In this instructive and informative conversation, Kerry Lutz sits down with Michael Arries to delve into the current state and future outlook of precious metals, focusing particularly on gold and silver. Arries offers an optimistic perspective, highlighting the strong price charts of gold and its potential for a significant rise.

He also points out the current undervaluation of silver and its prospects for a substantial upward correction, notwithstanding the geopolitical risks associated with silver mining in Mexico. The dialogue further explores the performance of platinum and palladium, with an emphasis on the critical role of physical ownership in safeguarding wealth. 

Find Michael @

Both experts advocate for the inclusion of physical gold and silver in investment portfolios, underscoring their enduring value and capacity to preserve purchasing power. Additionally, they discuss potential market trends and the importance of diversifying investments with tangible precious metals, offering valuable insights for anyone interested in wealth protection and investment strategy.

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Join Kerry Lutz and Dr. Brana Vojcic, renowned experts in the field of financial markets, as they dive deep into the complexities of advanced technical analysis techniques with the goal of demystifying how to make informed decisions in the market. In this enlightening conversation, they explore a range of topics including the application of time cycles, precise price projections, the nuanced analysis provided by Elliot Wave Theory, and the critical role of technical indicators in forecasting market movements.

 The discussion doesn't stop there; Lutz and Dr. Vojcic tackle the inherent challenges in predicting market cycles, highlighting the various cycles Dr. Vojcik monitors closely in his analytical work. They delve into the importance of understanding economic and planetary cycles, offering viewers unprecedented access to Dr. Vojcic's (affectionately known as BraVo) expert insights on the cycles affecting precious metals and commodities. Moreover, the conversation explores the intriguing concept of disharmony among different cycles and its potential repercussions on global events and economies. Key issues such as the unsustainable nature of the current debt cycle and the implications for declining superpowers are examined, providing a sobering look at the future. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intricate ways in which various cycles interconnect and impact the global financial landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned investor, a student of economics, or simply curious about how cyclical patterns influence the world around us, Kerry Lutz and Dr. Vojcic offer fascinating insights and valuable knowledge that can help you navigate the complexities of the market. Don't miss out on this compelling discussion that sheds light on the potential future implications of these interconnected cycles. Subscribe for more insights, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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In this episode I share my recent medical scare I experienced while in Thailand, highlighting the importance of health awareness and prompt medical attention, especially when abroad. I discuss my alarming symptoms related to a pre-existing eye condition and the steps taken to address the situation while away from my home country. It all started after I sensed that blood was seeping into my eye while in Bangkok, leading to an urgent medical consultation. I recount my experience at a very prestigious Thai hospital, the amazing  high level of care, advanced medical equipment, and the expertise of a retinologist who treated me. Despite dealing with ongoing symptoms like blurriness and floaters the prognosis is highly positive. The medical care was as good or better to any I might have received in the United States. I wanted to praise the efficiency of the Thai medical system.

This video serves as a crucial reminder for travelers to be vigilant about their health and the options available for medical emergencies abroad. Before embarking on any foreign adventures, take time to research the medical system and evaluate any ongoing health issues you might have that may need to be dealt with overseas. Put together a list of hospitals and doctors you may want to treat you. If you have any friends or associates in that country, discuss potential medical issues in advance. That way you can avoid the panic and uncertainty that I felt, until I connected with my Thai network and they led me in the right direction. 

Direct download: TLR_494_Pt_1_19.Feb.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviewed Mike Merrigan and Bo Kort, who shared their experiences and insights on their 30-year friendship and business partnership in real estate. They emphasized the importance of aligning with like-minded partners, avoiding get-rich-quick schemes, and focusing on long-term, cash-flowing investments. The speakers also discussed the significance of building a strong back office staff, finding valuable connections, and understanding the motivations of property owners. Additionally, the meeting participants shared their perspectives on the value of education, mentorship, networking, and taking action in business development, highlighting the individualized nature of success and the need to overcome fear and uncertainty.

Find Mike & Bo here - Mike and Bo

Find Kerry here - FSN



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Scott Cox and Kerry Lutz discussed the impact of AI on copywriting and note-taking, as well as the client criteria for Scott's marketing agency, which prefers clients in the service industry and those open to change and growth. They also talked about the varying packages offered by Scott's agency, including a comprehensive audit for businesses looking to improve and scale. The conversation then shifted to the pursuit of happiness, with an emphasis on creating an environment conducive to happiness.

