Ask any budding Internet entrepreneur and he/she will tell you, building a better mousetrap isn't enough to become successful in the Internet Age. You need a strategy to get your message out to your target market. And that means using various tools at your disposal, like social media, new media and the press. Megan Megale, a seasoned PR professional has started the Minnow Project to help aspiring entrepreneurs do exactly that on a very limited budget. The Project takes on just a few lucky clients each month, and so far it has been a complete success. Which just shows, when you have the right tool in your pouch, the job becomes so much easier. 

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Not so long ago, a big Chinese currency devaluation seemed both inevitable and imminent. The story went like this: China had borrowed tens of trillions of dollars in response to the Great Recession and squandered much of it on uncompetitive factories and ghost cities. The companies and governments that own these worthless assets were about to go broke en masse.

China would, as a result, have no choice but to cut the yuan’s value by as much as 40% to make domestic debts manageable and export industries competitive. Hedge funds, led by Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass, were gearing up to bet billions on this event.

There’s much, much more in Bass’ letter, all of it pointing to an epic crisis in which the exposure of China’s fake growth numbers, historically-unprecedented levels of malinvestment and evaporating foreign exchange reserves combine to force a devaluation.

But apparently not quite yet as the Yuan just hit its highest level against the US Dollar since December. 

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Famed Vegas Odds Maker and author Wayne Allyn Root has made no secret of his pro-Trump bias. He's been behind the billionaire since The Donald announced his candidacy. Wayne believes that this is probably America's last chance to save itself from the globalist establishment, which has done so much to damage the country and drive us into the current crisis. The violence that has taken place at recent Trump rallies is clearly organized and pre-planned by the Soros-Establishment Republican confluence. If all of the country's enemies, both internal and external, are against Trump, then he must be doing something right!

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Sprott Resource's Jason Stevens has been a big resource sector booster. Now his support is paying off. Since January 1, everything has changed. Major gold miners have gone up substantially and the juniors won't be far behind. Jason is also bullish on agricultural fertilizer companies. Simple matter, we all need to eat. There's still value out there, it's just not as obvious as before. 

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Dave Kranzler believes that the 7 year old bull market is over. We're now left with a huge amount of debt and it keeps on piling up. Dave has started the Short Seller's Journal to identify opportunities. With the extreme valuations Dave believes that there's no to place to go but down. Witness the example of Amazon, which Dave had been writing about for months, it's taken a huge hit. And Dave believes there's lots more coming in the near future. 

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Robert Bakke was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. He is also a jet captain, a black belt, a NASCAR driver and the author of the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, “Prayer at Full Throttle.” So, what’s Bakke’s advice for people looking for generating more revenue? “Stop complaining about the wealthy and start following their example.” Bakke has spent the last several years listening to the Class Warfare message and is quick to point out, “Success is available to everyone in America’s free market economy, so dream bigger and get to work.”

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Historic ECB decision tomorrow
-NIRP going crazy, as even Japanese 30-year yield nearing zero, and $7 trillion of sovereign bonds trading at negative yields, DESPITE the PPT-orchestrated stock and commodity rally!

Fed next week
-boxed in a corner, as global economy at weakest point since Great Depression

Indian silver demand exploded to a record last year, and Chinese imports exploding since last Fall's lifting on ban of silver concentrates.  Meanwhile, U.S. Mint on sale to blow away last year's record silver Eagle sales.  This is why I wrote an article about why the gold/silver ratio is historically overvalued this morning

Nearly unprecedented institutional PM demand, as evidenced by last week's sell-out of the IAU ETF's shares, and the PSLV closed-end fund now trading at a premium to NAV - per yesterday's "Admiral Sprott rides again!"

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Bill is watching the games that the Saudis and Russia are playing with prices. Any affect they might have upon prices is not going to be long term. Oil stocks are overflowing and US oil production continues at or near record rates. Bill believes there will be a major oil price collapse within the next month. The unfortunate part is that where declining oil prices used to be a stimulant for the economy, it's now the opposite. Mass jobless in the oil patch and the elimination of high paying skilled jobs is bad news for producing states and their economies. And the consumer is hardly going on a spending orgy because they're paying less at the pump. 

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During the mortgage meltdown, a small number of outlier hedge fund managers and other dubious financial types made a killing shorting the housing market. Michael Lewis immortalized their tale in his book and subsequent movie The Big Short. However, while the housing bubble was in its final stages, The Real Big Short was actually under way. Around the world, individuals and companies believing the end of the US Dollar was imminent, bet accordingly. They borrowed huge sums denoted in dollars, figuring that they could pay them back in drastically depreciated currency units in the future. Effectively, the entire world went short the Dollar and now the folly of their actions has become clear. No one could have foreseen the Dollar would dramatically appreciate, thus causing a massive short squeeze and costing trillions as a result.

Perhaps one day, Michael Lewis will write a book about it and document another small group of fund managers who saw it all coming and profited accordingly, if he can find them!


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James says that we are truly in uncharted waters. The Media, Republican Establishment and Hollywood have all united against the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump. Will it work? Does Rubio have a chance? How about Ted Cruz? And why has Mitt Romney stuck his nose into it? He was roundly rejected in 2012 and now he thinks he has a shot? James believes that it's a suicide run for the Republican Party if they actually deny Trump the nomination. There's much uncertainty and craziness in both parties this year. It's definitely one for the books. 

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Nick Santiago has been an astute market observer and trader for many years. Now he's guardedly optimistic about precious metals. He'd like to see gold trade sideways for a while, which he believes will set up the next advance. He's thinking that $1400 by the year's end isn't unrealistic. But either way, Nick will be trading a downward trending stock market and he doesn't see much good in the offing for oil either. 

