New York City politicians are upset over the nearly $15 million spent yearly on storing the homeless's possessions in storage warehouses around the City. It's an outrage that's been going on for too long. But when you're living in a socialist utopia such things are to be expected, right? 

Camden New Jersey is doing much better since it fired its police force and the county started a new force from scratch. Murders are way down and response times have been cut from 60 minutes to 4.4 minutes. It's just proof that public unions can cost lives. The new force has 60 percent more officers, more technology and civilian staff for the same price tag. It's been unionized as well, but starting from a much lower base. Perhaps the governor needs to the same thing in Newark, Patterson, Passaic and other failing unsafe cities around the state. Maybe he could do it with the schools as well. Abolish city schools and start county schools. I think Christie is definitely on to something. 

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