Scott shared three marketing strategies for business owners, and they also engaged in a lighthearted conversation about their experiences attempting DIY plumbing. Finally, they discussed various ways for people to connect with Scott online, including visiting his website and following him on social media platforms.

Visit Scott @

Direct download: Scott_Cox_13.Feb.24.mp3
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  • Bitcoin Breakthrough: Kerry and John discuss Bitcoin breaking the $50,000 mark and the role of ETFs in this dynamic.
  • Rising Interest Rates: An in-depth look at how increasing mortgage rates are affecting housing affordability and the market at large.
  • Stock Market Strategies: The complexities of shorting stocks, including high option premiums and finding optimal entry points.
  • CRE Meltdown: Insights into the ongoing commercial real estate crisis and its broader economic implications.
  • Policy and Power: A speculative conversation on potential extreme measures by the current administration to maintain control.
  • Legal and Immigration Policies: Discussing the Supreme Court's decisions and the Texas governor's actions regarding border security.
  • Inflation's Impact: How rising costs are affecting everyday expenses and the importance of educating the public on these issues.
  • Global Economic Concerns: The potential global crisis stemming from European banks' exposure to US commercial real estate.

Join us for a deep dive into these topics and more, as Kerry and John share their expertise and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing us today. Whether you're interested in finance, policy, or the broader socio-economic landscape, this discussion offers valuable insights into the complexities of our current global situation.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Read John's work @

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In this fascinating episode, Kerry Lutz engages with Ben Lightburn, CEO of Filament Health, to unravel the complex world of psychedelics and their therapeutic potential. Ben provides an in-depth look at the mechanisms of psychedelics, focusing on the predominant theory of serotonin receptor agonists and their transformative impact on mental health.

The discussion takes a critical turn as they explore the ethical dimensions of placebo-controlled studies in psychedelic research, acknowledging the potential for challenging experiences during therapy sessions. Kerry probes into the financial health and future of Filament Health, prompting Ben to shed light on the company's drug development journey and lucrative licensing agreements.

A significant part of the conversation is devoted to microdosing psychedelics, examining both its benefits and the research hurdles it faces. Furthermore, Ben and Kerry delve into the therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis and psychedelics, providing insights into their historical context and the changing attitudes within the medical and regulatory landscapes.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the evolving role of psychedelics in modern medicine and therapy. Tune in for a comprehensive understanding of these substances and the innovative work Filament Health is doing in this field.

Visit Filament's site @

Visit Kerry @ FSN

Direct download: Ben_Lightburn_Feb_11.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviewed Whitney Elkins-Hutten about her journey in real estate. Whitney shared her experience of purchasing her first property after a breakup, the challenges she faced in renovating and selling it, and the financial gains she unexpectedly achieved. She emphasized the shift in her mindset towards creating value and generating income independently of her day job, leading her to transition into buy and hold real estate for long-term financial growth. Whitney also discussed her book "Money for Tomorrow," outlining her personal journey in real estate and the evolution of her investment strategies.

She stressed the significance of understanding the overarching strategy and rules of the wealth game, beyond just focusing on tactics. Kerry and Whitney engaged in a lively conversation about their real estate journeys, sharing humorous anecdotes and emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to challenges. Whitney also provided details about her upcoming book and how to connect with her for further insights into building generational wealth.

Visit Whitney's site @Whitney Elkins-HuttenPassiveInvesting.com

Purchase her book @

Direct download: Whitney_Elkins-Hutten_05.Feb.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviews Nate Jensen, a certified management accountant, about the importance of financial dashboards in helping businesses manage their finances more effectively. Nate explains how financial dashboards provide real-time updates on key business metrics, allowing business owners to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to maximize profitability. He shares examples of how he has helped various businesses, including marketing companies, a dietary supplement company, and a restaurant, improve their profitability by using financial dashboards to analyze and optimize their business operations.

The conversation also explores the critical role of metrics and dashboards in guiding business decisions, with Nate emphasizing the need to transform complex data into visual representations to facilitate understanding and action. The meeting concludes with Nate providing practical advice for business owners to start with tracking the top three key numbers to gain valuable insights into their business performance.

