Why are the schools so awful and failing to educate our children? It's by design according to noted conservative Bill Whittle. We've attempted to insulate our children from their greatest teacher, failure. And the results have been predictable, complete and utter failure. Unfortunately for humanity, there's no other way to build self-esteem and learn. It's just the way we're wired. Same thing with our cities. For nearly a century they have become petty dishes of liberal experimentation. And the result is universal failure. How long before we wake up? 

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Marco Santarelli bought his first property at age 18 and has been investing in real estate ever since. He sees a definite split in the market between the glamorous go-go markets on the coasts and the boring markets everywhere else. He's looking for cash-flow and where possible, capital appreciation. While finding inventory has definitely become more challenging, Marco believes we are heading for a major housing shortage. New home construction is lagging and this will help keep real estate investing profitable for the foreseeable future. And there's lots more that will keep the cycle going higher and higher too. 

Direct download: Marco_Santarelli_27.Mar.19.mp3
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Get this straight, you are no longer in control of your car. Rather it's controlled by a series of algorithms that auto companies believe know better than you. A number of so-called safety systems actually increase the chances of an accident. Ever tried adaptive cruise control, it requires you to be 8 car lengths from the vehicle in front of you. Give me a 1968 GTO with 2 four barrels any day of the week. 

Direct download: Eric_Peters_27.Mar.19.mp3
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Gary Wagner and Ned Schmidt joined us to discuss the current state of the dollar, precious metals, the markets and how to capitalize on the upcoming break-out. We're seeing major resistance in gold that will eventually be broken. There are many potential catalysts but no can tell what's going to eventually do the job. Let's see what happens next. 

Direct download: RT_Gary-Ned_26.Mar.19.mp3
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We don't usually discuss politics on the show, after all this is a family publication. However, Trump's exoneration has led to an interesting state of affairs with potentially wide reaching market effects. Now that he's unshackled, Trump is free to pursue his agenda with little or no distraction. While the Dems control the House, they seem to be having a major meltdown. The far left never cared about Muh Russia. They just wanted Trump out on whatever grounds they could get him on. The other part of the left put all their hopes on the Mueller Probe and now they're without hope. Maybe it's time to actually pursue some real policies for the benefit of the country. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_26.Mar.19.mp3
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David Morgan and Chris Vermeulen joined us for a roundtable to discuss where precious metals are at the present moment, where the cycle is heading and how best to capitalize on this major potential opportunity. An interesting session for sure. 

Direct download: RT_Morgan-Vermeulen_26.Mar.19.mp3
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It's finally over, the Mueller investigation bit the dust and fell apart rather suddenly, which leads us to believe that a deal was made. In exchange for Trump forgiving his would be deposers, they dropped it. Seems the Deep State didn't want those FISA and Spygate Docs revealed to the general public. Did it happen this way? Mueller has a history of running shady investigations that just seem to go away, remember TWA Flight 800 and the bogus explanation of why it crashed?

On a lighter matter, who said that MI6 Spy Christopher Steele really retired? Did anyone show his retirement papers, a video of his retirement party or any other proof. This has been accepted from the get go as truth, but we all know that old spies never retire. They're always available to be called in on an urgent job. This looks more like a case of the Minister of Defense disavowing his role in Spygate, just like the old show Mission Impossible. "As always Mr. Phelps, should you or any member of your be captured or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your existence." Looks like a case of disavowal.

In any event, it's over and now Trump will likely reneg on the deal and go after his enemies with the full fury and majesty of the law. All of his Dem enemies have been conspicuous by their absence this weekend, especially Shifty Adam #FullofSchiff. 

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John Rubino, Dr. Gerard Lameiro, Danielle Park, Robert Paolini and Nick Santiago

Direct download: Weekly_Mar_17-22_pt_2.mp3
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Jerry Robinson, David Erfie, Craig Hemke, Buck Joffrey, and David Horowitz

Direct download: Week_Comp_Mar_17-22_pt1.mp3
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Ace trader Nick Santiago nails it again! No more interest rate hikes and Nick is call for a September cut. Sounds like it's good for gold, which Nick believes is setting up a very bullish chart pattern. Stock market has probably peaked. Dollar to go higher and yield to fall on treasuries. Connect the dots and make money!

