A shocking exposé of the Bill Clinton pardons and commutations issued after Hillary Clinton made it known she was running for the US Senate.

Bill Clinton’s abrupt departure from long-standing precedent was an astonishing abuse of the Justice Department processes and underscored the shady wheeling and dealing that was common in the Clinton orbit. Bill, Hillary, and brothers Roger Clinton, Hugh Rodham, and Tony Rodham all profited financially or politically from hustling dozens of pardons to some of history’s most undeserving recipients. These ranged from worldwide pariah Marc Rich, to a cocaine trafficking kingpin, to murderous terrorists who hadn’t even requested executive clemency.

A third of the final-day pardons bypassed Justice Department review and went straight to Bill for approval. Dozens of recipients hadn’t even filed a petition. In the final hours of Bill Clinton’s last day in office, the pardon attorney was frantically preparing paperwork for recipients whose names were misspelled or whose addresses were unknown. It was a free-for-all.

The brothers were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to privately lobby Bill for pardons, some of which never materialized. But the brothers were still paid. Hillary collected political and financial IOUs she later cashed in when she sought political office. For most of his presidency, Bill was one of the stingiest presidents of all time when it came to the awarding official forgiveness to felons, but the pardon floodgates opened when Hillary began her run for the US Senate.

It was the selling of pardons for money and influence that launched the Clintons’ nearly two-decade pay-for-play scheme—a scheme that not only amassed billions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clintons, but also catapulted Hillary into a presidential front-runner. Pardongate reveals details of the Clinton machine that will leave even the most informed citizens appalled.

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"I promised then that we would restore City Hall Park to the beauty that it had in the 19th century, so that it could symbolize the regeneration, the rebirth, the reinvention of the city of New York," Giuliani said, calling it a "a final gift from the 20th century to New Yorkers of the 21st." Now, garbage and filth are spread out everywhere, along with posters of George Floyd and BLM graffiti. The gift has been rejected by the radicals and racists who have taken over New York and hate beauty. The sidewalks have been defaced, everything is covered in graffiti, and the sacred ground over which the grass lies is littered with tents, sleeping bags, and soiled with worse things by Occupy City Hall. The walls of the beautiful Surrogate's Courthouse's building, a Beaux Arts confection inspired by the Paris Opera, have been covered in hateful Black Lives Matter slogans, including "Kill Pigs," and if you stop by at the right time, you can see a dummy in a police uniform and a pig mask being hung.

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Right now Greg Crowe and SilverOne Resources (sponsor) are sitting pretty. Silver has rocketed back from its sub $12 March low, to a close last Friday of $24.47. The company's recently completed over-subscribed financing has left it with a large cash position (C$13-$14mm). It's starting the process of updating its 43-101 resource estimate and is moving past its Covid induced delay. However, it was able to keep working on its Arizona-based Silver Phoenix project, site of an amazing find, a 417 pound sample containing 70% silver. Its Cherokee project is also moving forward, with people getting ready to get back to work. With all this going on, it probably won't be long before SilverOne achieves its goal of becoming a premiere silver-focused exploration and development company. 

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Bitcoin created a new generation of goldbugs

Making the case for bitcoin is also making the case for gold, so cryptos have created a whole new crop of potential goldbugs

How is real estate still booming??? Even house flipping is hot. Totally unprecedented in a recession.


Rental rates plummet in NYC


 Negative interest rates impoverish pensioners

Irish central bank now charging negative rate on pension funds



Pandemic corruption

Covid vaccine companies will be exempt from liability for damage done.

Kodak gets massive loan from the US


UFOs false flag or biggest event in human history?

The government is apparently ready to admit that UFOs are real and that we have pieces of spaceships.

False flag?

Distraction from something else?

Good or bad for gold?

Maxwell documents released

Clinton is in there … what else?



Shootings in NY and Chicago soar

Seattle proposes to cut police funding in half

Minneapolis residents are patrolling their own neighborhoods



Big protests in Germany against masks, lockdown


Is Trump benefitting from the incoherence of big city mayors?