Find Nate on LinkedIn @


Direct download: Nate_Jenson_06.Feb.24.mp3
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In this enlightening interview, Kerry Lutz sits down with Chase Harmer to discuss an innovative approach to charitable giving. Chase Harmer introduces his groundbreaking platform designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in donations. This episode dives into how the platform transforms donations into virtual credit cards, granting donors a clear view of where their money is utilized and offering immediate access to funds for those in need.

The discussion delves into the platform's unique shopping portal feature, which allows recipients to spend funds at major retailers. This system provides donors with full reconciliation, enabling them to see the direct impact of their contributions. Kerry and Chase highlight the vital role of transparency in building trust and confidence among donors, especially considering the benefits for smaller charities in raising funds more effectively.

Kerry Lutz expresses a keen interest in this innovative approach to charitable giving and encourages listeners to delve deeper into the concept. Check out the show notes for more details on this revolutionary platform that promises to change the face of charitable donations. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video for more insightful conversations on financial and philanthropic innovations.

Check out Chase @

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In a thought-provoking episode, Kerry Lutz and Lobo Tiggre delve into the transformative effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on employment and investment strategies. They place the AI revolution within the broader historical context of technological advancements, discussing its societal and political ramifications, especially concerning AI-induced job displacement. This conversation is a wake-up call for investors to reconsider their portfolio strategies in light of these significant technological shifts.

Kerry and Lobo also address the sensationalism often associated with AI in media headlines, urging listeners to approach such news with a critical mind. They emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence and choosing trustworthy information sources in an era where AI is frequently misrepresented or exaggerated in public discourse.

Shifting gears, the dialogue explores the potential escalation of current conflicts into a global confrontation. Drawing on the historical concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), they highlight the role of deterrence in maintaining peace and the lessons that can be learned from past geopolitical strategies.

The conversation takes a deeper turn into the impact of government policies on public agency. Kerry and Lobo discuss the disconnect between decision-makers and the average person's experience, stressing the importance of understanding the real-world implications of these policies. They underscore the need for a grounded understanding of reality to shape long-term outcomes, both in personal and global contexts.

This episode is a must-watch for those interested in the intersection of technology, politics, and investment in the modern world. It's an enlightening discussion that challenges listeners to think critically about the world around them.

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Visit Kerry @ FSN

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Kerry Lutz and Carl Gould discussed various topics, including the impact of the pandemic on commercial real estate and the need for adaptation in the industry. They also explored the potential impact of the hybrid workplace on productivity and mental health, discussing strategies to maintain productivity while working remotely. The discussion then shifted to the implementation of remote towers for air traffic control and the potential for increased safety and efficiency in air traffic control operations.

They also discussed the evolving role of robots and automation in society, envisioning a future where robots contribute to meaningful endeavors. Finally, they addressed the challenges associated with the current infrastructure's ability to support the increasing number of electric vehicles and the need for technological advancements in battery technology.

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In this thought-provoking episode, John Rubino and Kerry Lutz engage in a comprehensive discussion on a myriad of contemporary topics that are shaping our world. They delve into the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society, particularly focusing on how it could transform traditional jobs in fields like writing and politics. The creation of lifelike AI-generated content also forms a crucial part of their discourse, highlighting both opportunities and challenges.

The conversation then shifts to the evolving state of journalism. Rubino and Lutz explore the implications of AI on this field, referencing recent layoffs at the Los Angeles Times as a case study. They further discuss the rise of independent journalism, spotlighting platforms like Substack and Rumble. These platforms are acknowledged for their role in providing alternative viewpoints and challenging mainstream media narratives.

A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to current political and economic issues. The speakers cover the upcoming election, the deployment of the Texas National Guard to secure the border, and various aspects of immigration policy. The state of the US economy and predictions about the future of the global economy are thoroughly analyzed, providing viewers with a deep understanding of the complexities involved.

Furthermore, Rubino and Lutz delve into the evolution of modern warfare, discussing how technological advancements are changing the face of conflict. The conversation rounds out with a discussion on the ideal investment strategy in these turbulent times, reflecting the speakers' diverse viewpoints.

