Kerry Lutz interviewed Matt Putra, a fractional CFO, who provided an overview of how fractional CFOs work and the benefits of hiring them. Matt explained that fractional CFOs help companies save costs and improve their financial performance by providing a full finance team and a broader market view. He also discussed his process for financial forecasting and risk management for turnarounds and growth companies, which involves building a detailed financial forecast and working with the leadership team to create a risk register and prioritize areas to work on. Matt's company specializes in turnarounds, fundraising, and growth for e-commerce, SAS, and clean tech industries, and he advised companies to look for a fractional CFO with lived experience and successes in their industry.

Matt's linkedin

His company's website is

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In this riveting interview, Kerry Lutz sits down with Mark Shaw, a prominent JFK assassination investigator, to delve into his groundbreaking research that challenges the official narrative of the JFK assassination and sheds light on the enigmatic death of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen.

1. Dorothy Kilgallen's Career and Involvement:
Mark Shaw provides a comprehensive overview of Dorothy Kilgallen's illustrious career as a journalist and her significant role in investigating JFK's assassination. Kilgallen's relentless pursuit of the truth led her into a complex web of conspiracy and intrigue.

2. New Revelations and Corruption within the Warren Commission:
Shaw exposes startling new revelations and government corruption surrounding the Warren Commission's investigation into JFK's assassination. He uncovers how key commission members were handpicked by President Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to support the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Dissenting opinions were systematically ignored and destroyed.

3. Dorothy Kilgallen's Connection to Carlos Marcello:
Shaw delves into Kilgallen's investigation into JFK's assassination and her connection to Carlos Marcello, a powerful mafia figure with a motive to eliminate JFK due to his brother Bobby Kennedy's relentless pursuit of organized crime. The interview unveils new information from Morris Wolfe, who knew Kilgallen, providing further evidence that her knowledge may have cost her life.

4. Government Cover-Up and Destruction of Evidence:
Shaw discusses the alarming concerns of Senator Richard Russell and Senator John Sherman Cooper, both disturbed by the cover-up and destruction of crucial evidence during the Warren Commission's investigation. The interview underscores the extent of government corruption that plagued the probe.

5. Reopening the Case of Dorothy Kilgallen:
In a thought-provoking conclusion, Lutz and Shaw ponder the possibility of reopening the case of Dorothy Kilgallen, believing that her untimely demise was a result of her relentless pursuit of the truth surrounding JFK's assassination. This discussion leaves viewers with haunting questions about the hidden depths of this enduring mystery.

Mark Shaw's research challenges the official narrative of JFK's assassination and brings to light a dark world of government corruption and intrigue. This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in uncovering the truth behind one of the most significant events in American history and the mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen.

Visit Mark's site to find out more: Mark Shaw Books

Visit Kerry here: FSN

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Paul Oster from advises listeners to use prepaid gift cards to manage holiday spending and avoid credit card debt. He emphasizes the importance of having a plan and budget in place, paying off new balances within 90 days, and being disciplined to avoid financial stress. Oster also warns against cyber security threats and identity theft when shopping online, recommending the use of gift cards instead of debit cards and caution when clicking on links and ads.

Kerry Lutz questions how many people will follow this advice, but Paul stresses the need for a change in behavior due to the current economic situation. They also discuss the serious consequences of credit card debt and provide practical advice on managing debt and improving credit scores, including contacting Better Qualified for a free consultation and analysis.

Direct download: Paul_Oster_27.Nov.23.mp3
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  1. Misguided Focus on Carbon Dioxide: Goreham challenges the prevailing view of carbon dioxide as a pollutant, questioning its classification and impact on climate change.

  2. Net Zero by 2050 - A Flawed Goal: The conversation explores why aiming for net zero emissions by 2050 might not be the most effective approach for addressing environmental concerns.

  3. Electric Vehicle Market Challenges: An in-depth look at the obstacles facing the electric vehicle industry, including technological, infrastructural, and economic barriers.

  4. Renewable Energy Transition Complexities: Goreham and Lutz discuss the difficulties in transitioning to renewable energy sources, highlighting the limitations and realities of current technologies.

  5. Subsidies for Green Initiatives: Examination of the role of subsidies in promoting electric vehicles and renewable energy, and whether these incentives are truly beneficial.

  6. Critique of Current Environmental Policies: A critical analysis of measures like banning plastic straws and demonizing carbon dioxide, questioning their effectiveness and impact.

  7. Microgrids as a Potential Solution: The episode delves into how microgrids could offer a solution for stabilizing unstable grids and storing alternative energy, presenting a different angle on energy management.