Also, Australia's new lockdown. In the announcement "Wherever you slept last night, that's where you'll sleep for the next six weeks"

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Stock markets were up again: Dow up 2.4%, Nasdaq finished at at record 10745, up 6.8%, but TSX.V took the prize up a very strong 16.3%percent t0 721. VIX at a still above average at 24.46. Dollar was down hefty 4% and Euro gained 4.8%.  10 Year yield barely inched down to record .55. Bitcoin jumped 23.8% higher during the month. Gold was way up 11.3% to 1976. Silver rose a meteoric 34% to 24.39. Even PT was up 9.6%. PD ended up 5.8% for the month. Copper rose 5.8% to 2.89. WTI up 1.4%. Brent 3.6%. Natgas rose 5.3% to 1.80 per mm. Uranium was flat at 32.95

Ratios: Au/Ag 80.9 - Pt/Au .46 - Pt/Pd .45 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 22.4 and AU/WTI 49. 

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In this interview, co-hosted by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network and Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education, Auryn Resources’ executive chairman Ivan Bebek explains the transformative merger with Eastmain Resources.  This merger was announced on July 29th and will result in a new company Fury Gold Mines.  Fury Gold Mines will seek to advance its several gold projects with initial emphasis given to Eastmain’s Eau Claire high-grade gold project.  The stated goal is to have Fury Gold develop into a Canada-focused, growth-oriented producer.  As part of this transaction, Auryn will spin-out its Peruvian assets into two separate companies. One company will hold the Sombrero copper projects while the other will hold the Curibaya silver and gold projects.  Regarding the three companies resulting from this transaction, Ivan shared: “we want to deliver $10-20 share prices per asset [company].”

Ivan also introduced the incoming CEO of Fury Gold Mines, Michael Timmins, a seasoned executive who's built mines in a number of jurisdictions and spent 11 years with Agnico Eagle. It seems to be a match made in heaven and we're forward to more exciting developments from our soon to be former sponsor Auryn Resources. 

Ticker: AUG


Sign up for Auryn’s email list: https://aurynresources.com/subscribe/

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In the January 28, 2020 edition of the Trends Journal, Gerald explains exactly what’s going on. It’s been a boon for CNN and MSNBC. The Media has hyped the pandemic to increase their failing ratings. CNN ratings are up 128% since they unleashed the pandemic. Where’s the DOJ? The list of criminals going unprosecuted is shocking.

Gerald had a July 4th rally in Kingston, NY. He called out Cuomo to try and stop it. The presstitutes bow down to #KillerCuomo. It’s bigger than NY, bigger than the USA, it’s global. Italy shutdown first. It’s all over the world. Australia had 176 deaths and shut down again. We are in an economic collapse unequaled in history. What’s going to happen to all those businesses and malls that rely upon people coming into the cities. Tourism is dead around the globe. We are in an unimaginable collapse around. Current war, trade war, WWII. Greatest Depression, WWIII.

There is hope on the horizon. Occupy Peace and Restore Freedom. A new third party. The platform is: 1. Anti-vax 2. Anti-tax, 3. Anti-mask.

How can people be so stupid to follow Hitler and they’re doing the same thing now? It’s so easy to take people to war. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1, Afghanistan, Iraq 2. People need to start taking responsibility for their government and their country. We have to fight for it. We have freaks destroying us. Time to rise up. Gutless cowards are already beyond redemption. People who believe in the Constitution need to rise up. It only takes 10 percent as in the Revolutionary War. The violence that’s facing us is daunting. It's no wonder why gold and silver prices are rapidly increasing. The whole world is going down. That’s why war is becoming inevitable. 

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Matt Nye is worried. Like so many Americans, he witnessed the pandemic, the insane reaction to it and the resulting global economic collapse. Now we're witnessing the erasure of American history and have seen the far-out loony left disparage all of our great patriots and all of the people who make the country work. Is there a way back, will we wind up in a full-blown civil war? Matt answers these questions and more. He's also running for the Florida Legislature. If you're in Florida in his district, please support him. 

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When it comes to finance Lobo Tiggre the rockstar formally known as Louis James has always been a forward thinker. He developed 

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We sat down with mining legend Ross Beaty. After 15 winning companies, why is he still at it? The simple reason, because it's fun. All the financial success, company building, creating opportunities for others and returning billions in profits to investors is okay, but in the end it all boils down to personal satisfaction and just plain fun. Perhaps Ross's idea of fun is a little more sublime than teens playing video games, obviously the stakes are higher and the rewards greater. But we came away believing that in the end Ross has achieved a certain level of personal satisfaction and enjoyment that has kept him going to the office all these years. 

