Amid recent the recent stock decline, we had a sit-down with Arthur Halleran, CEO of sponsor Trillion Energy (TCF 🇨🇦: TRLED 🇺🇸) to gain insight into the situation. Here’s what we learned.

Natural Gas Production: Trillion’s natural gas output was below expectations due to technical glitches, including oversized gas lines and water intrusion into wells.

Solutions in Play: To address the issues, Trillion sought expertise from a top-tier consultant for a comprehensive review of the SASB field. Their swift recommendations include perforating the waterlogged wells to up the pressure and remove water. This economical solution provides Trillion a cushion to add pumps to each well and modify the line size.

Market Dynamics: The ongoing geopolitical events have been pushing gas prices upwards, a trend that Halleran expects to persist.

Company’s Viability: Addressing concerns, Halleran reassured that Trillion is not only profitable but is also targeting a daily production surge to 7.5 mcf by year-end. Furthermore, the company is set to drill 5 sidetrack wells in 2024, hinting at a significant production expansion.

Oil Venture: Trillion has initiated a seismic study of its new Cudi-Gabar oil farm-in. Nearby fields boast production rates of 10,000 and 100,000 bpd. With a neighboring well just a kilometer away, Halleran sees an opportunity for a free firsthand look into Trillion’s own field dynamics.

Trillion’s challenges will soon be in the past. With strategies in place to optimize gas production and the advent of the sidetrack wells, the company's cash flow is poised to see a substantial rise. Cudi-Gabar has the potential to be a monster field. The company is effectively trading at its 2021 price, when we first purchased shares, except it now has production and greater prospectivity, which is why we're giving serious thought to increasing our position. 

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Kerry Lutz interviewed Tony Saliba about Liquid Mercury, a derivatives software platform that focuses on security, safety, and speed and handles multiple asset classes, primarily digital assets. Saliba discussed the platform's ability to deliver a number of legs in a spread and the Merk token, which has two main value propositions for institutional clients and a rewards program for personal use. He advised traders to take a class and get familiar with crypto and to look at second-tier tokens that have been on their butt since the F Tx admission. Saliba also expressed his enthusiasm for options on crypto and the upcoming zero days to exploration for equities.

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