Throughout the episode, Rubino and Lutz emphasize the importance of diverse voices in public discourse. They highlight the complexity and uncertainty surrounding these issues, underscoring the urgency of addressing them to prevent further escalation.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that our rapidly changing world presents, from the impact of AI to the intricacies of global economics and politics.

Don't forget to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more insightful discussions like this one.

Find John's Work Here

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Kerry Lutz and Ed Siddell discussed the current economic conditions and the potential impact of the Fed's decision to lower interest rates. They expressed skepticism about its effectiveness in stimulating the economy while managing inflation and highlighted the challenges the Fed may face in navigating the current economic landscape. The speakers also explored the economic outlook for the upcoming election year, emphasizing the historical trends of positive performance and the potential impact of geopolitical events on the market. They expressed cautious optimism while acknowledging the looming inflationary pressures and the potential consequences of excessive national debt and unfunded liabilities.

The conversation also delved into the uncertain future of social security benefits, with the speakers expressing concerns about potential cuts and the sustainability of the system. They explored the implications of an aging population and workforce dynamics on the funding of retirement benefits, leading to a debate on the best timing for individuals to start receiving benefits. The dialogue reflected a shared sense of uncertainty and the importance of thoughtful planning in the face of potential changes to social security. Finally, they discussed the evolving landscape of retirement planning in light of increasing life expectancy, emphasizing the necessity of robust financial planning to support individuals through an extended retirement phase, considering the challenges posed by inflation, escalating taxes, and potential job displacement due to automation.

Visit Ed @ EGSI Financial

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Kerry Lutz and David Erfle discussed the dynamics of the gold and silver market, highlighting the challenges faced by mining shares and the potential impact of the Federal Reserve's policies on the economy and precious metals. They expressed optimism about the long-term prospects of the gold sector while acknowledging the current negative sentiment and bearish outlook. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of strategic investment in the mining sector and the significance of financing for early-stage exploration companies.

The conversation also touched on the potential for significant gains during market downturns, drawing parallels between the current market bubble and the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s. The speakers discussed their experiences with investing in gold and silver, emphasizing the enduring value of physical ownership of precious metals. They also delved into the world of investing in junior mining companies, highlighting the importance of thorough research and personal connections with management teams. The conversation concluded with a discussion about the challenges faced by U.S. investors in private placements, reflecting a sense of disillusionment with the current state of affairs for U.S. investors.

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Join Kerry Lutz and renowned economist Martin Armstrong for a captivating discussion centered around the Socrates computer model's uncanny accuracy in predicting political and market trends since 1985. Discover the model's compelling projection of a 61% chance for a Republican victory in the upcoming 2024 election and its implications for the political landscape.

Delve into the erosion of confidence in government, potential election irregularities, and the profound impact of deviations from historical election norms. Gain insights into the influence of various political agendas, including discussions about veiled threats and the involvement of influential figures like Klaus Schwab and George Soros in funding Democratic elections.

Transitioning to market forecasts, Martin Armstrong reaffirms his earlier prediction regarding the crucial turning point in January. Explore the far-reaching effects of global capital trends on stock markets, with a focus on how geopolitical events shape investment decisions and influence various stock market indexes.

The conversation also tackles pressing economic issues, such as the potential consequences of increased taxes and selective debt default, the dollar's reserve currency status, and the challenges faced by farmers and migration trends within the United States. Despite technical challenges, Kerry Lutz and Martin Armstrong exhibit adaptability and resilience, making this discussion a must-watch for those seeking insights into the ever-evolving world of politics and finance.

Visit Martin and Socrates at

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Kerry Lutz and David Wright discussed various economic topics, including the recent surge in consumer sentiment and its potential impact on the economy, rising credit card debt, and the uncertainty surrounding future interest rate changes by the Federal Reserve. They also talked about the intricacies of economic stimulus and the mounting debt, providing insights into the contributing factors that have shaped the current economic landscape. The conversation also touched on the potential for Federal Reserve rate cuts, with Lutz suggesting that the cuts may be delayed longer than expected, while Wright highlighted the potential consequences of rate cuts, including the risk of reigniting inflation.