Ross says that Equinox Gold will be his last venture. He started with another Equinox so it's fitting end to an incredible career. Upon retirement, he will dedicate himself to giving away his vast fortune to various causes, centered on ecological improvement and planet sustainability. We wonder if it will be more fun giving it away than it was making it in the first place. Time will tell. 

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According to Chris Gold will be in the 1967-2000 in the next week or so. Then a pause and pullback. Silver is leading the way. It will hit the $100 mark within a year. Silver will have the biggest financial gain. Next upside target is $44. Currently at a fibonacci number which is resistance. 

Bitcoin sold off with the crash and has now recovered and ready for a breakout. Chart is pointing to $14000, with quite a way to go on the upside. Especially now that the dollar is sliding. 

Stocks Bad news is good news for stocks. Chris thinks market is on its last leg. Everything right now is pointing to a decline. Less and less stocks are leading. The exect same set up as in February. When things are screaming this loud, you have to pay attention. Put call ratio in dangerous territory. Huge sidways move or a major bear market decline. If things get worse more stimulous and higher stocker. We’re at maximum risk. 

Dollar will be under pressure for a while. If there’s market panic, the dollar will rally. The same should happen, which will top off metals and miners. This time around there’s way more stimulous. 

Interest rates are low and locked in and no longer a free market. Not good the USD. Quite a bit of upside in bonds. There’s a limit to how much they can move under the circumstances. 

Crude is looking good as a short play. It’s losing momentum. It’s on the verge of a drop, on economic weakness. $44 and then a reversal to the downside. Let’s see if jobless claims rising. We have to wait for the pattern set up. 

Lot’s more in this extensive interview. 

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Gold hits all time record. Silver hits $24+. Should you buy more or take profilts. Gold miner

Everyone is giving up – Portland is a ghost town because riots are out of control and Seattle’s police are hamstrung (police chief wrote an open letter to businesses telling them that they're on their own). Pandemic rules are increasingly random and frequently ignored. It's like everyone just decided to accept the new normal

Would a stock market crash derail the gold/silver bull market?

Clean tech boom is huge for silver. In electric cars: “The majority of electrical connections in a car use silver-coated contacts—silver switches are used to start the engine, control electric seats, and open/close electric windows. Silver is also used in heated seats, window defoggers, and most luminescent displays.”

Smithsonian report on “whiteness” concludes that clocks and logical thought are tools of white supremacy.

Matt Taibbi’s latest article claims that the left has replaced the right as the home of authoritarian morons.

 Gunshot, Parkinson’s deaths in Palm Beach attributed to covid-19

 China’s Three Gorges Dam on the brink of failure.

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In a nation ruled by the people, the media and educators play a vital role. Voters need unbiased reporting. and the historic knowledge to place news into context.

That reality makes the leftist bias of most news, academic, and entertainment outlets deeply troubling. It’s not just bias that is disturbing. Major stories that do not fit in with progressive views are frequently ignored. 

Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s recent bizarre statement that blacks who vote Republican aren’t really black is a prime example. The media didn’t make much of the comment, despite the fact that both the historic and current record of the Democratic Party is hardly conducive to black interests. It’s hardly mentioned that it is the party that started a Civil War to protect slavery, then pursued segregation in the Reconstruction era. It is the party that idolized Margaret Sanger, who staunchly advocated abortion explicitly to reduce the number of black babies being born. Its “Great Society” economic policies, perhaps inadvertently, created economic conditions that delayed blacks from moving into the middle class. An educational system overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats refuses to teach those facts to students.

The bias makes reasonable debate politically risky; conservative viewpoints are inevitably portrayed as cruel. Consider the new third rail of political discourse: Those who criticize any spending program produced in the name of COVID, no matter how pointless, ineffective, excessive, corrupt, or even wholly ridiculous, will be castigated as heartless.

