Bill Holter of Miles Franklin was fortunate to be at the New Orleans Money Show where he got to hear the Maestro former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan speak. Of course the economic crisis that we find ourselves in now wasn't his fault at all. Blame Congress, Fannie and Freddie, but not Alan. He also repored on a debate between GATA's Chris Powell and Doug Casey about precious metals manipulation. Doug believes there isn't any. Gambling's going in Las Vegas, we're shocked!

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Ross Hansen heads up the largest privately owned mint in North America. Last year business was down, but he's unconcerned and undeterred. While most of the populace buys into the meme that prosperity is just around the corner, Ross looks at hard data like the labor participation rate and sees another story, a country in decline. In the end, a debased currency means gold is the place to be. And you take that to the mint!

Direct download: Ross_Hansen_29.Oct.14.mp3
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It's been 9 years since Florida had a hurricane; it's been almost 7 years since the financial collapse. Does that mean that neither will happen again? Have weather patterns miraculously changed? Has the government become more responsible and has the Fed stopped printing money? You know the answers to those questions and that's why you buy homeowners insurance and gold, to protect against the natural calamities and the manmade ones as well. And while you're at it, download Dennis's free book

Direct download: Dennis_Miller_29.Oct.14.mp3
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After Carter Andress's stint in the military he was ready for the private sector. He was used to hazardous conditions and that made him ideally suited for construction projects in Iraq. When Bechtel gave up on a project after losing 51 workers, Carter's company got the job done. His company is still doing work in Iraq and while he had hoped to expand to non-war zones, that prospect is looking less likely now. He's written a book about his experiences Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist


Direct download: Carter_Andress_29.Oct.14.mp3
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Steve Lord is editor-in-chief of the Modern Money Letter. 

bitcoin is now trading below $350, how much lower can it go? 

- How much longer until bitcoin is adoped by Wall Street and main street?

-Since last we spoke Paypal started accepting bitcoin as did Apple. Is this the beginning  of a wave? 


Listeners can access a free and special report we are giving away on Bitcoin. Consider it a Bitcoin 101. It can be accessed at

Direct download: Steven_Lord_29.Oct.14.mp3
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Reid Rasmussen is about helping small businesses and individuals fight the high cost of health care. Why pay for a doctor's visit when all you need is a simple prescription for antibiotics? That spurred a business idea that's in full bloom today, It has the potential to save individuals and businesses a fortune. We hope it catches on. 

Direct download: Reid_Rasmussen_28.Oct.14.mp3
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Eric S. Hadik is a trader & analyst who has been intimately involved with the markets for nearly 25 years. His first introduction to technical analysis came through Fibonacci Mathematics and the Elliott Wave Principle and he began trading in 1982.

However, it was not until he discovered the works of W.D. Gann and Gann’s integration of Biblical and natural cycles that Eric knew he had discovered his life’s passion and purpose. We spoke with him about the signficance of cycles and he related to us about the key 40 year cycle and it's connection to the history of monetary debasement in America. A must listen!

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_28.Oct.14.mp3
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photoFabian Calvo is very passionate about promoting the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty as well as exposing the corrupted New World Order political establishment.


He believes that education and awareness is the only way that we can defeat the criminal elite from taking our liberties.


We stand together against the Federal Reserve & Americas foreign resource wars. We both present an alternative to the lying and dying mainstream media. The birth of the new alternative media is here has finally given people a choice. 


Direct download: Fabian_Calvo_28.Oct.14.mp3
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David Morgan was with us today discussing the latest Silver Summit in his home town of Spokane Washington. Things were decidedly more upbeat this year. Most participants are starting to believe that after the recent triple bottom, that silver has probably seen its lows. We'll know more soon. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_28.Oct.14.mp3
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Pam Oakes was back talking about the best 3-5 year old used car you can buy. Surprisingly it's not the Toyota Camry. Also, we discussed those extended warranties. There's a lot of ins and out and loopholes. You've got to educate yourself about them and learn when and where to buy them. And how often do you really need to change your oil. The answer will surprise you. 

Direct download: Pam_Oakes_27.Oct.14.mp3
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John Rubino is amazed how easy it has become for the Fed to have it's way with the markets. They just have to lift their pinky and the markets respond in spades. How did it get this way and how long will it stay? Once upon a time the markets' primary purpose was price discovery and allocation of capital. No more, now they're more a billboard for the government to manage expectations and to demonstrate to the sheeple that all is well, but is it? 

Direct download: John_Rubino_27.Oct.14.mp3
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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC meeting Wednesday, "end of QE" expected.