  8. 'Green Breakdown' Book Information: Details on how to obtain Steve Goreham's book, "Green Breakdown," including purchasing options and additional resources for readers.

Closing Thoughts:
Lutz and Goreham wrap up the discussion by emphasizing the need for a more nuanced and practical approach to environmental policy, urging listeners to consider the broader implications of current strategies and to explore alternative solutions.

Find Steve here: Steve Goreham

Find Kerry here: FSN

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Kerry Lutz and Anthony Saccaro discussed the state of the economy, with a focus on the potential for a recession and the impact it could have on investors. They debated whether a recession is inevitable or if there could be a soft landing, and discussed the mental game of a recession and how it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. They also discussed retirement planning and the importance of being careful in the current market, with Saccaro warning investors who are about to retire in the next three to five years to be very careful and advising people to start shoring up now to make sure that they can retire regardless of what happens in the market. Saccaro emphasized the need to invest for income in retirement, focusing on high-quality income-producing investments, such as value stocks with high dividend yields, to ensure a successful retirement.

Visit Anthony at:

Order his book here:

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Did inflation just reverse course?

 The difference between disinflation and deflation.  

Are stocks right to like the Fed pause?  

How hard do things have to get for the Fed to start easing?

Leading economic indicators down for the 19th straight month.  

Bitcoin is rocking. Will we finally get an EFT, and what will be the impact?  

Argentina just elected a libertarian.  

China and Saudi Arabia central banks sign local currency swap agreement

Visit John at:

Read John’s latest ZeroHedge article here:

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Kerry Lutz interviews Andrew Ragusa, a real estate expert, about the current state of the real estate market. Ragusa explains that the market is still strong despite the weak economy, and that rental properties are producing more income than usual. They discuss the seasonal variations in the real estate market in different regions of the country, and the increase in cash transactions in real estate. They also touch on the topic of cheapy mortgages and how people are reluctant to let go of their houses even if they want to downsize.

Andrew shares his experience of speaking with customers who are worried about the significant increase in monthly mortgage payments, which could be double what they are currently paying. They both agree that people are moving to lower-cost states like Florida due to the high cost of living in New York. Andrew predicts that if interest rates increase, the market may tank, causing prices to lower and foreclosures to increase.

Visit John and read his work at

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Seasoned Land Flipper Travis King, expert investor, unlocks the secrets of land flipping. In this eye-opening interview with Kerry Lutz, Travis dives deep into how you can start flipping land with just $5,000 and scale up to a seven-figure business. Plus, discover how to generate recurring income with land notes and find alternative funding for your land investments, as banks often won't lend for land deals. 🚀

📘 Get a sneak peek of Travis' strategies from his new book, "The Land Investors Playbook: Powerful Game Plan to Scale to 7 Figures and Beyond!", set to release in mid-November. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started, this interview is packed with actionable advice to help you thrive in the world of land investing.

👉 Stay until the end for a comprehensive discussion on building a business model around land flipping and various strategies for scaling your investment portfolio. 🌟

📚 Travis King, now a renowned figure in land investing, shares his journey from being caught in the corporate grind to creating a thriving land empire and coaching others to achieve the same level of success. Having been featured on multiple acclaimed podcasts and media outlets, Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to the table.

Find Travis here: Travis King

Find his Book here: The Land Investors Playbook

Find Kerry here: FSN

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In this insightful interview, financial expert David Wright of Wright Financial Group and author of "Bonfires of the Sanities," delves into the latest U.S. initial jobless claims, which have slightly exceeded forecasts at 217K, compared to the predicted 215K and the previous 220K. Wright highlights the significance of these figures in the context of the current high-interest-rate economy, warning of their potential impact on overall economic conditions as unemployment is on the rise.

Further, Wright discusses the Federal Reserve's projection of the unemployment rate reaching 4.5% by the end of the year, underscoring the deviation from their target rate of 5% aimed at maintaining a 2% inflation rate. He reminds viewers of the Fed's primary objectives: ensuring steady employment and price stability, rather than supporting the stock market.

Concluding the interview, Wright provides his perspective on the stock market's future, predicting a range-bound situation marked by volatility, with significant fluctuations expected over the next 24 months. This insightful discussion offers valuable insights for those looking to understand and navigate the complexities of the current economic landscape.

Visit David here:  Wright Financial Group

Buy his book here:

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Join us on a riveting journey with Tay Sweat, the mastermind behind the meteoric rise of 'Sweat For Life'—a venture that scaled the heights of the fitness world to an 8-figure valuation, all without the crutch of major funding. This is a tale of pure entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity. 🌟

📈 Investing Guru: With over a decade of navigating the ebbs and flows of the stock market, Tay brings a wealth of knowledge that stretches far beyond mere profits and losses. His 12+ years of experience have not only shaped him into a shrewd investor but also a visionary entrepreneur.

