Kerry Lutz interviewed Mark F, a former handyman who shared his journey from being a carpet installer to a successful real estate investor. Mark discussed how he discovered his talent for fixing things and how he turned it into a profitable business. He shared how he used his commissions from real estate sales to buy and flip homes, and how he was able to do most of the repairs himself, which saved him time and money.

Kerry shared a humorous story about his toilet troubles, and Mark and Kerry discussed the potential income and opportunities available to those who become handymen, emphasizing the importance of knowing when to call in a professional and cautioning against attempting tasks that are too difficult. Finally, Kerry mentioned his consulting services for struggling entrepreneurs and invited listeners to email him with questions or business opportunities.

Direct download: Mark_Farnsworth_26.Dec.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviewed Gar Russell, founder and CEO of Fireside RV Rental, discussing the company's innovative approach to the RV rental market. Russell shared his personal experience of living in an RV with his family for five years while building up the business and homeschooling his children. They discussed the company's goal of having 100 locations by the end of 2024 and the increasing demand for RV rentals due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the trend of people wanting to experience the outdoors.

Russell also highlighted the challenges of RV ownership and the benefits of renting through Fireside RV Rental. Additionally, they discussed the RV rental franchise business model, the different types of RVs and services offered, and the potential returns a franchisee can expect. Overall, the conversation provided valuable insights into the RV rental business and the joys and challenges of traveling in an RV.

Find Garr here: Fireside RV Rental

Find Kerry here: FSN


Direct download: Garr_Russell_21.Dec.23.mp3
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In this meeting, Kerry Lutz and Craig Hemke discuss various topics related to the economy and the precious metals market. They delve into the Fed's recent pivot and its potential impact on the economy and the upcoming presidential election. They also discuss the recent rise in gold prices and the impact of bank acquisitions on the precious metals market.

Additionally, they analyze the recent rise in copper prices and predict that it will continue, potentially reaching all-time highs. They base their predictions on historical trends and current market conditions, including the potential for a downward trend in the dollar.

The speakers also discuss the importance of independent voices in providing news and market insights, as well as the need for community connection during these times. They exchange pleasantries at the end of the meeting, wishing each other a happy holiday season and discussing personal updates. Overall, the meeting provides insights into the current state of the economy and the precious metals market, as well as the importance of community and connection during challenging times.

Find Craig at: TF Metals Report

Find Kerry at: FSN

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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed various topics related to the economy, investments, and geopolitical risks. They talked about the recent reversal of the Fed's interest rate policy and its potential impact on the economy, with Rubino suggesting that rising government and personal interest costs could lead to a recession in 2024. They also discussed the potential for gold's next leg and how it could increase by at least 50%, as well as the lack of trust in institutions and the banking crisis.

The speakers also analyzed the challenges faced by the mining industry, particularly in South America, and the potential benefits of investing in physical commodity ETFs in the current geopolitical climate. They suggested creating a portfolio of royalty companies, physical ETFs, and high-quality explorers for exposure to the precious metal sector and commodities in general, while emphasizing the importance of choosing explorers with deposits in safe jurisdictions to avoid political risk. Finally, they discussed the decline of global excellence and the self-destructive path of many countries, questioning how long this charade can go on before the tide goes out and everyone is exposed.

Overall, the meeting covered a wide range of topics related to the economy, investments, and geopolitical risks, providing insights and perspectives on various issues that could impact the financial markets and investors.

Read John's work here:

Find Kerry here: FSN

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Kerry Lutz and David Stryzewski discussed the flaws of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and how it fails to accurately measure inflation. They also predicted that inflation is going to continue to rise due to higher wages and benefits leading to higher prices. They cautioned against putting too much weight into CPI numbers and recognizing that they have not gone down.

Additionally, they discussed the potential for a recession in 2024 due to weak consumer spending, high credit card debt, unaffordable housing, and loss of full-time jobs. They also mentioned global economic issues, such as Germany and Japan being in recession, Canada facing a housing recession, and China being in massive trouble. Finally, they discussed specific investment strategies, including allocating to commodities, gold and silver, oil producers, and international plays, and advised caution when investing in bonds.

Find David here:

Find Kerry here: FSN

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Matthew Johnson and Kerry Lutz discussed the latest economic indicators, including CPI, PPI, and personal consumption expenditures, and the Fed's decision not to raise interest rates in December. They stressed the importance of diversification in investments to minimize risk and maximize returns, recommending a mix of fixed income, equities, real estate, and precious metals. They also advised against making wholesale moves in and out of the market, instead advocating for a moderate approach to investing and keeping a close eye on fundamentals. Johnson Wealth and Income Management predicts that the market will continue to recover and grow, with an expected 8-12% increase in the S&P by the end of 2024, but caution against being swayed by headlines and making rash decisions.

