Jason Hartman joined us today to talk about the trends he sees in place for the coming year. More slow growth, lower home ownership rates and higher renterships to name just a few. That means higher worker mobility, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lower inflation seems to be in the cards, but that can quickly change too. But don't worry, we'll have a new president in just two years and we'll see how 44 can really mess things up. 

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George Matheis, Jr. has been in law enforcement his entire adult life. He's trained SWAT teams, the military and police departments and has been in similar situations to Darren Wilson. He believes that not enough effort goes into training officers in physical fighting so they have to resort to their weapons as a last resort, as in Ferguson. George also has some common sense advice for avoiding and fleeing violent mobs that you'll want to hear. 

Direct download: George_Matheis_26.Nov.14.mp3
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Monty says that  NYC is a fragile ecosystem built upon a weak foundation of debt, corruption, and easy money that will be wiped out during the coming financial storm of the century. NYC and the empire it represents are like a 225 year old majestic oak tree in Central Park that appears healthy and strong to the naked eye, but in reality it is diseased and rotting within. It will only take a predictable storm to bring it crashing down to earth.

Financial engineering, pandering to government unions, issuance of debt, luxury retail, and conspicuous consumption, wrapped in a surveillance police state is not a sustainable economic model. Only the hubristic, arrogant, wealthy aristocrats believe they can sustain such a freak show. They are delusional and blinded by pride and belief in their own infallibility. They, along with the millions of unsuspecting New Yorkers, should really be uneasy. Their paradise of materialism will not survive the hurricane of consequences headed their way.

Direct download: Monty_Pelerin_25.Nov.14.mp3
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Craig Lack is one of America's foremost authorities on Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is now at a crossroads. With the subsidy issue now before the Supreme Court and the recent disclosures of the act's architect Jon Gruber, the act has never been more vulnerable. Craig thinks there will just be a rearranging of the deck chairs. We'll soon find out what's going to happen next. 

Direct download: Craig_Lack_25.Nov.14.mp3
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Tara Richter is an expert in helping you to get your story on paper and getting it published. Some people find it extremely difficult getting it all down on paper. But Tara has figured out how to streamline and make it easy. Depending upon your budget she can help you write it, publish it and then promote it. It can help you become an industry expert and or celebrity in your own right. 

Direct download: Tara_Richter_25.Nov.14.mp3
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On November 4, 2014 Bo Polny made his first appearance on the show, boldy predicting the beginning of a new up cycle in precious metals. His logic is pretty compelling. Looking at gold against the Japanese Yen, it almost becomes inescapable. Will there be one last mega-raid? That remains to be seen. But right now, the bullish case for gold and silver looks pretty strong. 

Direct download: Bo_Polny_24.Nov.14.mp3
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t’s been quite a month.

In late October Japan, despite a year of fairly aggressive quantitative easing, dropped back into recession and concluded that even easier money was the cure for its ills. It announced a debt monetization plan of almost science-fictional proportions in which the amount of new yen to be created, as a percentage of GDP, will be equivalent to $3 trillion a year in the US. See Reactions to BoJ’s Kuroda’s Stunning, Doubled-Down QE ‘Experiment’

Then the European Central Bank, after years of operating in Germanic tight-money mode, finally accepted that a shrinking money supply was pushing the weaker eurozone countries into depression. On November 21 it threw caution to the wind and began buying up (by the sound of it) pretty much every stray piece of paper that’s blowing in the Continental wind. See
Mario Draghi Says E.C.B. Will ‘Do What We Must’ to Stoke Inflation

Most recently China, whose massive purchases of raw materials became the engine of the post-2008 recovery, discovered that much of the debt incurred to build those entire new cities is about as likely to be paid back as a typical subprime mortgage circa 2007. So it announced a surprise interest rate cut and a promise to do much more if necessary. See China’s surprise rate cut shows how freaked out the government is by the slowdown and Fear Of “Surge In Debt Defaults, Business Failures And Job Losses” Means Many More Chinese Rate Cuts

These are not the actions of economies in sustainable recovery but of countries falling into an abyss. Such open-ended offerings to the market gods are explicitly designed to get the juices of stock traders flowing. But so far that’s all they’ve done. Here’s a chart from Zero Hedge showing how each year’s initial GDP optimism has faded even while equity prices have continued to rise.

