The recent vaping scare has been caused by illegal black market THC cartridges. I has nothing to do with nicotine vapors. There's no high school vaping epidemic. While huge numbers of kids are experimenting, very few are becoming smokers. Less than 3 percent of all vapers are children and less 1 percent of the total papers are children. The banning of the flavors will do nothing to reduce nicotine use. The absence of the flavors will hurt people trying to give up cigarettes. It's the Classic Baptist Bootlegger Scenario. Banning vaping will put the vape shops out of business. They provide high quality products at low prices. Big tobacco is lobbying to ban flavors to protect their business. There’s an estimated 10-12 million adult vapers who’ve used them to quit smoking. So what's more of a threat to public health, vaping or smoking? 

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Corruption in the swamp knows no bounds. The Bidens have been cashing in on Joe Biden's political connections for years. Whether it's Ukraine, China or Romania, they've had their hands out. Now they're trying to blame Trump for their own corrupt acts. And now there's Bull Durham. His investigation has officially become a criminal matter. Can a grand jury and indictments be far behind? Some might call it a coup and others may call it treason. Will heads roll and indictments follow? 

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The fundamental case for precious metals has never stronger. Earlier in the year the technical case became overwhelming and we saw major price increases in gold and silver. Now the market is taking a breather, but we could well see the traditional Q4 rally could take prices much higher. There have been persistent rumors about a coming silver shortage, but David is unconvinced. But that doesn't mean there's not one looming, especially if investment demand picks up. 

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While recent Committee Bay's drill results have been extremely encouraging, the major action is taking place at the Auryn's Sombrero project in Peru. Already a huge 1200 square kilometers, they've staked out another 8500 hectares of additional land. Best of all, permitting is moving ahead unimpeded. Ivan believes issuance will be done shortly.

And then there’s Curibaya. It’s on a confluence of two major belts. 22 samples have been taken of multi-kilo per ton silver. Could there be a world-class silver project lurking thereunder? Results will be coming out shortly. Interestingly, since it's located in a low population density area, permits are much easier to come by.

Peru is a great mining jurisdiction because it knows that it needs mining and the government wants to further raise its production profile. All the majors miners are in Peru for the long haul. And it’s the place to go for major potential Tier 1 projects. 

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Poised to Break Wall Street’s Stronghold on The Way Americans Save for Retirement, David J. Scranton’s latest book, The Retirement Income Stor-E: The Story behind The Launch of The Retirement Income Store. The book is about to shatter many of the myths that Wall Street bankers have promoted and protected for decades. Myths like: “Over the long run, the stock market always outperforms other asset classes.” Or, “High P/E Ratios are no reason to worry.”<br>David Scranton says, “The simple truth is that those who were born in 1968 or earlier can’t afford to ride out another catastrophic stock market drop like the one that started in 2000 that took nearly 50% of investors’ portfolios, or the one that started in 2007 that took nearly 60% of investors’ portfolios. The goal is to reduce, and even eliminate exposure to stock market risk. And this book shows you how. 

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Zero interest rates are pushing the world into the Greatest Depression. There’s no stopping it. QE4 by any name is underway. Increased social unrest is spreading around the globe. In just the past week over a dozen countries are erupting. It’s anti-establishment and anti-elite. The people are fed up with losing everything they have, while the rich get richer. It’s beginning to look like George Orwell was an optimist. Left unchecked by the people, this destabilization will lead to an enhanced police state and more authoritarianism. 

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Bernie has health issues. Can he keep up the fight? Should he choose a VP right now? Would Tulsi Gabbard be an ideal running mate? And how much will Medicare for All really cost? I talk extensively with Victor Tiffany who authored the book Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt. He's also organized a PAC and is all in for Bernie. Interestingly, he's never personally met Bernie, but would gladly serve in a Sanders Administration. Good luck on that!

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Among the largest participants in the Repo market is the money market fund industry. They were badly burned in 2008-09. If you're wondering where they keep all those billions on deposit, this is the place. Now there seems to be a loss on confidence and the Fed is rushing to fill the gap. Could this be QE4 by any other name? 

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Amy Kremer was one of the founders of the modern day Tea Party movement, but she's moved on. She's a s a Co-Founder and Chair for Women for America First and a former congressional candidate. She organizing protests around the country to help stop the madness. She even has one planned at Lindsay Graham's office. He's the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and thus far has done nothing. Amy is hoping to help put a stop to the non-sense. 

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Adam Andrzejewski has made it his life's purpose to expose the nefarious doings of the swamp. In a recent study, he showed how easily politicians line their pockets. Companies that rely upon Washington's largess regularly contribute to their hometown congressman to keep the pork flowing. Some congressmen even form companies to manage their campaigns and pay themselves richly for  services rendered. Something has got to give. Citizens are growing very wary and disgusted of such self-dealing practices. Eventually the right catalyst will unleash the will of the People to drive these parasites from the public trough. 

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When volume is low look for increased prices.When volume goes higher, look for declines. Volume has trailed off since the October sell-off. We’re not in a bear market yet. Prices remain above all their moving averages and indicators. Nick believes we’re not in a bear market.  It’s a trendless market, but since the May low, we’ve made higher lows, so there’s a slight upside bias. One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is if we make a lower low. Then we could see a major decline. Gold is currently in a consolidation phase, slightly below it’s 50 day moving average. A sideways consolidation is clearly underway. The Dollar is also consolidating. It’s going to break 100. Interest rates have bottomed and are now on their way higher. Bonds have peaked and rates will be heading higher. Crude all could fall to $44. No sell signal yet but, be ready. 