                - today, supposedly last POMO operation - following 933 in the past eight years, at the 10:00 am EST "key atack time"

                - maniacal PPT ops the past two weeks, to "stabilize" markets ahead of this meeting, including six Fed governors hinting at or calling for QE extension after last Wednesday's liquidity vaccuum

                - Fed will still be as dovish as imaginable, but won't have to delay ending overt QE so long as markets don't crash               

                                -ARTICLE" - "manipulation, jawboning, and prayer"


Of course, OTHER markets are crashing worldwide, particularly in Europe

                -last week's PIIGS bond crash has somewhat stabilized, but European stocks - big markets like Germany included - have decoupled with the U.S. PPT efforts, continuing to plunge despite QE commencement

                -most yields, Treasuries included, continue to crash

                                -Fed desperately attempting to prevent bond yields crashing, especially ahead of FOMC meeting

                                -ARTICLE - "the most damning proof yet of QE failure"

                                -ARTICLE - "2.2% is the new 2.6%" - spinoff of earlier article, "2.6% - Nuff' Said"

                -dollar/euro has stabilized, but rest of the world's currencies crashing

                                -rupiah, real, yen, ruble, etc.

                                -ARTICLE - "the single most precious Metal bullish factor imaginable"

                -oil collapsing, under $80 this morning - and this, after Saudi's pathetic 300,000 bbl/d oil cut announcement Thursday

                                -ARTICLE - "collapsing oil prices portend unspeakable horrors"


Plunging U.S. economic activity

                -even rigged PMI indices falling

                -retail demand collapse - WMT, NFLX, EBAY, and disasters like Sears

                -death of American icons, due to collapsing demand, surging dollar, and competition - WMT, IBM, MCD, KO

                                -ARTICLE - "changing of the guard"


Surging physical demand worldwide

                -incredible Chinese gold demand numbers in recent weeks, well above global mining supply

                -surging Indian gold demand, silver imports on pace to match last year's record level

                -both U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint on pace to match and/or exceed last year's record Silver Eagle sales

                -GOFO rates in backwardation

                -massive gold withdrawals from COMEX, GLD

                -per "Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar," production on verge of all out collapse           

                                -and just wait until year-end reserve revisions, if silver near $17/oz


Early polls show the "yesses" in the lead for 11/30  Swiss gold referendum

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_27.Oct.14.mp3
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Val Sotir is founder and CEO of one of the country's largest buyer and seller of distressed mortgage notes. He explains what it takes to be a successful investor in these notes. It's not rocket surgery, you just need a basic understanding of real estate transactions and finance, along with the ability to get your due diligence done. Then you'll be off to the races earning potentially high returns, like Val's been doing for years. There's certainly no shortage of product and you just need to stay away from certain states and you'll do just fine. 

Direct download: Val_Sotir_24.Oct.14.mp3
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Don Mazzella noted author, publisher and small business expert tells how the Americans with Disabilities Act has become nothing more than a feeding frenzy for rapacious trial lawyers. They prey upon small businesses who haven't fully complied with the minutiae of the complicated statute. Now H&R Block has settled a case where they've agreed to make their ecommerce website handicap accessible. This may potentially open up whole new vistas for parasitic lawyers looking for ever greener pastures. There's hundreds of millions of websites that are not compliant that could be open to litigation. While the original statute was well intentioned, it is often said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And on that road there will be a toll plaza manned by democrats!"

Direct download: Don_Mazzella_24.Oct.14.mp3
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John Sullivan directed America: Imagine the World Without Her and 2016: Obama's America. He's a bit of a rarity, a conservative living and working in Hollywood. He's also considers himself more of a libertarian than a conservative. He directed these films out of concern for the direction the country is headed in. As John said, the US is in decline and no one seems determined to do anything about it. Is it too late? 

Direct download: John_Sullivan_24.Oct.14.mp3
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James Hirsen is as disgusted as we are. Hollywood is never one to let a commercial opportunity go to waste. The potential Ebola pandemic has yet to be contained and Hollywood is already talking about Ebola the TV series. They're always about setting new lows in taste and class. And they never disappoint. We also talked a little bit about Piers Morgan and his failure to take responsibility for his CNN show's failure. But liberals never do take responsibility for anything, do they?

Direct download: James_Hirsen_23.Oct.14.mp3
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Joe Messina of joined us today. He can't get over New York City's Welfare Homeless Storage crisis. $15 million per year blown on the storing the homeless population's stuff. And the way the Ebola crisis is being handled, simply defies credulity. And an amazing thing happened in New York, no we're not talking about a tree growing in Brooklyn, we're talking about a teacher being fired in Manhattan. Oh the humanity!