Find Matthew at:

Find Kerry at: FSN


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Join Kerry Lutz in an engaging interview with author David Wright about his insightful book "Bonfire of the Sanities." This episode delves into the crucial strategies for managing retirement portfolios amidst today's economic fluctuations. Key highlights include:

  • Purposeful Retirement Savings: Wright emphasizes understanding the real purpose behind one's retirement savings, urging investors to look beyond media hype and fleeting investment trends.

  • Impact of COVID-19 and Economic Shifts: Explore how the global pandemic and subsequent economic shutdowns have reshaped the market landscape, posing unique challenges and opportunities for retirees.

  • Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Decisions: Gain insights into how the Federal Reserve's policies on interest rates might affect retirement portfolios, offering a perspective to help viewers make more informed financial decisions.

  • Practical Investment Advice: The book provides actionable guidance on investing for income through dividends and interest, rather than relying on the sale of shares for financial sustenance.

  • Working with Income Advisors: Wright advocates for the importance of professional advice in avoiding common investment pitfalls and adapting portfolios to changing market conditions.

🏦 Whether you're nearing retirement, already retired, or planning for the future, this episode offers valuable advice on navigating the complexities of retirement portfolio management in a volatile economic environment.

Find David @ David M. WrightWright Financial Group, LLC › david-m-wright


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Kerry Lutz interviewed William Nutting, proprietor of the financial newsletter NutStuff, who discussed the challenges facing investors worldwide in seeking out good returns, including diversifying away from the big stocks and investing in special situations, small caps, crypto, gold, uranium, commodities, and emerging markets. Nutting emphasized the importance of understanding that the world has changed to a world of positive real rates and that companies that are going to be successful are those that have repaired themselves and are selling products that people need and use increasingly more. He also discussed the potential for investment opportunities in areas with increasing weighting in global benchmarks, such as Saudi Arabia, and the importance of embracing common sense when it comes to investment spending and capital expenditures. Finally, Nutting shared his investment strategy of looking for opportunities in markets that are priced for perfection, such as artificial intelligence and marijuana, and provided information about his subscription-based investment research business and the content it covers.

Find his newsletter @

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Kerry Lutz and James Locke discussed various economic factors such as interest rates, inflation, and investments. They noted that the producer price index for November remained unchanged, indicating steady inflation and reinforcing the Fed Reserve's decision to leave the Fed funds rate alone. They also talked about the potential impact of a cut in interest rates on investments, with people potentially investing in higher dividend stocks and other value-focused investments.

The discussion also touched on the challenges and opportunities facing the US economy, including tax increases, maintaining international balance, and the potential impact of remote work. Despite the challenges, Locke remained optimistic about the markets and the road ahead.

Find David @

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The meeting between Kerry Lutz and Martin Armstrong covered a wide range of topics, including the US Debt clock, gold, China's future, inflation, interest rates, and the impact of fraud on the system. Armstrong predicts that all governments will change by 2032, including China's, but that the people in China are not about to go back to communism. He also warns that the inflation in the US is due to shortages caused by COVID lockdowns. The discussion highlights the need for politicians to consider the long-term impact of their actions on society and the government.

The conversation also delved into the intricacies of government, currency, and debt. They discussed the benefits of term limits in government and the success of Genoa's system. They also explored the instability of currencies without trustworthy economies and the flaws in the euro. The conversation then turned to the potential for the FDIC to default on savings accounts and the increasing control over financial transactions, highlighting the potential for draconian measures in the face of a collapsing system.

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_08.Dec.23.mp3
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Dive into an insightful discussion with Kerry Lutz and Claudia Moncarz about the IRS's recent funding surge and the role of AI in transforming tax collection and enforcement. In this episode:

👨‍💼👩‍💼 Key Topics:

  • IRS's Enhanced Enforcement: Explore how the IRS is utilizing its increased funding, focusing particularly on auditing high-income individuals and corporations.
  • AI in Tax Collection: Discover how artificial intelligence is streamlining the IRS's processes, making tax collection more efficient.
  • Tracking Digital Assets: Understand the IRS's approach to monitoring digital assets and its implications.
  • Corporate Transparency Act Enforcement: Delve into how the IRS is enforcing this critical act.
  • Non-Filers Challenge: Learn about the significant number of people who don't file tax returns and the IRS's strategies to tackle this issue.