Direct download: John_Rubino_24.Nov.14.mp3
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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

Swiss referendum

                - Switzerland only nation with capability of saving itself, with powerful forces backing both sides - and likely, a dead heat going in

                                -ARTICLE (today's) ' "Decision of a Lifetime", and last week's "Call to the Swiss"

                                -ARTICLE - "Splintering" - not just in Switzerland, but the entire world

                                                - Scotland, Catalonia, Venice

                                                - Switzerland

                                                - ECB itself, as Germany against QE as Draghi pushes it forward

                                                - ECB vs. SNB, per ARTICLE "ECB (and many others) vs. SNB          

                                                                -last week's ECB comment that it is considering buying gold and Dutch repatriation announcement - which seemingly attack the SNB at its great moment of propaganda need (as clearly, the ECB wants the F                                                                Euro/Franc peg broken, per the "final currency war."  Not to mention, Draghi's uber-dovish comments Friday, in which "whatever it takes" was supplanted by his new catch phrase, "whatever means                                                                         necessary."


                                -anti-gold propaganda off the charts

                                                -ARTICLE "He doth protest too much - the Best of Thomas Jordan"


PHYSICAL PM markets on fire, care of this month's blatant pre-Swiss vote attacks - and, as it turns out, Ukraine desperation gold sale as its currency collapses

                                -most negative GOFO rates since 1999, lowest level since then is this morning

                                -record 1H Indian silver imports, 1H Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Sales, U.S. Mint Silver Eagles sales YTD, even with sales suspended for 12 days in November, elevated premiums still

                                -massive mining industry capex cuts (see BHP Billiton today), and year-end will be cataclysmic for mining industry in general at current levels

                                -Chinese gold imports likely will meet or exceed 2013's record level as well


Massive global money printing

                                -just weeks after Japan announced "Abenomics 2.0," China surprise market with rate cut, and expectations of more to come as Chinese economy collapses

                                -fears that this week's Euro inflation numbers will be too weak (more money printing), and if OPEC engages the world in a price war (Thursday meeting), could accelerate money printing further

                                -U.S. data across the board weak, other than the "lie to end of all lies" - i.e., last week's 10 sigma beat of Philly Fed.  John Williams thinks 3Q downward revisions could be large, and 4Q potentially negative

                                                -only a matter of time before Fed QE to Infinity widely understood, especially as "strong dollar" killing U.S. multi-national earnings and stocks and bonds at record high valuations

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_24.Nov.14.mp3
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Ayn Rand's Steve Simpson joins us for a discussion of Net Neutrality, the government's wolf in sheep's clothing effort to protect the Internet from the big bad corporations and their effort to dominate it. Steve believes that the only protection the Internet will ever have is the free market. Statist solutions will only breed more Statism and that means less freedom and more fascism. 

Direct download: Steve_Simpson_21.Nov.14.mp3
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Avi Gilburt went from playing professional hockey, to a career in a law and accounting, to becoming a master Elliott Wave interpreter. He tells us his story, sad in parts, inspiring in others. In the past three years, the cycle theorists have called these markets right far more often than anyone else. There's a reason why and Avi explains it to us. He also tells us why he believes there's big money to be made in the gold miners and the oil drillers, if you have the guts and the staying power. A new guest, you'll be hearing from Avi a lot more in the future. 

Direct download: Avi_Gilburt_21.Nov.14.mp3
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Meet Joe Yazbeck:

* Internationally Known Master Speaker

* Influential Leadership Development Specialist

* Strategic Life Coach

* Expert on Media and Communications

* Serves the US military on the Board of Directors of the Successful Veterans


Nonprofit Organization.