Direct download: Joe_Messina_23.Oct.14.mp3
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Woody O'Brien, gentlemen farmer out of West Virginia stopped by today. He had the extreme misfortune to visit our nation's crime capitol recently. Not surprisingly, the economy is booming and home prices are through the roof. It's easy when you produce nothing and steal the production of the rest of the country. Woody is concerned about the long term prospects for food production. The world's farmers are dying off and the young people don't seem interested. Resources are not being invested to insure the food will be there for the future extra billions of the world's inhabitants. 

Direct download: woody_OBrien_23.Oct.14.mp3
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New York City politicians are upset over the nearly $15 million spent yearly on storing the homeless's possessions in storage warehouses around the City. It's an outrage that's been going on for too long. But when you're living in a socialist utopia such things are to be expected, right? 

Camden New Jersey is doing much better since it fired its police force and the county started a new force from scratch. Murders are way down and response times have been cut from 60 minutes to 4.4 minutes. It's just proof that public unions can cost lives. The new force has 60 percent more officers, more technology and civilian staff for the same price tag. It's been unionized as well, but starting from a much lower base. Perhaps the governor needs to the same thing in Newark, Patterson, Passaic and other failing unsafe cities around the state. Maybe he could do it with the schools as well. Abolish city schools and start county schools. I think Christie is definitely on to something. 

Direct download: TLR_369.mp3
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Ben Brunson was CEO of a clinical testing facility for over a decade. Therefore, he's very familiar with the issues involved in disease transmission and in the steps required to prevent it. It's quite clear that the government is playing politics in not suspending flights to and from the countries where the Ebola outbreak is most serious. This is standard operating procedure and is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to stop the spread of the disease. In addition, the Army should set up a containment centers outside the country for screening those who might be infected. Securing the borders wouldn't be a bad idea either. Assuming that the disease doesn't seriously mutate, following these steps could keep the disease manageable. The biggest problem confronting the West is personal mobility/travel and the effect it has upon speading the disease around the world. 

Direct download: Ben_Brunson_22.Oct.14.mp3
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Ned says, the Fed has been turning up the heat and the “investors” don’t have a clue. They’ve tightened 8 times. There’s no excess liquidity. The only thing keeping gold down is the phony dollar rally, which is really just a bear market is Euro and Yen currencies. The phony rally is now faltering and this should lead to a 2-3 year rally in PM and the rally should take off in a matter of weeks. Once Wall Street can invest directly in China forget about it. Could be billions per day. Only 3 investments could be worth anything, but they’re China related and gold. 


Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_22.Oct.14.mp3
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Barry Stuppler has been in the precious metals business for over 50 years! When he talks about cycles, you know that he's lived them. Barry thinks that gold is getting ready for the next advance. And he's excited because spreads have narrowed on some French numistmatic coins to not much above that of regular bullion coins. Can you believe that the Silver to Gold ratio is 71.20 to 1? It hasn't been that high since 2009. Could it be a sign that Silver is going to make its long awaited move? Time to buy or wait and see? 

Direct download: Barry_Stuppler_21.Oct.14.mp3
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What a difference two weeks makes. When Danielle Park and I last spoke, Wall Street was partying like it was 1999. Now things are not so good. A 9 percent correction and you can feel the panic start to set in. Will it continue or is this just a normal correction? The problem is that nothing about this market is normal and there hasn't been a normal correction since the crash. Volatility is up and so is fear. Is this the start of a secular bear or is there still time for more fun and games? We'll know the answer soon. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_21.Oct.14.mp3
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David Gurwitz has been with Charles Nenner Research for over a decade. During that time he's never given up his taste in music or his passion for basketball, which is a good thing because trading calls upon all these skills and more. Right now, Nenner's cycle based system has been flashing a buy signal in gold. Silver hasn't hit it yet, but a close above $17.50 should do the trick. Oil flashed a sell signal a while ago and the results have been self-evident, with $80 oil for all to see. But it will come back at some point, watch for a close above $85 and you'll know. To find out forecasts for bonds and the world's stock markets listen on.

Direct download: David_Gurwitz_21.Oct.14.mp3
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Jeff Bell is a Republican Insider who's been around a long time. A speech writer, strategist, consultant, author and candidate, he's seen it all. Now he's challenging New Jersey's Corey Booker for United States Senate. His main issue is adopting the Gold Standard to prevent further debasement of the Dollar and society; what a novel concept. He has our vote, although we stopped voting long ago. Listening to Jeff, you'd think he was a Libertarian, although he claims not to be. He's for small government and ending deficit spending and out of control government. We don't care what he calls himself, heck he could call himself a Democrat or a Communist, it really doesn't matter; his policies are what count and he's coming up aces with us. 

Direct download: Jeff_Bell_21.Oct.14.mp3
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