New York City politicians are upset over the nearly $15 million spent yearly on storing the homeless's possessions in storage warehouses around the City. It's an outrage that's been going on for too long. But when you're living in a socialist utopia such things are to be expected, right? 

Camden New Jersey is doing much better since it fired its police force and the county started a new force from scratch. Murders are way down and response times have been cut from 60 minutes to 4.4 minutes. It's just proof that public unions can cost lives. The new force has 60 percent more officers, more technology and civilian staff for the same price tag. It's been unionized as well, but starting from a much lower base. Perhaps the governor needs to the same thing in Newark, Patterson, Passaic and other failing unsafe cities around the state. Maybe he could do it with the schools as well. Abolish city schools and start county schools. I think Christie is definitely on to something. 

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Ben Brunson was CEO of a clinical testing facility for over a decade. Therefore, he's very familiar with the issues involved in disease transmission and in the steps required to prevent it. It's quite clear that the government is playing politics in not suspending flights to and from the countries where the Ebola outbreak is most serious. This is standard operating procedure and is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to stop the spread of the disease. In addition, the Army should set up a containment centers outside the country for screening those who might be infected. Securing the borders wouldn't be a bad idea either. Assuming that the disease doesn't seriously mutate, following these steps could keep the disease manageable. The biggest problem confronting the West is personal mobility/travel and the effect it has upon speading the disease around the world. 

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Ned says, the Fed has been turning up the heat and the “investors” don’t have a clue. They’ve tightened 8 times. There’s no excess liquidity. The only thing keeping gold down is the phony dollar rally, which is really just a bear market is Euro and Yen currencies. The phony rally is now faltering and this should lead to a 2-3 year rally in PM and the rally should take off in a matter of weeks. Once Wall Street can invest directly in China forget about it. Could be billions per day. Only 3 investments could be worth anything, but they’re China related and gold. 


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