📬 Dealing with the IRS:

  • Opening IRS Letters: Find out why it's crucial to pay attention to communications from the IRS and act promptly.
  • Respectful Interactions: Hear insights on the importance of treating the IRS with respect and consideration during tax issues.
  • Expert Advice: Claudia Moncarz shares her expertise on handling tax problems and offers her contact information for personal guidance.

Visit Claudia's site at

Find Kerry here: FSN


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Kerry Lutz interviews Chase Insogna about end-of-year tax planning tips for business owners. Chase emphasizes the importance of being proactive with tax planning and bookkeeping, recommending hiring a CPA, making big purchases for Section 179 deduction or bonus depreciation, and selling stocks to offset gains. He also suggests setting up an LLC S Corp, having clean books, paying a reasonable salary, and saving for retirement.

They discuss the benefits of paying your kids and spouse, including tax savings and maximizing deductions, and the importance of tax planning and business structure. They recommend considering S-corp for tax planning and ongoing accounting for businesses making two to three hundred thousand in revenue.

Find Chase here: Insogna CPA

Find Kerry here: FSN

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In this insightful interview, Bob Hoye joined Kerry Lutz to explore the burgeoning opportunities in the gold sector, particularly focusing on a promising small cap gold mining company in Colombia. This company, boasting a 20-kilometer-long main reef rich in gold, epitomizes the potential growth Hoye and Lutz foresee in the gold market. The discussion pivoted around the belief that gold stocks are set to outperform the S&P in the coming years, underpinned by the sector's strong growth prospects.

Delving into the broader financial landscape, Hoye and Lutz dissected the anatomy of a financial bubble, aligning their analysis with current market conditions. They highlighted crucial indicators like the strengthening of the senior currency and the rise in real long interest rates, providing a roadmap for navigating from boom to bust phases in the market. This part of the conversation was particularly enlightening as it offered a pragmatic approach to understanding market dynamics.

A significant portion of the discussion was dedicated to the historical and potential future performance of gold stocks, especially during periods of post-bubble deflation. The speakers drew on the example of Homestake, a gold mining company, to illustrate how gold stocks have historically fared during challenging economic times. This case study underscored their optimism about gold's enduring profitability and growth potential.

If you want Bob's list of Junior Gold Miners write at kl@kerrylutz and put Bob's Stocks in the subject line. 


Direct download: Bob_Hoye_08.Dec.23.mp3
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In this insightful interview, Kerry Lutz sits down with Chris Vermeulen, a renowned market analyst, to delve deep into the dynamics of various financial markets. They explore the current state of the stock market, gold prices, the bond market, crude oil, and trading strategies, offering valuable insights for investors and traders alike.

Chris Vermeulen presents an intriguing outlook, predicting a rise in the stock market leading into the New Year, highlighting the possibility of a short squeeze, and discussing the contrasting trends in big cap and small cap investments. A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to analyzing the recent volatility in gold prices, where Vermeulen suggests the possibility of a major double top forming in the stock market. 

Turning their attention to currency, Vermeulen forecasts a weakening dollar, coupled with a continuous rally in stocks and a gradual uptick in gold prices. He shares his insights on the bond market and interest rates, suggesting a current downtrend and stalling rates. The discussion also covers the crude oil market, where Vermeulen sees a short-term downtrend within a broader sideways trading pattern, anticipating further declines in prices.

Additionally, the interview sheds light on Chris’s work at, discussing the analytical approaches and trade signals available on the site. They touch upon a variety of asset classes, including lesser-discussed ones like uranium and Bitcoin. Kerry Lutz also shares his personal strategies in Bitcoin trading and experiences in accumulating physical silver.

This conversation is a goldmine for anyone interested in understanding and navigating the complex world of financial markets. 

Visit Chris Vermeulen's website for more insights: TheTechnicalTraders

Find Kerry here: FSN

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Kerry Lutz sits down with Prospera Energy's (🇺🇸GXRFF -- 🇨🇦PEI) CEO Samuel David and CFO Chris Ludtke for the latest production updates and strategic developments. They provide us with their recent operational achievements, including the new well at Brooks and the eight new horizontal wells. He explained that bringing horizontal wells online requires a brief shut down of the adjoining wells, in an effort to optimize production and minimize decline rates.

