Kerry Lutz interviewed Chris Prefontaine, the Smart Real Estate Coach, about his company's success in a rising interest rate environment. Prefontaine explained how his company buys properties subject to existing loans and creates three paydays from each deal, making it a lucrative opportunity for investors. He also discussed how this strategy is particularly effective in a market where interest rates are rising, as it allows his company to take advantage of sellers who are struggling to sell their homes. Additionally, they discussed the legal considerations involved in subject too and lease purchase deals and provided resources for those interested in learning more about creative real estate deals.

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Kerry Lutz sits down with Samuel David, the driving force behind Prospera Energy's (🇺🇸GXRFF -- 🇨🇦PEI) recent success of their drilling program. They dive into the company's latest achievements, future plans, and their unwavering commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

✅ Successful Drilling Program: Prospera Energy has seen immense success with their recent drill program, boasting a 5 out of 5 success rate on their horizontal wells.

✅ Impressive Production: Not only have all wells been successful, but the production levels have surpassed expectations, promising higher profits for the company.

✅ Delicate Drilling: Samuel sheds light on the intricacies of drilling in their specific reservoir, emphasizing the importance of minimizing high drawdown.

✅ Future Endeavors: Prospera Energy is geared up for more. Plans are in place to continue drilling and also convert certain wells to injectors, ensuring a steady flow of production.

✅ Operational Success: Their advanced operation and building techniques have been validated by the reserve life index of the reservoirs.

✅ Financial Uplift: Prospera Energy is on a roll, running above their set budget. Plus, they've achieved a significant reduction in operational costs, slashing them from $60 to a mere $33 per barrel.

✅ Eco-friendly Steps: The company isn't just about profits. They have outlined plans to retire 36 vertical locations and are gearing up for a reclamation program next summer, all in a bid to reduce their environmental impact. (Disclosure we hold shares in this company, which is not a sponsor to the channel)

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  • Returning Guest: Adam Coffey, a familiar voice to the Financial Survival Network and a beacon of entrepreneurial success.
  • Exciting News: Adam unveils his new book, Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion.

Main Discussion Points:

  1. The Entrepreneurial Dream: From starting a business to imagining the zenith of a billion-dollar exit.
  2. Roadblocks to Success: Addressing the very tangible challenges business owners face when trying to scale and maintain profitability.
  3. Adam's personal journey:
    • How he dreamt beyond the obvious hurdles.
    • Navigating the trials and errors on his path to creating a billion-dollar empire.
  4. Lessons from "Empire Builder": Key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business veterans alike.
  5. Adam’s insights on resilience, strategy, and the art of business growth.

Why Read "Empire Builder":

  • Deciphering the secrets behind monumental success in business.
  • Exploring strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable tools that propel businesses to unparalleled heights.

Closing Thoughts:

  • The importance of vision, ambition, and adaptability in the world of business.
  • Inviting listeners to engage with Adam's new book and assimilate its insights.

Connect with Us:

  • For more conversations with pioneering business minds and insights into the world of finance and growth, tune into the Financial Survival Network.
  • If Adam's journey resonates with you, don’t forget to check out Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion. Click here Empire Builder

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Martin Turenne, CEO of FPX Nickel (🇺🇸FPOCF -- 🇨🇦FPX) provided us with a sponsor update. He shared details about the just filed Baptiste project’s preliminary feasibility study (PFS), which revealed an impressive 18%+ IRR and an NPV exceeding $2 billion US. These findings position Baptiste as a significant future nickel supplier that will “appeal to the world's leading mining companies.”

Turenne also touched upon the collaboration between automotive giant Toyota and electronics leader Panasonic. Together, they've formed Prime Planet Energy and Solutions, which is set to become a major electric vehicle battery producer. He emphasized the growing demand for nickel, and the need for a secure supply chain. Nickel is a vital element in the manufacture of EV batteries.

Lastly, the CEO provided insights into the potential of the Van mineral deposit. He also highlighted FPX Nickel's commitment to establishing and maintaining a respectful relationship with the First Nations tribes. He Recognizes their concerns about mineral exploration and mining development in their territories, Turenne underscored the company's unshakable commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices.

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  • Special Guest: Craig Cecilio, the dynamic Founder and CEO of DiversyFund.
  • Vision: Crafting a world where the American Dream isn't a privilege but a right for all.

Key Takeaways:

  1. DiversyFund’s Mission: Ensuring equal opportunities for everyone to build wealth, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.
  2. Craig Cecilio’s rich experience spanning over 25 years:
    • Proficiency in capital raising and deal structuring.
    • Successfully conducted over 1,000 transactions across varied verticals: residential, multifamily, and commercial asset classes.
  3. The Power of Distressed Multifamily Assets:
    • Introduction to DiversyFund’s newest investment offering tailor-made for distressed multifamily assets.
    • How economic downturns can be turned into growth opportunities by tapping into affordable pricing.
  4. Economic Turmoil = Wealth Transference:
    • Historical evidence pointing to significant wealth shifts during challenging economic times.
    • DiversyFund’s in-depth whitepaper dissecting this intriguing phenomenon.