Direct download: Nick_Santiago_20.Mar.19.mp3
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Craig and I discussed the then upcoming Fed Meeting. Craig believed they would do nothing, and they didn't disappoint. Rate hikes are off the table now, probably because the next recession is on its way. Was does that mean for you? Gold is likely getting ready to bust through the 1350-1380 major resistance point and you want to be on the right side of that trade. We've seen this before and we'll see it again soon. Craig also said that the Fed's asset disposition program would be tapered off. Right again, that's exactly what's in the cards. Sometimes all you need to do is tune into Craig's podcast and then  wait for the actual news to unfold. 

Direct download: Craig_Hempke_20.Mar.19.mp3
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Buck Joffrey, MD turned real estate investor is bearish on gold. He sees much more potential in real estate than in the yellow metal. He doesn't believe all the doom and gloomers, of which he used to be one. Forget about hyperinflation and dollar collapse. Forget about cities and states ready to declare bankruptcy. It doesn't matter. And neither does the escalating debt. Real estate is still the place to be. 

Direct download: Buck_Joffrey_19.Mar.19.mp3
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Of all of man’s addictions, debt is perhaps the most harmful and destructive. Time and again, profligate debt and spending has brought down civilizations. And it’s  happening now. The Trump Admin has proposed holding colleges and universities liable for their defaulting students. A great first step that will probably never happen, due to the powerful educational-industrial lobby. But why stop there, why not tax debt or at least prohibit its deductibility? We need to see interest rates go to their natural and normal levels. Nothing short of this will stop the boom bust economy of the last hundred plus years. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_19.Mar.19.mp3
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Accoding to Florida real estate expert Robert Paolini, unlike many real estate markets around the country, Florida is booming. In many cities there are construction cranes as far as the eye can see. They could even be mistaken for downtown Shanghai. It’s partly due to a long term population shift, with more Northerners moving for better weather, but it’s also being caused by runaway taxes in northern states and California, et al. Either way, it looks like it’s going to continue for quite a while. 

Direct download: Robert_Paolini_19.Mar.19.mp3
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Noted author and conservative activist David Horowitz believes that there’s a war being conducted by the Left to destroy Christian America. Every day, the Left attacks more and more US traditions and customs. There’s no respect for anything that the country has achieved. It’s all about the evil of the racist Founding Fathers and white privilege. But David believes the right will win in the end.

Direct download: David_Horowitz_19.Mar.19.mp3
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Gerard Lemairo has been predicting the demise of the current Democrat Party since 2015. It appears that this prediction is coming to pass. With the rise of anti-Semitic factions, pro-socialist interests and the inability of Nancy Pelosi to lead the House, how much longer can this Party go on? Gerard thinks 2021 will be the official date of its downfall, right after Trump wins his second term. Will Gerard be right?

Direct download: Gerard_Lameiro_18.Mar.19.mp3
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There's many changes afoot in the gold mining sector. The so-called GDX-J appears to be ready undergo another makeover. This time non-cashflowing companies will be removed from the index. Only producers and royalty companies will be included. What about all those exploration companies? How will this impact their ability to raise capital? We talk extensively about Barrick-Newmont-Goldcorp and where they're heading. Large numbers of projects will be spun-off to raise capital and lower debt. What will the industry look like next year at this time? But this spells major opportunity for those with capital and expertise. 

Direct download: David_Erfle_18.Mar.19.mp3
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Probably not much. It's in their interest to just sit back and wait while the rest of the world opens up the money spigot. They'll probably wind up doing that too, but right now they can just keep the machine idling until the direction becomes clearer. We also had a discussion about Basel III. It could be that once again gold reserves will be considered money. Is that too much to hope for and would it upend the international monetary system? It does help explain renewed central bank buying. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_18.Mar.19.mp3
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We met Jerry years ago; he's an ace trend trader. That means he's looking for hot markets to put his money into. It's often said that the trend is your friend and Jerry believes that the trend is looking up for Gold, Cannabis, Cryptos and China. It's translating that belief into action that's the hard part. He sees gold going up as a result of endless US deficits and the pressure that will come to bear on the dollar. Cannabis is just getting started. Imagine the gold rush if it gets taken off the Schedule A list of dangerous drugs. He's bullish too on cryptos and believes that Bitcoin will rise again. And finally, he believes that China is already the largest economy on the planet, in terms of individual purchasing power, and will keep on rising. Let's see what happens next. 

Direct download: Jerry_Robinson_18.Mar.19.mp3
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The Republican Liberty Caucus head Matt Nye joined us. Looks like there's some major movement in the Mueller Probe. The so-called Bulldog is leaving to go spend more time with his family and he will assume a teaching position to help free wrongly convicted innocent people . I wonder if some of them will be people he put away.

