Mark Skousen says that 2015's Freedomfest promises to be the greatest of them all. Economics Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman will be debating Wall Street Journal Columnist Stephen Moore. Mark should be selling tickets to this one, but it's included in the price of admission. Krugman is the one who says that the Fed hasn't printed enough money and we shouldn't be bothering with things like tax cuts and reducing government waste and employment. I promise to be there and to report back. Heck, maybe I'll even sit down with Krugman and find out if he thinks that savings is evil and gold is a barbaric relic. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier discusses the prospects for the November elections. Looks like the Republicans have a good shot at taking over the Senate, in spite of themselves. A couple of surprises though, they stand to lose seats in Kansas and South Dakota, but you never know. But what will they do if they take control of both houses of congress? 

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Steven John was living in the US and decided he wanted a change. He picked up and moved to Mexico and has been living there happily for the last couple of years. He's been trading during that time, partly as a hobby and to make extra income. He tells us what happens when the markets get slammed like they have in the past week. There's virtually no way to avoid substantial losses, unless you work for a Too Big To Fail Bank. But at least his health insurance is cheap, taxes are low and the weather is great. 

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Jason and I cover the latest economic and real estate trends. There's a lot going on and no one knows exactly where things are headed. Will interest rates go higher? Will gold and silver start rising again? And is real estate a good bet under these circumstances? There's also a contest for three tickets to attend Jason's Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing a $1497 value!

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