America urgently required quick, clean legislation that simply provided cash to those in dire need. But Democrats loaded Covid bills with items that benefited them politically. The media ignored the scandal, the same way they continue to ignore the inexcusable refusal of Nancy Pelosi to allow the House to return to work on a timely basis at a time of dire national need.

Consider the debate over how to distribute COVID relief funds. For America to return to economic normalcy, businesses need to be able to reopen and hire back employees. Federal legislation provides $600 weekly benefits to those who are out of work, in addition to state unemployment funds. It’s a generous benefit. Some out of work recipients are now making more than they did when they were working. 

But those benefits are unaffordable for the nation in the long run. Our grandchildren will be paying off that debt. Businesses that have been forced to close need to be able to reopen, rehire, and pay taxes. But attempts to funnel assistance to them is portrayed as tilting towards capitalists at the expense of workers—sheer nonsense. That logic doesn’t fit the progressive preconceptions of the media elites, so discussion of it is not widely covered.

President Trump campaigned in 2016 against China’s growing monopoly on vital industries and its increasing hostility. He was prophetic, but the media ignores that. In January of 2020, he shut down travel to the U.S. from China. Democrats portrayed him as “racist and xenophobic.”

In large, progressive-run cities, a failure to timely acknowledge the COVID threat led to disaster. New York became the worldwide epicenter of the disease, due to the refusal of the hard-left mayor and his clueless health commissioner to acknowledge the threat. On an almost a daily basis, the city’s mayor and his state’s governor absurdly blame the White House for the mistakes made by city hall and the governor’s mansion. The reality that Governor Cuomo’s deadly decision to place COVID patients in nursing home, causing vast numbers of needless deaths, receives little more than a shrug from the national media.

As the 2020 presidential campaign moves forward, Democrats nonsensically seek to place blame on the White House for the spread of COVID. They ignore explicit evidence that China maliciously, negligently, or both is solely responsible. They take that position because to not do so would be to admit that they have been wrong all along, and that candidate and then President Trump made the right call.

You will rarely see that analysis reported.

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USA to Reject Certain Chinese Maritime Claims in South China Sea...

Navy warship challenges China in South China Sea...

U.S. warns citizens of heightened detention risks in China...

NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERT: Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding (USAF Ret.), is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, focusing on U.S.-China relations, economic and national security, and the Asia-Pacific military balance. He is the author of the book, Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept.

The media often suggest that Russia poses the greatest threat to America's national security, but the real danger lies farther east. While those in power have been distracted and disorderly, China has waged a six-front war on America's economy, military, diplomacy, technology, education, and infrastructure--and they're winning. It's almost too late to undo the shocking, though nearly invisible, victories of the Chinese. 

In Stealth War, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding reveals China's motives and secret attacks on the West. Chronicling how our leaders have failed to protect us over recent decades, he provides shocking evidence of some of China's most brilliant ploys, including:

  *  Placing Confucius Institutes in universities across the United States that serve to monitor and control Chinese students on campus and spread communist narratives to unsuspecting American students.

  *  Offering enormous sums to American experts who create investment funds that funnel technology to China.

  *  Signing a thirty-year agreement with the US that allows China to share peaceful nuclear technology, ensuring that they have access to American nuclear know-how.

Spalding's concern isn't merely that America could lose its position on the world stage. More urgently, the Chinese Communist Party has a fundamental loathing of the legal protections America grants its people and seeks to create a world without those rights. 

Despite all the damage done so far, Spalding shows how it's still possible for the U.S. and the rest of the free world to combat--and win--China's stealth war.

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CEO David Suda says Gold Terra is his opportunity of a lifetime. Starting out on the industry's financial side, David was surprised that weren't more high quality companies in the sector. He wanted more and in 2018 he found it, becoming the Company's CEO and director. Located in Canada's NWT, Gold Terra's Yellowknife project has outstanding infrastructure. Employees can enjoy breakfast at Tim Horton's, before setting off on the goal of expanding Gold Terra's 735,000 ounce resource. Drilling is set to resume very shortly (after a brief Covid enforced delay) and David's hopeful that a high grade deposit will soon be found. 