🌐 Community Champion: Beyond his financial feats, Tay has touched lives, coaching over 12,000 people, nurturing skills, and fostering self-reliance. His commitment to community building has spurred waves of sustainable prosperity.

Why tune into our podcast with Tay? Your appetite for innovation, investment acumen, and community development will find its match in Tay's story. He's not just an interviewee; he's a beacon for those hungry for growth. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's an investment in your aspirations.

📣 And it gets better - featuring Tay means unlocking the potential to amplify your reach, as he's ready to share this episode with his 1.1 million+ Instagram followers. This isn't just another episode; it's your gateway to unprecedented engagement and inspiration.

Sneak a peek at Tay's vibrant journey and what he's all about before the podcast goes live: []

 Facebook: []

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Kerry Lutz and Bob Wheeler discuss the impact of childhood experiences on our beliefs about money and the importance of identifying and overcoming negative money mindsets. Bob shares his strategies for helping people explore their emotions around money, including experiential workshops and therapy work. He emphasizes the importance of making decisions based on one's own needs and goals, rather than fear of judgment or disappointment from others.

Bob also discusses the importance of forgiveness and starting small when trying to improve one's relationship with money. Finally, he talks about the role of comedy in business and how it can be used as an icebreaker and connector with clients.

Find Bob at: The Money Nerve

Find Kerry at: FSN

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🔔Andrew Arons and I discuss the impact ofthe Federal Reserve Bank of New York's latest findings on household debt for Q3 2023. Let's take a deep dive into what this means for us. If you're following the economy, managing debt, or just curious about the nation's financial health, this interview is crucial viewing. 📈

📝 Report Highlights:

  • Total Household Debt: Skyrocketed to a staggering $17.29 trillion
  • Mortgage Debt: Climbed by $126 billion, reaching $12.14 trillion
  • Credit Card Debt: Jumped $48 billion, a 4.7% quarterly increase
  • Student Loan Debt: Grew by $30 billion, now at $1.6 trillion
  • Auto Loan Debt: Continues its upward trend, now at $1.6 trillion

💳 Delinquency Warnings: A worrying rise in delinquency rates for most debt types, with significant upticks in credit card repayment issues, especially among 30 to 39-year-olds.

🏠 Mortgages and Housing Debt: New mortgage originations dipped to $386 billion, yet the number of foreclosures remains low post-CARES Act.

🎓 Student Loans: Despite an increase, delinquencies are low due to current reporting policies, but this is an area to watch in the coming quarters.

🚗 Auto Loans: A sector that has seen persistent growth, with delinquencies on the rise - a sign to approach new auto loans cautiously.

💡 Key Takeaways:

  • Debt continues to rise across the board with varying delinquency rates.
  • Real estate and consumer spending are driving forces behind the debt surge.
  • Credit health is wavering, particularly among specific age groups and debt types.

📊 Detailed Breakdown: We've got all the numbers laid out in an easy-to-understand format, showcasing quarterly and annual changes across different types of debt.

🔍 What’s Next? We're tackling the implications of these numbers and what they could mean for the economy, your personal finances, and the lending landscape.

Visit Andrew at Synergy amg

Visit Kerry at FSN

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Description: Join us for a critical analysis of the current economic landscape as Kerry Lutz sits down with financial expert Gordon T. Long. In this compelling interview, they delve into the intricacies of the subprime auto market, the increasing rates of repos, credit card defaults, and foreclosures, painting a stark picture of the challenges facing today's investors.

Gordon T. Long imparts his wisdom on the perils of debt in these volatile markets and forecasts a trend of sustained higher rates for the coming decade, spurred by the US's massive debt and currency debasement. The dialogue takes us back to the inflationary cycles of the past, with a focus on the 1970s crisis and its resolution through strategic liquidity management, offering a historical lens to understand current fiscal phenomena.

The interview doesn't shy away from controversial topics, discussing the Federal Reserve's internal power struggles and its proximity to Wall Street decision-making. It also touches upon the implications of modern monetary theory mechanics and the notable decrease in reverse repos, signaling a tightening financial environment.

Lutz and Long emphasize the cyclical nature of capitalism, arguing the necessity of recessions as a purification mechanism, where only the most robust businesses thrive. They conclude with strategic investment advice, urging viewers to expand their focus beyond the stock market and consider the bond and credit markets for long-term trends and opportunities.

