Oleg Eydelman has been in the life settlement business for 14 years. This little known finance niche could be your key to unlocking major wealth, from what's now little more than a liability. Many people purchase insurance earlier in their lives for different reasons. Sometimes it's to protect a young family, pay off a mortgage in the event of an untimely passing or perhaps to pay estate taxes. Often these are term policies, but not always. And your needs may have changed so, if you are over 65 years old and have an unwanted life insurance policy, there are many investors around the country who will buy it from you at a substantial portion of its face value. It could be a term policy, whole life or even universal life. It's all in the actuarial tables. If it's of interest to you, Oleg will do a free no obligation valuation of your policy and you can decide if it's worth selling and he will field offers from 3rd party investors. You have nothing to lose but your premium payments.  

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Janet Yellen's hyperinflationary speech yesterday - at her decidedly "unofficial" NY Economic Club speech yesterday
-per the title of this week's articles, "the most transparent lie of all time" (of already debunked Fed propaganda of 1Q GDP growth), and the "countdown to total, irreversible Central bank failure" - the end game of an historic global currency crisis is nearly upon us
Current state of the PM markets
               -per my "COT's no longer matter, part II" and "About those COTs" articles of the past two weeks

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Writer and noted radio commentator Lowell Ponte joins for another installment. Is the fate of the United States similar to what Baltimore has been going through? Lowell believes that it could well be the case, if something isn't done soon. It will require everyone standing up and refusing to allow the country to continue on its present course. Will that happen? 

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George Gilder is an economist and futurist. His new book, The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does, he explains why the economy is failing and what will eventually be done to cure it. He's a believer in the Gold Standard and sees Bitcoin as a surrogate for gold. George is an optimist, but a realist. He believes the world's greatest days are ahead. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier believes that it's anyone's election on both sides of the aisle. He's unconvinced that Trump will take the nomination. In addition, Hillary Clinton is no lay-up either. This is the strangest election in history and don't be surprised by anything that happens next!

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Ivan Eland believes that Obama's new open door policy towards Cuba is the right thing to do. Clearly, the old "isolate and contain" policy hasn't been effective. It's been 57 years and the Castro Brothers are still running the show. Ivan believes that their desire to loosen up restrictions on the population is being done out of necessity. The US has very little control over the communist nation and our best bet is to let tourism and capitalism work their magic upon the Cuban People. Will it work? Probably not, the Cubans must rise up and throw off their shackles. 

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Joseph Farah started the first real Internet news site back in 1997, geared towards conservatives and free market thinkers. Almost 20 years later, the site has exceeded his expectations, being consistently rated a top site. While being Editor-In-Chief and CEO is a full time job in and of itself, Joseph continues writing his daily column and is never at a loss for an opinion. While he's admittedly a Cruz supporter, he believes that Trump has what it takes to beat Hillary in the general election and that's what really matters.

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John Rubino recently wrote about the impending crisis in Europe, there's just not enough new workers to help pay for the retirees getting ready to enter the system. It seems that they adopted a pay as you go system that never even pretended to set aside reserves for future retirees. Now, people are living longer and there's not enough new workers to pay the retired workers' tab. This leaves governments few choices to fund this growing burden. Immigration isn't working too well and this leaves the tried and true method of inflating away debts. But there's always a cost!

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There's a bull market in Lithium going on right now. Prices are up, supplies are down and demand is skyrocketing. Sounds like a perfect time to get into the market. Our partner, Lithium-X is doing exactly that. They've got deposits in Nevada and Argentina and are in the market to make wise acquistions. Unlike many other types of mining, governments are going wild for Lithium, greasing the skids and speeding up the permitting process. The reasons are simple, global demand is outstripping supply and electric cars promise untold environmental benefits. At present time, there's no substitute for Lithium Batteries in powering electric vehicles and a myriad of electronic devices that modern man cannot live without. Add to Bryan's legendary partners in the venture, Frank Giustra and Paul Matysek and you've got a great pathway to success and profits.

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Christa Huff, financial analyst and investing expert is speaking out loudly against the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). This agreement is initially between the US and 12 Asian Countries that border the Pacific. Christa says that it will diminish US sovereignty and subject Americans and corporations to International Courts. In addition, China and other countries can join this agreement without the approval of the Congress. All in all a very bad deal for US, whose industries have been greatly damaged by unfair trade. 

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Whatever happened to the doctor-patient relationship? Putting the patient's interests ahead of the doctor's or government or insurance company or hospital. Seems to have died an inglorious death. Today, March 23, 2016 is the 6th anniversary of the disaster/catastrophe known as Obamacare. Will it really be abolished by the republicans? Don't count on it. Trump and Cruz claim they will do it, but can they do it? But Dr. George says there's lots you can do to fight the system and protect your health and wealth. Start by joining Liberty HealthShare. You'll save thousands on your health insurance coverage. It's a healthcare cost sharing ministry, without the religious flare. Take a look!