Gold Terra has had a recent string of good luck. It landed Detour Gold's Gerald Panneton as executive chairman; in the process he purchased 5 million shares. Panneton's record is impressive, having expanded Detour's resource from 1.5 million ounces to over 16 million, before selling it at an extremely attractive price. Gerald sees similar potential at Gold Terra. This month, the Company also raised C$7.13 million, so it's ready to drill 10,000 meters, with results expected to start coming in September. 

Best of all the Gold Terra's stock is trading at C$0.325, so clearly these developments have not been factored in. That's why we're pleased that Gold Terra is an FSN sponsor and see great things ahead.  

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Retail sales jumped 7.5% last month giving stores and restaurants a much needed boost. Although the increase came before the latest surge in coronavirus cases which prompted renewed shutdowns in several states. 

"There is no doubt about it - this is a complicated and quickly evolving retail environment and only the most nimble will survive, says Retail Expert and president of Naples-based Business Management Firm 'Third Eye Management' Karl Gibbons. 

Retail sales crashed in the spring as people stopped going out to eat and shop — especially for clothes — during the pandemic. But now things have changed for the better (see stats below). "This is a good sign, and as I see, it also is an opportunity to learn," says Gibbons.

  • Clothing and accessories stores: +105.1%
  • Electronics stores: +37.4%
  • Furniture stores: +32.5%
  • Sports, music and other hobby stores: +26.5%
  • Restaurants and bars: +20%
  • Department stores: +19.8%

So what can we expert this month and next? And what will retail businesses large and small need to do to get the momentum going?

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(1) During COVID, Watch Out for Counterfeit Drugs

(2) US Must Decrease Dependency On Geopolitical Rivals For Critical Medical Supplies

(3) US needs access to COVID medications not made by our enemies 

(4) Need to maintain security in the supply chain for Critical Technologies


Setting prices of critical technologies such as medications and diagnostic products to prices in other countries is flawed:

(1) These are Completely different consumer price indexes

(2) Medical product companies outside of US are frequently supported or owned by a foreign government

(3) Quality and regulatory standards in many countries are not adequate or at US standards, Inferior products are not what American’s deserve

(4) Price Indexing and Government pricing boards have been a disaster in many countries such as Germany hurting access, quality and reliability of supply chain

(5) US has seen such impacts on some product areas such as antibiotics because of Third Party Payer policies.

BIO: Spanning a 40+ year career as a practicing clinical pharmacist, he is an advocate for better health services and resources to enhance the health of boys and men. He has held faculty appointments at both Columbia University and Belmont University and has authored over seventy peer reviewed and general media articles in healthcare and health policy.

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The reverse RobinHood effect is in full bloom. Goldman sees record trading profit and same with the other major banks. Liquidity and cheap money is what it all seems to be about. The big banks added $19 billion in bad debt write-offs. Take on as much debt as possible and hope the music doesn’t stop. There’s so much uncertainty and the system is coming apart at the seams. Where will the merry-go-round end? Duct tape economics is the rule of the day. John says let it die and let us be born again. The economy comes down to behavior of ordinary people interacting in the marketplace. It’s not going back to the way it was. 54% of Americans don’t have resources past 30 days. 

The full force of the Fed helped rescue markets reeling from the outbreak and government stay-at-home orders, which had ground economies to a halt around the world. Policy makers’ emergency measures sent companies racing to tap funding sources, and the biggest quarterly stock gains in more than two decades fueled demand for trading services.

The firm’s fixed-income trading revenue more than doubled to $4.24 billion, the highest in nine years, while the equity unit had its best showing in 11 years. The gains propelled revenue to the second-highest mark ever and net income to a slight surprise increase from a year earlier. Profit was $2.42 billion, or $6.26 a share, compared with analysts’ estimates for $3.95 per share.

Shares of Goldman Sachs, down 3.5% this year, advanced 3.3% to $221.04 at 9:48 a.m. in New York. There’s lots more here. 

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Does Tesla really want to get into the Lithium mining business? On the one hand vertical integration, as in Standard Oil can be appealing. On the other hand, the mining business can be perilous with a whole host of challenges. Chris Berry, an early entrant to following energy metals, Lithium in particular. Chris believes that in the next 10 years, electric vehicles will have at least 15% market share and Lithium consumption will triple. China is currently ahead, but there's a lot more chapters to this story, before the final one is written. 

