In this sponsor update, Fury Gold Mines' (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) CEO Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson, shed light on the significant mineralization uncovered at Percival Main. With intercepts 279 g/t Au over 1.5 m, 5.0m of 2.68 g/t gold and 7.5m of 2.31 g/t gold  revealed in three critical drill holes, the team is poised to update the resource estimate and announce a maiden resource for Percival within the year.

Despite a current undervaluation in the stock market, Fury stands robust with $45 million in equity, positioning it as a top-tier financed junior in the mining sector.

Clark explored the potential for industry consolidation and the critical nature of capturing significant capital flows at a pivotal moment in the market's macro cycle. As he observed, institutions/majors are still very active in the sector as witnessed by Hecla Silver’s additional investment in Dolly Varden Silver’s operations. (Fury has a 22% interest DV). In addition, the continuing geopolitical issues has Clark convinced that Fury’s inherent value will be recognized by the market. We agree and continue to hold our position in the company.

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In this insightful discussion, economic experts John Rubino and Kerry Lutz tackle the pressing issues at the intersection of global economic trends and domestic policies. They delve into the implications of the recent slowdown indicators and the possibility of the Federal Reserve pivoting towards an easing policy in light of interest rate dynamics. Amid growing concerns about household, student, and auto loan debts, they highlight the importance of strategic immigration policies to enhance the workforce with essential skills.

Rubino and Lutz navigate through the complexities of the nursing shortage and the broader need for homegrown talent in critical sectors like engineering and medicine. They argue for a selective immigration approach aimed at bolstering society's intellectual and professional infrastructure.

The conversation also touches on the peak of interest rates and its profound consequences on the economy's fragile state, burdened by massive debt. They reflect on the current predicaments in commercial real estate, mortgage applications plummeting to record lows since 1994, and rising credit card delinquencies, all framed against the backdrop of global conflicts and corporate bankruptcies like WeWork's.

In a pivot to the commodities space, Rubino and Lutz analyze the political risks impacting the gold mining industry and discuss the sector's investment potential as gold miners' valuations become increasingly attractive.

Finally, they propose an innovative solution to address labor market gaps: establishing a Handyman Academy. This concept not only aims to meet the demand for skilled labor but also considers integrating English language teaching, leveraging government subsidies, and developing a novel business model predicated on training-for-equity.

Visit John at:Rubino.Substack

Visit Kerry at: FSN

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