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

ALL about today's blitzkrieg Cartel attacks - "miraculously," on the very day silver finally experienced its "golden cross" (50 DMA rising above 200 DMA), validating gold's bottom back in December.

This podcast will be a tutorial about what the Cartel (i.e., U.S. government) is attempting, and what the ramifications will be.

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Rick has been trying to figure out the current market. It's almost counter-intuitive. Things that would historically make the market tank seem to have the opposite effect now. Prosperity and wealth cannot generate prosperity. Funny money is not the answer. The real economy is still in the dumper as Rich put it. China has 10 years of adjustment before it's economy becomes more balanced, but it could take 20-30 years for the world economy to come back. 

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When it comes to self-defense, just buying a gun is not enough. While it may improve your odds of survival, there's no substitute for planning and training. Bob Owens was a techy and then found his passion, which is helping people to defend themselves against threats to their safety. Now he's out there training people and has a site, BearingArms.com. Get his free eBook and learn the survival skills that might save your life!

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Danielle Park joined us to discuss the rampant criminality of the financial sector and the government's willingness to turn a blind eye to it. It's clearly a case of the inmates running the prison and hiring the warden. The country is much worse off for it, but Danielle believes that a day of reckoning is coming. The current system can't go on much longer. Something's gotta give and it will. So get ready!

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Joe Messina came on again. He's convinced that something really insane is happening around the country. The Trump Rally Riots are clearly manufactured and have not resulted from the attendees, but rather outside agitators from the Soros backed forces. Protesting is one thing, but blocking highways. It's just another example of free speech for me, not for thee. When was the last time anyone on the right right to stop the insane rumblings of Bernie Sanders. 

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Jordan Goodman joined us today to share his views on the effects of a possible Trump presidency on the financial markets. Jordan believes that a crash will result due to the increase in the deficit, increased social unrest and the inevitable trade war that will happen. I forcefully pointed out the opposite case and that if Trump delivers on even a fraction of what he's promised, we'll wind up with a financial boom. 

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Amir Adnani is the Founder and Chairman of Brazil Resources. During the bear market it acquired 10 million ounces of gold. His last company delivered 2800% returns coming out of the 2008 decline. Amir is the 2nd largest shareholder so his interests are aligned with the public's. And the icing on the cake is a promising uranium project that was incidentally acquired.

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Over the past few weeks the BOJ and ECB both eased. They were hoping for economic jolt caused by their currencies declining. But the opposite occurred. Their currencies went up and the Japanese yield curve inverted. The indicators are all pointing towards recession. Their over indebtedness makes handling a recession a possible near-death scenario. Has monetary stimulus run its course? Perhaps, as now we’re hearing the clarion call for universal fiscal stimulus.

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2016 will go down as the most unpredictable, shocking and perhaps most consequential election of modern times. So far it looks like it's all coming up Trump. He's done the almost impossible by capturing virtually complete media attention and fixation, he's made bold and nasty comments about all of his adversaries and he's shown the parties and everyone else that it's not necessarily about how much you spend, but rather how you can master and ride roughshod over the new and old media. And so far it's paid off big time. Will the country tire of Trump and his antics prior to the election, it certainly doesn't look that way now, but who can tell? 

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Ned Schmidt has been bullish on Gold since last summer. He says that the dollar is broken and that's what will lead to the next phase of the emerging bull market. For the same reason he's bullish on ag commodities as well. He's often said, "You should be buying corn, not Apple." He's also hot on animal based drug companies, a sector that has seen increased M&A activity. It's always interesting with Ned!

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John Crestani attempts to answer one of the most burning issues of the day, the rise of the robotic workforce. Many jobs will be affected and or eliminated as a result of this coming revolution. Now robots are invading the white collar world and will be erasing  well-paid middle and upper middle class jobs. What new opportunities will emerge that will hopefully more than make up for these losses? It's just another trend that we'll have watch unfold to know these answers. 

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The groundswell of support behind Donald Trump shows the mass dissatisfaction of the populace. They're even supporting Bernie Sanders in the misplaced hope that he will get the government off their backs. The school/indoctrination system is working its way through and is almost complete. China and Russia continue accumulating precious metals and the trend is firmly in place. Can Trump really do anything? 

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Whatever it takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Horrible state of the global economy, pre-FOMC (and post ECB last week, and BOJ yesterday)

Myth of the "COTs" - per my article today, "The COTs Don't Matter, Part II"

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Michael Stumo believes in free trade. However, it must be free for all participants. At the present time, Michael says that the US is getting a raw deal from so many of its trading partners. The trade deficits can only continue for so long and then there will be a day of reckoning. Are we there yet? How much longer will it be? TPP is just another example of a bad deal in the making. Michael says that when it comes to trade this election year, only Sanders and Trump have it right. It's time to start pushing for fair and equitable trade for America. 

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