* Authority on the Performing Arts

* Has Appeared on National Television

* Founded Music Production, Marketing and Artist Development Company, Heartbeat Productions

* Founder and President of Prestige Leadership Advisors


* Author of Best Selling Book 'No Fear Speaking' and Several Publications

Direct download: Joe_Yazbeck_21.Nov.14.mp3
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In The Great Betrayal, his third volume of The Black Book series, Horowitz provides a narrative of the controversies and confrontations over the Iraq War from its origins up to the death of Osama bin Laden. The "great betrayal" refers to the sabotage of this war by the Democratic Party and the political left. This volume focuses on events beginning with 9/11 and culminating in the Iraq War and discusses in depth:

  • How the effort to remove the Saddam regime was first supported and then cynically abandoned by the Democratic Party in a effort to paralyze the Bush administration;
  • How the Democrat leaders conducted a five year campaign against removing Saddam while American troops were still on the battlefield; and
  • How Democrat politicians acted in collaboration with "progressives" playing the left's historic role as frontier guards for the enemies of the U.S.
Direct download: David_Horowitz_20.Nov.14.mp3
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Jack Welch has some unkind words for the Chancellor of New York City's failing school system. Where else do the superintendents of failing schools get promoted? No wonder Johnny can't read, write or do rithmetic. Jack Welch wouldn't accept this kind of performance but for some reason the minorities of America's cities can't get enough. Interesting things happening in the PM markets. Keep your eyes open. 

Direct download: TLR_371.mp3
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Gordon T. Long has been sounding the alarm on Financial Repression for quite some time. Unfortunately most people have been unaware that their wealth is being stripped away before their very eyes. But Gordon and his associates have devised a number of strategies that can be exercised to avoid this fate. Before you can solve a problem, you've got to admit that it exits. 

Direct download: Gordon_T_Long_19.Nov.14.mp3
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Chris Duane joined us today after a long absence. He's been pumping out more special silver coins that truly make a statement. We also talked about the current occupant of the White House. Obama is truly an enigma. Who is he, where did he come from and who is his father, really? Those are just a few of the questions Chris has. Also, what's the real motive behind amnesty for illegals and Chris tells us about the Cloward-Piven strategy for anarchy. Interesting information that's hard to come by. 

Direct download: Chris_Duane_19.Nov.14.mp3
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Goldmoney's Alasdair MacLeod joined us today. Japan and Europe are an absolute mess. The US isn't much better. Right now the question is whether the Swiss are going to pass their referenda, key among them which would require gold backing of the Franc and break the Euro peg. Of course the elites want no part of it, which is what makes it so interesting. Polling data shows it being defeated, but who conducts those polls again? Alasdair believes that the upshot of the recent G20 meeting is that monetary policy has run its course and that any further stimulus will have to be done fiscally. What effect it will have is another story. 

Direct download: Alasdair_MacLeod_19.Nov.14.mp3
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Gary Christenson of the DeviantInvestor.com believes we may finally have seen the bottom in precious metals markets. But after what we've seen in the last few months, no one is willing to bet the ranch on it. But initial signs are encouraging. We may also be nearing the top in the stock market. It's always easier to call a bottom than a top, so stay tuned. 

Direct download: Gary_Christenson_18.Nov.14.mp3
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Danielle Park joined us today for a discussion of the latest developments in the financial markets. The plunge in the oil markets continues to dominate. If it continues, this could have a devastating impact upon the Canadian and US economies as well as others. For the past 6 years it has been the one bright spot and now things are looking bleak. The ability of central banks to keep things in check is increasingly being called into question. And of course corruption continues unchecked. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_18.Nov.14.mp3
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Jim Mosquera, author of E$caping Oz: Protecting your wealth during the financial crisis, joined us today. As he said, you've read the headlines. The Fed is "printing money". All This should be bad for the dollar. Yet the dollar has shown remarkable resiliency and still remains the world's preferred currency. Should investors relax or be concerned? Jim has his view on what's coming next. He believes that we're going to see lots of deflation in those markets where the Fed's easy money policy has inflated prices, ie the Stock Market. The question is when? 