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Join us for an enlightening conversation with Charles Nenner, a renowned expert in market cycles, as he delves deep into the dynamic world of finance. In this thought-provoking meeting, Nenner shares invaluable insights into the stock market, corporate profits, and the cyclical nature of various markets, such as gold, silver, oil, natural gas, soybeans, live cattle, lumber, and Bitcoin.

Nenner highlights the critical importance of monitoring cycles and explores how geopolitical events can influence market triggers. Gain a deeper understanding of how market cycles impact inflation, consumer prices, and interest rates, and why it's crucial to consider long-term economic cycles when making policy decisions.

Hosted by Kerry Lutz, this engaging conversation also addresses skepticism about the Federal Reserve's approach and emphasizes the significance of incorporating long-term economic cycles into policy decisions. Nenner's predictions about a looming housing market crash later in the year and his advice on protective strategies are particularly eye-opening.

We also delve into the potential repercussions of the pandemic on travel and the airline industry, as well as its broader economic implications. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into market cycles and their profound impact on various markets. Plus, discover how understanding and integrating long-term economic cycles can shape better policy decisions.

Stay informed and empowered with the Financial Survival Network, and be sure to sign up for a free trial on Charles Nenner's website to access even more expert insights. This meeting is your ticket to a deeper understanding of the financial world's cyclical nature – watch now!

For a free trial of Charles's work go to

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In a thought-provoking conversation, Kerry Lutz and Lord Conrad Black delve into pressing issues of our time. They explore the current state of the United States, its political climate, global affairs, and the Ukraine war. Lord Conrad Black shares his optimistic outlook for the nation's future while stressing the importance of a balanced perspective on its history and civil rights achievements. The discussion also touches upon concerns of the working class, comparisons between administrations, and the diminishing influence of China on the world stage. They express skepticism about China's capabilities and delve into Europe's state. The conversation extends to education, addressing issues with teachers' unions and the rise of alternative methods like homeschooling. Don't miss this insightful exchange of ideas.

Amazon link to Lord Black's Latest Book

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Jason White shared his insights on the world of government contracting, particularly at the federal level. He emphasized the ease of finding federal government contract opportunities through, with over 96,000 opportunities available daily.

They also discussed the role of a government contractor in sourcing and fulfilling contracts, highlighting the potential for success in this field. He recounted his interaction with the federal government in 2017, when they requested 82 million gloves, and the subsequent negotiation process that led to a contract in 2019.

The conversation delved into the specifics of the security services provided to government agencies, including guarding valuable assets and transporting money. White also explained the rules and preferences for subcontracting contracts, noting that most federal government contracts allow subcontracting.

Additionally, he shared his approach to pricing and selecting subcontractors, emphasizing the need for price comparison. The meeting concluded with a detailed conversation about the potential for making money in federal government contracting, identifying real estate, janitorial, landscaping, and IT services as areas of opportunity.

Find out more about this opportunity @


Direct download: Jason_White_19.Jan.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent producer price numbers and expressed concerns about the state of the economy, consumer demand, and credit. They explored potential scenarios of a soft landing, inflation, recession, and the potential impact on the stock and bond markets. Eddy Gifford also raised concerns about the dollar's primacy and the potential domino effect of uncertainty on global economies.

The conversation highlighted the complexity and uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook and the potential challenges ahead. Additionally, Eddy Gifford provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in the current investment landscape, emphasizing the need for nimbleness and discipline to navigate uncertainties. The discussion underscored the importance of being informed and prepared to make strategic financial decisions in the face of market volatility and potential risks.

Visit Eddy @

Visit Kerry @ FSN 

Direct download: Eddy_Gifford_19.Jan.24.mp3
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🌟 In a thought-provoking discussion, Kerry Lutz and Arlan Hamilton delve into the crucial topics of diversity and inclusion within the investment landscape. 🌟

Arlan Hamilton, a trailblazer in the world of venture capital, opens up about her personal journey, the challenges faced by underrepresented entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and the pressing need for diversity in investment decision-making.

🚀 Key takeaways from their engaging conversation:

1️⃣ Arlan's Journey: Arlan Hamilton shares her inspiring story of being underestimated in Silicon Valley and how she overcame the odds to become a leading figure in the investment world.