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Michael J. Daugherty, is the President of LabMD, an Atlanta-based clinical and anatomic medical laboratory as well as CEO of AnyLabTestNow in Virginia. LabMD specializes in analysis and diagnosis of blood, urine, and tissue specimens for cancers, micro-organisms and tumor markers. He has 20 years experience in diagnostic laboratory medicine. He is author of The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government's Surveillance and Overreach Into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business.

U.S. health officials and drugmakers expect to start producing potential coronavirus vaccine doses by the end of the summer, a senior administration official said Monday.

The U.S. is aiming to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine for Covid-19 by early 2021. The manufacturing process is already underway even though they aren’t sure which vaccine, if any, will work, a senior Trump administration official told reporters on a conference call Monday. He said they are already buying equipment, securing the manufacturing sites and, in some cases, acquiring the raw materials.

“Exactly when the vaccine materials will be in production and manufacturing? It’s probably four to six weeks away,” the official said on the call, which was hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services. “But we will be actively manufacturing by the end of the summer.”

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Wayne B. Titus is dedicated to guiding small business owners and keeps their best interests at heart. He’s been on the front lines providing triage and support for businesses affected by COVID-19, including how to create the meticulous documentation needed for PPP and how to prepare for the long-term impact of COVID 19. His new book is The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being. To learn more, visit amdgservices.com.

BIG IDEA: As parts of the economy re-open, we’re also seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Entrepreneurs who were able to weather the first wave of COVID-19 need to ensure they’re prepared.

SO WHAT: A new International SOS Survey shows that a second wave of COVID-19 is seen as the leading threat to business continuity; yet 21% of the survey’s respondents still don’t have a pandemic plan or process in place.



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ECONOMY Cities are shutting back down. Group of 20 statement predicts big contraction in the balance of the year. Is this a double dip depression? Do stock prices depend on a return to normal? What happens if that is delayed or canceled?  

PRECIOUS METALS Money is pouring into the gold/silver mining stocks Silver continues to outperform gold  

BROKERAGE INDUSTRY 20,000 Robinhood traders are in for rude surprise as mall operator CBL goes bankrupt    Bigger issue for brokers: stock trades are now free – How are the big brokers making money and what happens if one of them fails?  

EPSTEIN AND OTHER STUPID SHIT The son and husband of the judge in the New Jersey case shot execution style.   Florida man wrecks his motorcycle and state blames his death on Covic-19   GA governor is ordering cities not to mandate masks… political hypocrisy (Trump claimed to be in charge of state virus policy and the MSM went nuts. Now they’re lamenting the lack of a national policy)  

Twitter bitcoin hack: Funny on several levels.

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Joel B. Pollak is author of Red November-Will the Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism? He's Senior Editor at Large at Breitbart News and host of Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot. 
A conservative journalist goes behind enemy lines to cover the 2020 Democratic primaries from the inside.

The 2020 Democratic primaries were some of the most extreme in the history of the United States. But the show isn't over yet. Socialism is still on the rise, and ideas that used to be considered crazy are now even more mainstream than they were before. 
In Red November, conservative journalist Joel Pollak tells the story of how the Democratic party got so extreme, and give a riveting account of life on the campaign trail. There are stories from the Democratic debates, interviews with candidates, and scuffles between journalists. 
Part travelogue, part satire, part memoir, Red November is a factual, yet humorous, look behind-the-scenes at the candidates, activists, and voters as Democrats choose who will take on the sacred task of removing Donald Trump -- "45," as he is known to his haters -- from the White House and ushering in a utopian age of "Medicare for All" and the "Green New Deal."

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Seven Reasons Why Americans Aren't Fighting Back And Turning A Blind Eye To Their Country’s Destruction
Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., says, “Our forefathers are turning over in their graves, as they watch the America they dreamed of, fought for, and shed blood to create, turn from ‘America The Beautiful’ into ‘America The Desecrated and Demolished!’”
Dr. Carole warns, “There will be a greater rise in suicides due to people seeing their world destroyed than there was from coronavirus because people don’t want to live in this ’new normal’ of seemingly unstoppable violence.” 