Direct download: Jim_Mosquera_18.Nov.14.mp3
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John Rubino joined us for our Monday chat. Now that the real economy has once again asserted itself and we see no and low growth breakout across the planet, what's going to happen next? A giant dose of QE has done nothing to help Japan as it heads back to recession. China's credit situation continues to deteriorate. But the price of art and collectibles at Christies and Southeby's continues to hit records. What's going on here and what's next? John has some definite opinions on the subject.

Direct download: John_Rubino_17.Nov.14.mp3
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1.  Swiss referendum                    

                - Articles - "Call to the Swiss" - published Friday; "the most prescient statement ever made" - publishing today, of Ferdinand Lips' 2005 prediction the SNB would be forced to buy back its gold at higher prices; and "He Doth Protest         too much - the best of Thomas Jordan" (publishing tomorrow), of the incredible MSM and SNB propaganda battle against the initiative, which is clearly more likely to pass than not.


2.  From the article, the "Three Death Trends," the impact of falling oil prices, collapsing currencies, and expanding currency wars


3.  Pitiful U.S. economy, as characterized by negative reports in construction spending, durable goods orders, factory orders, and today's industrial production

                -Article - "Chasm of Destruction," regarding the largest ever gap between rigged financial markets and horrific economic data

                -2000 level valuations, sentiment and leverage, in both the U.S. and Europe, amidst worst economy of our lifetimes


4.  MASSIVE Japan GDP miss, printing this morning at -1.6%, versus expectation of +2.2%


5.  Largest Chinese bad debt increase in a decade


6.  Euro 3Q GDP print of just 0.2% on Friday


7. G-20 boondoggle, attacks on Putin - who made Russia's largest gold purchases ever last month


8.  Record PM backwardization, surging silver open interest ahead of next Monday's Dec COMEX options expiration, rising premiums, record demand


9.  Mining companies feeling incredible pain at current prices


                -First Majestic holding back production, Silvercorp hinting at cutting production, IAG cutting staff, earnings beyond miserable as year-end reserve calculations, capex budgets, and production plans loom

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_17.Nov.14.mp3
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Nick Santiago thinks we're about to see a turn around. Based upon this Friday and last, something's about to happen. The miners might be about to make a turn around too. The world is going crazy and the financial system is on the skids, where else can you put your money? Precious metals is going to be the place to be. Be patient. 

Direct download: NIck_Santiago_14.Nov.14.mp3
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Do you really live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Check out Martin Armstrong's story and then decide. The movie is coming out in Europe shortly. Here's the trailer. People are fed up with the Government's corruption and encroachment on individual rights. Government is collapsing now as a result of promising too much and now the bill has to be paid and there's no money left to pay it. 

Switzerland's referendum is coming up and Martin believes that the danger of not passing it is more dangerous because it will result in the sale of the remainder of the Swiss gold reserves. 

Big Bang coming in the Sovereign Debt Crisis in 2015.75 so watch out! The Euro is doomed. Once one of the weaker countries splits off, it's over. The UK is being pushed away and this will trigger the crisis along with Japan's crisis. 

Our current pension system is based on the Roman pension system which was 20 years and out. It happened then and it's happening now. The Romans had to cut back and we're cutting back now. Rome was just Detroit on steroids. 




Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_11-14-14.mp3
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Alan Ellman of the BlueCollarInvestor.com explained several ways to preserve your portfolio in the event of a major stock market correction. While there's no fool proof way of fully insuring your portfolio, by becoming short term oriented, you'll be much less vulnerable to devastating crashes and you may even be able to profit from them. Alan shows you how to use options to limit your exposure and increase your returns. 

Direct download: Alan_Ellman_13.Nov.14.mp3
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Bix Weir stopped by the FSN studios today loaded with good cheer. As we prepare for the November 30th Swiss Referenda, what will the powers that be come up with next to frustrate the will of the people? Can they possibly allow the stupid Swiss the right to determine the value of their own money? Probably not. Next, we talked about the deterioration of the system and the ever more important Second Amendment. Without it, we would truly be lost, especially in the coming hard times. It's all coming to a head now. 

Direct download: Bix_Weir_13.Nov.14.mp3
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