2️⃣ Access to Capital: Discover the hurdles underrepresented entrepreneurs face when seeking funding and why equal opportunities are paramount.

3️⃣ Aviation Sector: Explore the risks associated with diversity in the aviation industry and how both speakers are dedicated to ensuring the best talent can thrive.

4️⃣ Investment Criteria: Arlan delves into her investment criteria, focusing on innovative ideas from underrepresented entrepreneurs that can make a significant impact.

5️⃣ Stories of Resilience: Learn about specific entrepreneurs Arlan has supported and their remarkable journeys, showcasing resilience and groundbreaking ideas.

6️⃣ Embracing Failure: Arlan candidly discusses her experiences with alcoholism, sobriety, and the role of failure in personal growth and success.

💪 Embrace Failure for Growth: The conversation emphasizes the value of viewing failures as opportunities for growth and personal development.

Direct download: Arlan_Hamilton_18.Jan.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Paul Oster discussed the impact of holiday spending on consumer debt, particularly credit card debt, and its detrimental effect on credit scores. They emphasized the need for consumers to address their credit card debt in 2024, highlighting the potential economic downturn and the severe consequences of missed payments on credit ratings. The speakers also discussed strategies for effectively managing credit card debt, including exploring lower-interest borrowing options, devising a clear and mathematical plan for debt repayment, and cutting unnecessary expenses.

The discussion also focused on the pervasive influence of credit scores on financial transactions, highlighting the detrimental effects of lower credit scores on insurance premiums, utility deposits, and other expenses. The speakers emphasized the importance of taking proactive measures to improve credit scores and break the cycle of financial disadvantage. They recommended using free apps and software like and NerdWallet to manage debt and track expenses, and highlighted the essential role of individual commitment and discipline in the process. Additionally, Oster discussed the potential benefits of credit management programs and the power of reducing credit card interest rates to zero for the right individuals.

Direct download: Paul_Oster_15.Jan.24.mp3
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We sat down with Fury Goldmines’ CEO (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Brian Atkinson for a sponsor update. Newly released drill results showed a significant intercept at the Hinge Target. (31.77g/t gold over 3.50 meters.

CEO Tim Clark emphasized how much these results validate FURY's strategic approach and he outlines plans to increase the resource at the Eau Claire; a crucial point for potential buyers and analysts. He stated, “… when I first was here and sitting down with investors, we were talking about making this a turnaround story. Now, …all that's behind us and we're one of the marquee names in the junior exploration space in gold.”


He has high praise for SVP Bryan Atkinson’s success in drilling 19,000 meters – instead of the planned 15,000 meters and still coming in $1 million under budget. Atkinson noted that results are pending for 5 more drill holes in the Hinge and another 5 in Percival.

The makings of a banner 2024 are clearly in place and the eventual release of an updated resource estimate should give us a clear indication of Fury’s potential value. Fury has the financial capability to make it happen with C$7 million in the treasury, along with C$50 million in Dolly Vaden Silver shares, which in light of recent results could be headed significantly higher. This is why we continue to patiently hold shares and await the eventual bull market in junior miners.

Company website:

Direct download: 097_Fury_Gold_FSN.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Nick Santiago discussed various topics related to the financial market. They analyzed the recent movements of the market, including the resurgence of technology stocks and the impact of the Powell pivot. They also discussed the Federal Reserve's monetary policy shifts and their impact on the market, as well as potential indicators of an upcoming recession. The conversation also touched upon the energy market, precious metals market, and investment strategies.

The discussion on the energy market focused on the performance of crude oil and natural gas, with Santiago sharing his trading experiences and challenges. They also discussed the potential impact of the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs on the cryptocurrency market. The conversation on the precious metals market highlighted the volatility in gold and the underperformance of silver, as well as the market outlook for 2024.

Santiago provided insights on sector analysis and investment strategies, advising against tech stocks in the first half of the year and recommending considering companies that were beaten down last year. They also discussed the housing market, emphasizing the shortage of housing caused by large firms buying houses and reducing supply. The conversation ended with a discussion on the potential for China to invade Taiwan and the potential consequences of such an action, as well as the likelihood of more wars in the coming years and the potential impact of political scenarios on the global economy.

Find Nick here: inthemoneystocks

Find Kerry here: FSN

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