with the Chinese housing situation

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