Visit Gordon at: Matasii

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In this sponsor update, Fury Gold Mines' (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) CEO Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson, shed light on the significant mineralization uncovered at Percival Main. With intercepts 279 g/t Au over 1.5 m, 5.0m of 2.68 g/t gold and 7.5m of 2.31 g/t gold  revealed in three critical drill holes, the team is poised to update the resource estimate and announce a maiden resource for Percival within the year.

Despite a current undervaluation in the stock market, Fury stands robust with $45 million in equity, positioning it as a top-tier financed junior in the mining sector.

Clark explored the potential for industry consolidation and the critical nature of capturing significant capital flows at a pivotal moment in the market's macro cycle. As he observed, institutions/majors are still very active in the sector as witnessed by Hecla Silver’s additional investment in Dolly Varden Silver’s operations. (Fury has a 22% interest DV). In addition, the continuing geopolitical issues has Clark convinced that Fury’s inherent value will be recognized by the market. We agree and continue to hold our position in the company.

Company Website:

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In this insightful discussion, economic experts John Rubino and Kerry Lutz tackle the pressing issues at the intersection of global economic trends and domestic policies. They delve into the implications of the recent slowdown indicators and the possibility of the Federal Reserve pivoting towards an easing policy in light of interest rate dynamics. Amid growing concerns about household, student, and auto loan debts, they highlight the importance of strategic immigration policies to enhance the workforce with essential skills.

Rubino and Lutz navigate through the complexities of the nursing shortage and the broader need for homegrown talent in critical sectors like engineering and medicine. They argue for a selective immigration approach aimed at bolstering society's intellectual and professional infrastructure.

The conversation also touches on the peak of interest rates and its profound consequences on the economy's fragile state, burdened by massive debt. They reflect on the current predicaments in commercial real estate, mortgage applications plummeting to record lows since 1994, and rising credit card delinquencies, all framed against the backdrop of global conflicts and corporate bankruptcies like WeWork's.

In a pivot to the commodities space, Rubino and Lutz analyze the political risks impacting the gold mining industry and discuss the sector's investment potential as gold miners' valuations become increasingly attractive.

Finally, they propose an innovative solution to address labor market gaps: establishing a Handyman Academy. This concept not only aims to meet the demand for skilled labor but also considers integrating English language teaching, leveraging government subsidies, and developing a novel business model predicated on training-for-equity.

Visit John at:Rubino.Substack

Visit Kerry at: FSN

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In the latest episode of our insightful podcast series, hosts James Locke and Kerry Lutz come together to unpack a range of pressing economic concerns. The dialogue offers a profound exploration of the looming recession threats, the current banking landscape, energy policy consequences, and the spiraling repercussions of student loan debt. Listeners will find strategic advice on navigating these choppy financial waters, particularly around the investment and housing sectors, and learn why an income-focused strategy could be key to weathering potential economic storms.

Show Notes:

  • 00:01:30 - The episode kicks off with James Locke providing an overview of the current economic indicators and what they suggest about the likelihood of a recession.

  • 00:05:15 - Kerry Lutz weighs in on the health of the banking sector, and together they dissect the vulnerability of regional banks and the broader implications for investors.

  • 00:12:45 - Locke presents a cautionary perspective on investing in regional banks, citing the fragility of the banking system as a pivotal reason.

  • 00:18:30 - The conversation shifts to the energy sector, with a robust discussion on the prediction of oil prices potentially reaching $100 a barrel and the role of government policy in domestic energy production.

  • 00:24:50 - The duo deliberates the importance of self-reliance in energy and how it impacts national economics and geopolitics.

  • 00:31:10 - Locke and Lutz tackle the massive issue of student loan debt, deliberating on its macroeconomic effects and the urgent need for affordable education solutions.

  • 00:39:40 - The dialogue turns to the real estate market, with a focus on how low rate mortgages have created a paradox, locking homeowners in place and thus shrinking the housing market.

  • 00:45:50 - They explore strategies for individuals to stay income-focused in their investments, emphasizing the importance of preparing for unexpected "black swan" events.

  • 00:52:25 - As the episode concludes, the hosts provide actionable insights and tips for listeners on safeguarding their financial futures in a volatile economy.

  • 00:58:00 - Locke ends the discussion with a final thought on the power of being well-informed and proactive in personal finance management.

Closing Thoughts:

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of the current economic environment and how it could affect personal investments and the broader market. James Locke and Kerry Lutz offer an engaging and thought-provoking analysis, coupled with practical advice for staying resilient amid economic uncertainty.