Closing Thoughts:

  • The unmatched potential of strategic investments in multifamily properties.
  • Your ticket to transform market lows into phenomenal growth is here.
  • DiversyFund is excited and ready to guide you on this transformative wealth-building journey.

Connect with Us:

  • For more details, exclusive insights, and opportunities, visit Diversyfund
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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed the current state of the economy, including the recent drop in interest rates and the concerning trend of rising deficits and lack of fiscal control in the government. They explored potential solutions, including a gold standard or austerity measures, but concluded that there may be no easy way out of the current situation and that a financial crisis may be necessary to impose austerity and bring the country back to living within its means. The speakers also discussed the risks associated with stock buybacks and how companies manipulate their financial statements to inflate profits and hide losses. They urged listeners to visit their respective websites for more information and to send in questions for future meetings.

  • Hedge fund guy Bill Ackman sold his T-bond shorts, called the interest rate top and rates fell hard. 
  • Wall Street landlords are in a bind, with interest rates up and house prices falling. Brutal 2024 coming?
  • This year's budget deficit with be the third highest ever. Why?
  • Stock buyback blackout is ending and analysts predict massive buying. What big company in its right mind would buy back its stock now? 
  • UAW strike is spreading. Is labor unrest the new normal?
  • Biden really wants a shot at Iran here. Very dangerous week. 

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Kerry Lutz and Dudley Baker discussed the current state of the mining sector, which has been struggling despite higher gold prices. They emphasized the importance of patience and owning quality stocks, as well as the potential for gains in smaller speculative plays. They also discussed the various ways to invest in gold, including playing the futures market and buying mining stocks, with Baker suggesting a more conservative approach with a basket of quality mining stocks. The discussion also touched on the advantages of investing in stock warrants over options, with Baker explaining that stock warrants with a long life of two to five years are preferable.

The speakers predicted a significant turn coming soon in the precious metal sector and emphasized the need for patience and research to find the best investment opportunities, particularly in smaller companies with long-term potential. They also mentioned their own service, Common Stock Warrants, which tracks new warrants coming into the junior mining space and offers subscribers the opportunity to get in early on potential big up moves. The discussion highlighted the potential benefits of stock warrants and how they can be used to make a profit. Overall, the speakers agreed that investing in gold and mining stocks can be a rewarding but risky endeavor, and investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance and investment goals.

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Kerry Lutz and Michael Frew discussed the tax advantages of owning a software business, including research and development tax credits and asset depreciation. They also talked about advanced tax planning strategies, such as spinning off intellectual property into a trust to receive royalties and qualify for passive income. Additionally, they explored the potential of newsletters to increase cash flow and sponsorship deals, discussing various options for newsletters and the value of a targeted audience. The conversation ended with a discussion of areas of opportunity in the software business that the market has yet to fully realize.

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We sat down with Torq Resources’ CEO Shawn Wallace and Chief Geological Office Michael Henrichsen (🇨🇦 TORQ: 🇺🇸 TRBMF). Results were just announced from Torq’s phase III drill program at the Margarita iron-oxide-copper-gold project. With 14 holes spanning 3,862 m, the program has expanded the Falla 13 discovery and uncovered yet more mineralized zones within Margarita. They intersected 42 m of 1.1 g/t Gold and 0.48% Copper Near Falla 13 and 132 m of 0.48% Copper at Cototuda. Broad copper oxide zones were also found at the previously drilled Margarita corridor. No doubt more good news is on the way, with results from seven more holes expected shortly. 

Shawn expressed excitement over the project's potential given its strategic location near Copiapo's city, with high-grade infrastructure, and favorable conditions for year-round drilling. He remarked on the considerable value these discoveries added to Torq's Margarita project, with 2024 set to be an important year.

Michael emphasized the significance of the new findings. He highlighted the discovery of a parallel structure to the Falla 13 zone, and the promise shown by the Cototuda target. He stated that the Margarita's potential is a continuing story and hopes that it will become another shining star within Coastal Cordillera belt, which is already home to several large producers. Plans are underway to study the characteristics of both discoveries, and to explore the newly discovered zones near Falla 13 and the Cototuda corridor, alongside numerous other unexplored targets.

Very exciting times for the Torq team.

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Kerry Lutz and Martin Armstrong discussed various topics related to global politics, economics, and technology. They talked about the inefficiency of communism and the trend of militarizing and weaponizing worldwide. They also analyzed the cyclical nature of the economy, the strength of the dollar, and the potential for China to become the financial capital of the world.

Martin and Kerry warned about the dangers of government overreach, particularly in the realm of social media and information control, and emphasized the need for term limits in government and the protection of individual freedoms. Finally, they discussed the impact of AI and Elon Musk on society and the economy, including the potential for job displacement and the importance of curiosity in discovering new things.

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