Seven Reasons Why Americans Aren't Fighting Back And Turning A Blind Eye To Their Country’s Destruction
1. Fear
Many Americans are understandably: afraid of being injured or killed if they physically or verbally confront violent individuals or mobs who-up to now-have been unstoppable, and afraid of seeming racist or politically incorrect if they speak out, because they aren’t aware BLM has been infiltrated by several radical groups whose aim is to create anarchy.
2, Disempowerment
When police are told to stand down-because of mayors and governors who think that not stopping anarchists will appease them and they’ll go quietly away-it emasculates and disempowers them. So, too, everyday citizens. After all, if anarchists can loot, destroy police cars and statues, and perpetrate violence - and the police run away with their tails between their legs. How can an everyday citizen feel strong enough to take on the mobs?
The traumatic experiences of 2020 have caused many of us to develop PTSD. After 9/11, studies showed that people who watched TV images of the Twin Towers falling - again and again - developed PTSD, even though they were nowhere near NYC, DC or Pennsylvania. Many Americans have been similarly glued to TV news about coronavirus statistics and patients on ventilators. So, they developed PTSD, even if they don’t know anyone who got COVID-19. Indeed, it has triggered PTSD in people who have had it from 9/11, or from serving our country in the military. We are in shock. How did Norman Rockwell’s apple pie America turn into a war zone? 
4. Denial
Some people have buried their heads in the sand, after finding all of this too overwhelming, and have simply run off to the Hamptons or had parties, pretending that they were in no danger at all and that America wasn’t being turned into rubbish. 
5. Poor Education
While we were sleeping, college professors - even at fine universities - have been brainwashing our kids - rewriting history and teaching them to believe that socialism and communism are better than democracy and capitalism. These post-9/11 generations, raised by parents who suffer from PTSD from the terror attack, absorbed their parents’ sense of helplessness and now want government to feed and diaper them. Their education apparently also lacked reading assignments of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, or anything written by Ayn Rand. 
6. Disorientation
Studies show that when people are disoriented, they walk in a daze in circles. The events of 2020 - which could never have been imagined, except in dystopian novels or movies, have disoriented us. The disrespect and destruction of historical symbols: statues, our flag and national anthem, have left us in no-man’s land. This was foreshadowed by Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, in which the protagonist, Winston Smith, rewrites history at the Ministry of Truth. 
7. Self-Destructiveness
The painful incessant drumbeat of coronavirus, lockdowns, the 24/7 message: 
“We’re all gonna die!”, and increasingly divisive and aggressive politics, have made some of us self-destructive. Some have turned to alcohol or drugs, while others are unconsciously surrendering, allowing anarchists to do the deed for us. Some Americans are feeling like their death is imminent, so why fight it?
Three Ways To Restore Sanity and Save America
1. Call in the National Guard to support the police and put an immediate stop to the rioting, looting, statue toppling and home invasions.
2. Create more hotlines providing free or low-cost psychiatric treatment. 
3. Air more TV and radio programs dedicated to helping people with their mental health problems - and fewer programs that have gratuitous violence. This doesn’t mean cancel Paw-Patrol because one of the character is a police dog.

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POLICE/HOMELESSNESS EXPERT: Community advocate and President of New York’s-Central Park South Civic Association, Michael Fischer, discusses the crisis-level homeless epidemic. The highest number since America’s Great Depression.

Murder, burglary and grand larceny auto crimes have spiked in New York City this past month compared to the same period last year, while rape, robbery and grand larceny crimes have declined, according to New York Police Department statistics.

There have been 38 murders over the last 28 days, twice as much as the same period last year, according to NYPD stats as of up to June 14. So far this year, there have been 159 murders, which is 25% higher than last year, the stats show.

This year's murder count is on par with New York's murder total five years ago and is well below the elevated murder totals of the decades before that, NYPD data shows.

Shooting incidents in 2020 are also up, with 394 happening to date, a 24% increase from the 317 shooting incidents at this point last year.

"The uptick in violence, I haven't seen anything this bad in a long time," said a law enforcement official. "This is the worst I've seen it in six or seven years."

New York City crime stats show spike in burglaries and murders so far this year

The Flight to the Suburbs is Real

Amid Black Lives Matter protests, cops explain what drove them to leave the force

White Minneapolis residents won’t call cops on homeless camp in park

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