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Riots have become the norm in France, Ecuador, Hong Kong and now Chile. John sees this as a function of out of control debt and the running out of other people's money. The US could find itself in a similar situation after the election. There's a belief among the world's population that corruption has become the norm and that there's no way to reign it in. This could lead to half the nation believing that the election will be stolen and therefore a rejection of the outcome, regardless who wins. 

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Jerry Robinson is bullish about the Chinese Economy. He believes that it's already surpassed the US economy and is now number 1. That's not necessarily good news for the world. There's Hong Kong, the NBA and a country that doesn't even pretend to respect human rights. But that doesn't change the reality and it's something that we all need to accept. 

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If politicians deliberately set out to destroy a state, it would look like California. It's not enough having the highest taxes in the nation, the worst business environment, emptying out the jails and driving the middle class to other states, they're doing their best to accelerate the trend. And let's not forget homelessness. The state is completely unable and unwilling to deal with it. Which has led to a recall petition for Governor Newsome and LA Mayor Garcetti. Most states try to avoid blackouts, but California embraces them. Fortunately Joe Messina was just outside the zone, so his lights stayed on. But hundreds of thousands lost their power for several days. At this point, California is circling down the drain and there's nothing that can save it. 

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Rose Tennent works with female entrepreneurs and is pleased to inform us that women are doing extremely well under the Trump economic policies. Female employment has never been higher. Over half the 6 million jobs created under the current admin have gone to women. Best of all Rose believes that this trend will continue and even accelerate under a second Trump term. Now that's change we can all believe in. 

Direct download: Rose_Tennent_17.Oct.19.mp3
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Just like in the US, elections in Canada have become a race to the bottom. Economies around the world are weakening. No one is trying anything new or different, politicians that is. Looks like another bank bailout could be in the offing. No modern politician wants to be known as the person that brought down the global financial system. And that means more of the same, bailouts and kicking the can down the road. Let's hope that our neighbors to the north have a better idea, but don't count on it. 

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Gordon T. Long joined for a review of the recent disruptions in the Repo market and what are its possible causes. The Fed has come to its rescue so all is well. But are we actually witnessing stealth collapses of major banks? The Fed is being quite opaque on the subject. In other news, the Fed is buying $60 billion per month in securities, a/k/a QE4. There's much more here. 

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Let’s face it, the global financial system is now receiving home hospice care, compliments of the Federal Reserve. With the implosion of the Repo Market, the Fed has been trying to keep the lid on a pot that wants to boil over. Could this be a repeat performance of 2008-09. Darry and I agree that there’s probably one or more banks around the globe that have either failed or failing. What's happening now is strikingly similar to what happened then. Now we're all a decade wiser and understand the game better. It would benefit you greatly to understand it as well. 

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We talked with Miami hedge fund manager and blogger came on the show for his first time. He's seeing economic storm clouds on the horizon. After all, how long can the good times go on for? The Miami luxury condo and housing market is already starting to fall apart. The carrying costs are too high and there's and the greater fools from other countries have fled the market. So look out below. Similar things are happening in NYC, San Francisco, LA, etc. Oh and don't go expecting the China Deal to keep things going. According to Kuppy, it's not a real deal, simply an agreement to maybe agree. 

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Heather Havenwood was always different. While her friends in Texas were simply looking to get married and have a family, she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She teamed up with a person she thought was trustworthy. They were succeeding beyond her expectations and then the unthinkable happened. Her partner absconded with all their company's assets, leaving Heather holding the bag. This led her to bankruptcy and couch surfing for many months. Finally, she went to an old mentor and asked the question, "Where did I go wrong." The answer was, you were too busy running the show to concern yourself with the really important issues. Today, she's successful and helping other female entrepreneurs to get their start. Truly an inspiration. 

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The latest revelation in the ongoing saga to get President Trump is that Adam Schiff conferred with the so-called "whistleblower" before the complaint at issue was ever made. This is something Schiff lied about on national television; he said he had never spoken directly with the whistleblower. That’s just one lie in a string of lies that never seems to matter if you’re a Democrat or if you’re out to destroy the President. Perhaps most vexing is that these lies and coordinated attacks are often treated as if they happened in a vacuum, without motive or pattern, and certainly not with acknowledgement that the accusations have continued to be proven false

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Eric Hadik has been right about the price of gold for years now. He's forecasting a late Q4 Gold Rally that will continue well into March 2020. The cycles are aligning. He's think that a US Dollar correction is possible but not assured. The interest rate should see a final peak in bonds and low in interest rates in mid 2020. Up from there. Between now and then a six month low in bond prices. Crude bottomed around 50 and surged to 63 on Iranian attack on the Saudis. Seems to be range bound for at least a while to come. It's shaping up to be a very exciting 2020. 

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Unemployment hit 3.5% a low not seen since the 1960’s. The economy while slowing is still pretty strong. Lay-offs appear to be picking up. Jobs are plentiful. Anyone who really wants one can find one quickly. Pay is also picking up. But for how long? Debt is escalating and trillion dollar deficits are becoming the norm. And just why is the Fed cutting interest rates?

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First time guest Christopher Markowski says, "Prostitutes are much more honorable than many American businesses that bend over for China. Elizabeth Warren gets caught on video lying about her past and making up sob stories again. More Ukrainegate nonsense. The deficit is the highest in seven years and nobody cares. The media fuels investment rip-offs, then reports on them like they had nothing to do with their unwarranted rise after they collapse. The UAW strike. Economic numbers. Trump doing what he said he was going to do in Syria."

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Lunide Louis has a gift and she decided to share it with an audience. But she didn't have one. So she started a podcast with very ambitious audience goals and so far she's exceeded. But her morning wake-up and goal setting program looks like a winner and that's why we're bringing here to you. We're trying some of her specific action steps. If you do too, please let us know how they work out for you. 

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