Find James at

Find Kerry at FSN


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In this episode of the Financial Survival Network, we're excited to host Jay Martin, the acclaimed host of the Jay Martin Show and seasoned investment conference producer. With a following of over 300,000 and 331 million views across media platforms, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into commodity investing and the current macroeconomic landscape.

 Introduction to Jay Martin:

    • A brief overview of Jay's impactful career and his extensive experience in the financial sector.
    • Exploring Jay's notable accomplishments, including the success of the Jay Martin Show and the VRIC conference where he hosts eminent figures.

      The Role of Commodities in Today's Economy:

      • Jay breaks down the historical significance and current necessity of commodity investments as a hedge against inflation and economic volatility.
      • An analysis of how inflationary pressures and supply chain disruptions are making commodities a timely topic.
  • [00:10:20] - Behind the Scenes of Jay’s Commodity Crash Course:

    • Jay gives us a sneak peek into his upcoming commodity crash course, aimed at equipping individuals with critical market insights.
    • How Jay's first-hand experiences and learning from top financial experts have shaped the course content.
  •  Personal Anecdotes of Success and Failure:

    • Jay shares personal stories from his journey in financial markets, offering listeners a candid look at the triumphs and tribulations that have informed his approach to investing.
    • Valuable lessons learned from a career of hiring and firing, as detailed in one of Jay's recent newsletters.
  • Achieving Financial Sovereignty:

    • A deep dive into actionable strategies for listeners to achieve financial independence and resilience.
    • Jay’s perspective on the importance of managing one's mind and decisions to optimize financial outcomes.
  • Q&A with Jay Martin:

    • Fielding listener questions on investment tactics, navigating the macroeconomic climate, and Jay’s forecasts for the markets.
  • Final Thoughts and Takeaways:

    • Jay's concluding advice on commodity investment and navigating the current economic landscape.
    • Directions on accessing Jay's resources for further learning and empowerment in commodity trading.

Visit Jay at


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In this eye-opening episode, we sit down with financial experts Ed Siddell and Kerry Lutz, joined by strategic financial planner Ed Siddell. Together, they delve into the pressing economic issues facing the nation today, such as the burgeoning national debt, consumer indebtedness, and the specter of inflation. The trio discusses the urgent need for decisive leadership in Washington, the strategic importance of domestic energy development, and the profound economic impacts of global conflicts. Despite the challenges ahead, our guests share a message of hope, emphasizing the potential for positive change if actions are taken promptly.

Find Ed at: egsifinancial

Find Kerry at: FSN


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Kerry Lutz and Robert Siciliano discussed the importance of password security and two-factor authentication in protecting personal and financial information from hackers. They highlighted the common mistakes people make, such as using the same password across multiple accounts and not using two-factor authentication for critical accounts. They also provided examples of the risks of not taking these measures, such as the possibility of hackers impersonating clients and stealing sensitive information, and emphasized the need for professionals to take extra precautions to protect their clients' information.

The speakers also discussed the growing threat of SIM swapping and how it can lead to the theft of cryptocurrency. They shared real-life examples of people who have lost thousands of dollars due to this type of fraud and emphasized the need for increased awareness and security measures. They discussed the importance of securing phone and email accounts to prevent SIM swapping and other types of fraud, and highlighted the need for stronger regulations and accountability for phone companies and other service providers.

Robert Siciliano also provided insights into the security measures taken by telcos to prevent SIM swapping fraud and discussed the vulnerabilities of two-factor authentication. He recommended using an authenticator app or Google Voice as a more secure second factor and cautioned account holders to be aware of the risks associated with using mobile phone numbers. He also showed Kerry Lutz a cybersecurity awareness check tool on his website that can help users check if their email has been breached.

Find Robert at: Protect Now LLC

Find Kerry at: FSN


Direct download: Robert_Siciliano_31.Oct.23.mp3
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  1. State of the Economy
    • Insights on the U.S. and global economic climate.
    • Predictions about the upcoming financial recession and its potential impacts.
  2. Money Mistakes & Investment Strategies
    • Common financial errors people make during uncertain times.
    • Navigating economic downturns by embracing fear.
    • Elliot’s top recession-proof investment ideas.
  3. Psychology in Finance
    • Understanding irrational investment decisions.
    • Combatting biases to build a resilient portfolio that can endure market ups and downs.
  4. The Future of Wealth Management
    • Changes based on generational shifts and evolving needs.
    • The role and impact of AI in the wealth management sector.
  5. Building Trust in Finance
    • Addressing trust issues with financial planners.
    • Elliot's approach to ensuring clients feel secure and confident.

Visit Elliot at: Prosperity Financial Group

Visit Kerry at: FSN

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