Show me a failing city and I'll show you a democrat mayor. The evidence is ample! In some cities, the last non-democrat mayor was a Whig Party member. No wonder Johnny can't read, write or do 'rithmetic. 

Direct download: Matt_Nye_14.Mar.19.mp3
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Andy Schectman head of respected bullion dealer Miles Franklin joined us. Business is good. Perhaps more people are looking for the ultimate safe haven that precious metals afford. We examined several precious metals market anomalies and there are lot more. The gold silver ratio at around 84-1 is completely out of whack. The premium on junk silver is running less than one percent. Platinum prices are at generational lows when compared to gold and palladium. And finally, the palladium price is higher than gold and almost double that of platinum. What's going on here and how long can it go on? And last but not least, JP Morgan Chase has accumulated nearly 1 billion ounces of silver, the largest hoard ever assembled. Why would they be accumulating this barbarous relic, along with mining stocks, SLV and other silver ETF's. Some might dare call it manipulation; they've won every single metals trade they've made for years. 

Direct download: Andy_Schectman_14.Mar.19.mp3
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Gordon T. Long joined us for a discussion of the emerging deDollarization trend. Besides being a diversification/defensive move for other nations, it's also a reaction to government efforts to impose American Justice outside US Borders. The US enemies list keeps on growing. Can we continue on like this and for how long? Gold has clearly been a beneficiary of this trend. It's back over $1300 again. Let's see what happens next. 

Direct download: Gordon_T_Long_13.Mar.19.mp3
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Brad Williams addresses U.S. Consumer Confidence Jumps as Current Views Hit 18-Year High U.S. consumer confidence improved in February, topping all forecasts and snapping a three-month losing streak, after the U.S. government ended the longest shutdown in the country’s history and the trade war edged toward a resolution.

The confidence index climbed to 131.4 from 121.7, the New York-based Conference Board said in a report Tuesday. That compared with a Bloomberg survey of economists that called for a rise to 124.9. The measure gauging Americans’ views on present conditions rose to an 18-year high while consumer expectations posted the largest monthly gain since 2011.

The increase comes amid a solid job market and a rally in stocks that have offered consumers reasons to look past uncertainty surrounding the longest-ever government shutdown and trade war with China. The Federal Reserve’s pledge to be patient on raising interest rates may also be supporting the economic outlook.

The gauge is in line with other sentiment indicators for February that show Americans are more upbeat. The University of Michigan’s sentiment reboundedfrom a two-year low and topped projections, while the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort expectations measure also snapped back, posting the biggest jump in a decade.
Official’s View

“Consumers continue to view both business and labor market conditions favorably,” Lynn Franco, senior director of economic indicators at the Conference Board, said in a statement. “Expectations, which had been negatively impacted in recent months by financial market volatility and the government shutdown, recovered.”

The share of respondents saying business conditions will be better in six months increased to the best level since November.
The labor differential, which measures the gap between respondents who say jobs are plentiful and those saying they’re hard to get, climbed to an 18-year high, a sign the labor market remains strong. Buying plans for cars, homes and major appliances all declined.

Direct download: Brad_Williams_13.Mar.19.mp3
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You have to give the Left credit. Whether it's implementing their socialist agenda or terminating the population's gun rights, they never give up. According to Karen Kataline, the new Red Flag legislation sweeping the nation is merely a ploy by arch gun-grabber Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg to unconstitutionally seize citizen weapons and deprive them of their Second Amendment rights. There's virtually no due process contained within these laws and there's a very limited right of appeal. What will SCOTUS do? 

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This is why Americans don’t save — even when they know better
The journey to retirement can be perilous

Americans know they need to save for retirement, but find it difficult to do so.
Todd Kunsman started preparing for retirement in 2011, only a year out of college, but he didn’t take it seriously until three years later.

He had been contributing to a 401(k) plan, but not enough for a match. He’s moved companies twice since then, and has rolled his assets into an individual retirement account. At his current job, a startup, he doesn’t have a defined-contribution plan, but he maxes out a Roth IRA. “For me, a Roth IRA of $6,000 a year is really not enough,” he said.

Kunsman, who is the blogger behind Invested Wallet in addition to his full-time job in marketing, is saving about 60% of his income and working a side hustle. His goal is to retire in his 40s, if he chooses to by then. He’s had to overcome numerous hurdles first, including paying down student loans, increasing his income, learning more about investing and putting away retirement savings while also living on his own and paying off his car. “I left money on the table without realizing it because of my financial illiteracy at the time,” he said.

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