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John writes, "The Bank For International Settlements just released a report stating that the spread of negative interest rates hasn’t caused the world to end. From this morning’s Bloomberg: 

'Negative interest-rate policies currently in use by central banks around the world have worked through their respective systems in much the same way as positive rates, though it’s not known how far below zero that would continue to be the case, the Bank for International Settlements said. 

In its quarterly report published Sunday, the Basel-based “central bank for central banks” said that “so far, zero has not proved to be a technically binding lower limit for central bank policy rates.”

The BIS’s verdict on negative rates gives backing to the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and others at a time when such unconventional methods are facing increasing criticism for their potential impact on the financial industry and currency markets. A sell-off in European bank stocks this year was partly driven by fears that further rate cuts by the ECB would damage profitability in a sector still recovering from the debt crisis.'"

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As if we needed more proof of New York City's impending fail, this just came in--New York County DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. announced that his office would no long prosecute offenders who are caught urinating in public, engaging in public consumption of alcohol and a number of other low level offenses. Since Comrade DeBlasio took over as mayor, The City Council has been pushing to decriminalize these acts. (See NY Observer Article)

Now it appears that Vance has done the dirty work for them. However, take heart, the offenders can still be issued summones and will be arrested if they have outstanding warrants. Mr. Vance spun his moves as an efficiency measure that will enable his office to concentrate on serious crime and it will reduce the DA's and  Courts' overburdened docket. Note, this is policy applies to just one of New York's 5 boros, but how long will it be until the others adopt this work saving measure?

Gold just broke the 1263 resistance point, is the confirmation of a new bull market in the precious metals sector? It could very well prove so, I'll be convinced when it breaks 1300, even though that number has less technical significance. 

A former drug dealer/federal prisoner proves that you can learn valuable skills in prison and be rehabilitated. Joe Roddick learned poker in prison and became a professional high stakes player upon his departure. He's now proven that there's life after prison, becoming a millionaire in the process. 

Please end the Republican campaign and just acknowledge that Trump is the winner. Can't stand another one of these debates!

And much, much more...

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After generations of bubble blowing we've arrived at the point where the majority of the public has repudiated the political establishment. Chris isn't surprised that we've gotten to this point. Even the Wall Street Journal has become the keeper of the status quo. Trump has the elites tied up in knots. They know they can't control him and they've got trillions riding on this election. Trump dominates the media and controls the narrative. If we peel away the layers we see that there's extreme discontent across the country. But Chris is concerned about voter fraud and the ability to steal elections. 

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Eva Rosenberg is the TaxMama. Over 30 years ago she started a temporary gig working with people on their tax woes. Soon thereafter, it became a passion and a career. She started a site to help you avoid ever having to get into trouble with the IRS. During her decades of tax experience she has done a lot of tax trouble-shooting, helping people fix bad audits or reduce enormous tax debts, or to get IRS levies removed from wages and bank accounts. In most of the cases the problems could have been avoided fairly easily, but through inaction, stinginess, fear, or sheer cussedness, people got themselves into such big trouble – the stuff of nightmares. Don’t let it happen to YOU.

So, please, before making any major financial decisions, please sit down with your own tax professional. If you don’t have one, or would rather not do that – then come to us. We’ll do our best to give you our wisdom. We’ll give you legal strategies and tips. We’ll show you where to look or how to research your situation.

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It was a big month for Gold up 10.7% and Bitcoin up 14.3%. Energy down, especially Natgas, which lost a whopping 27.8% closing out the month at $1.66. Dow was basically flat and the TSX.V had a nice 8% move. The USD lost 1.3% percent. The 10Yr hit 1.74, a level not seen in a long time. Volatility is on the upswing and could very well continue into the foreseeable future. 

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In life it's the Dogs that Don't Bark are the ones that bite you on the rear. The financial bust of 2008-09 is a perfect example. It was obvious and yet it was almost universally unseen. It was right under everyone's nose and yet it was virtually universally ignored. The obvious is always the least suspicious. Jason calls it absence blindness. And he has a strategy for avoiding it and saving yourself when everyone else is getting creamed. 

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today, I wrote "which of the Big Three PPT's will fail first - oil, gold, or stocks?"

Just focus on keeping the Dow Averages up. Keep the oil prices up. Whistle past the cemetery. 

Following up our "eye of the hurricane interview from last week," the downward pressures on nearly all asset classes are only accelerating, whilst the upward pressures on Precious Metals are going parabolic.

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Dave Bego is a well known business owner who fought aggressive union organizers and won. He's now at the vanguard of the Freedom to Not Choose Union Membership Movement. They just scored a huge victory when West Virginia became the 26th state to pass Right to Work legislation. And there's more states on the way including Missouri and Kentucky. But there's a dark lining to this silver cloud, a major union case pending in the SCOTUS will probably not be decided due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. 

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Noted real estate expert from Florida, Jason K. Roberts joined us today. He's rightly concerned about the diminishing future opportunities for the middle class and their progeny. New business formations were exceeded by businesses shuttering their doors, for the first time in recent memory. Jason proposes a number of common sense alternatives for those who are willing to act before it's too late. 

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You're no doubt aware that under Obamacare, there's only a three month window for you to change your health insurance company. This leads to a mad scramble to find the best possible policy at the most favorable price. However, because Liberty HealthShare is a healthcare cost sharing ministry, it is exempt from the enrollment window as well as the penalties for failure to cary health insurance. For myself, I'm saving over $1000 per month on the policy I used to own. This explains why Liberty HealthShare is growing by leaps and bounds and why they just passed 20,000 membership households.

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