The new Brooks well is should be a significant contributor to output. Samuel expects to conclude 2023 with an 1800 BOE per day production rate, which is quite impressive considering that when he took over Prospera it was producing 60 BOE. He provides an in-depth look at how the company is effectively tapping into previously inaccessible reserves, a move that promises to substantially impact Prospera's reserve valuation and Net Present Value (NPV).

Chris provided details on PEI's financials, drill program, and acquisitions. He confirms that the company has successfully managed expenses, achieving a substantial reduction in fixed costs through increased production efficiencies.

Samuel expounded further on the cost-effective strategies being implemented. Costs per well are currently coming in 15 percent under budget, providing proof of Prospera's strict financial management, in an industry often known for high costs.

Finally, Samuel provides us with a look at Prospera's acquisition strategy. The company is focused on acquiring distressed properties, particularly those rich in light oil, to balance their heavy oil portfolio. He reveals that Prospera has five significant acquisitions in the pipeline, some of which are located in the United States. He's racing to complete them in Q1 '23. Visit Prospera's website at: and sign up for notifications.

Direct download: 096_Prospera_Energy_FSN_V2.mp3
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In a meeting between Kerry Lutz and Gerald Celente, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate and banking industries was discussed. With remote work becoming more prevalent, people are leaving cities, leading to a decrease in occupancy rates and an increase in vacant buildings. This will result in owners of these buildings defaulting on their mortgages, leading to a banking crisis.

The pandemic has also led to the decline of cultural centers and trade centers in cities, with businesses that depend on commuters going out of business. The rise of crime and homelessness in cities is also contributing to people leaving. The conversation highlights the interconnectedness of the global economy and the consequences of political decisions on economic growth.

The discussion also touched on the decline in manufacturing numbers and how it will lead to a decrease in consumer buying. They also talked about the unsustainability of the current population growth and how it will affect the economy. The conversation then shifted to the potential risks to Bitcoin, including government intervention, and recommended investing in real estate as a long-term play.

Finally, they predicted that holiday sales will be weak and that the markets will go down after the new year, and urged investors to be cautious in their financial decisions. The negative impact of urbanization on cities globally was also discussed, with a focus on the United States. They suggested that de-urbanization may be a positive outcome of current events.

Visit Gerald at

Visit Kerry at FSN


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The meeting discussed the benefits of cost segregation studies for real estate investors looking to save money on taxes. Joseph Viery from US Tax Advisors Group explained that the study identifies shorter life assets of a property and calculates the correct cost to them, which can be written off against taxes. Viery provided an example of how a $250,000 cost segregation study can cut a $500,000 taxable income in half.

He also explained that the study is an engineering-based process that calculates how much accelerated depreciation the taxpayer is entitled to. The meeting also discussed how the process has become much easier and doesn't require an on-site review, and that they provide a no-cost estimate for the process.

The meeting also discussed how cost segregation studies can benefit condo owners, although the process is slightly different and costs $100 more. Viery emphasized that tax savings can be used to improve properties or buy more property, and that the investment is recommended if it can save investors 10 times his fee. Overall, the meeting provided valuable information for investors looking to save on taxes through cost segregation, including the fact that the IRS guarantees the process and that they offer a free estimate of potential savings.

Direct download: Joseph_Viery_05.Dec.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Carl Gould discussed the resurgence of buy now, pay later plans and how they can be an effective way for companies to attract new customers. They cautioned consumers to be aware of potential hidden fees and penalties before signing up for these programs. The speakers also discussed the challenges facing retailers in the changing retail landscape and how they are adapting to attract customers. They emphasized the importance of creating a compelling experience for customers and using innovative tactics such as bundling, clearance racks, promotions, and discounts.

The conversation also touched on the pros and cons of online shopping versus local stores, with Amazon being a trusted source for finding products and managing expectations. The speakers noted the advantage of curbside pickup offered by Target and Walmart, which has proven to be a valuable service for customers who need items quickly. Additionally, the speakers discussed the trends in Christmas shopping and the rise of buy now, pay later programs.

They cautioned listeners to be aware of the fine print and not to use the programs to play catch up. Finally, the speakers emphasized the significance of the three major holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which make up to 40% of businesses' revenue, and the importance of strategic planning for consumers to save money by buying off-season.

Visit Carl's site at:

Direct download: Carl_Gould_06.Dec.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed the recent highs and lows of the gold and silver market, with Rubino explaining the concept of resistance and support in trading. They speculated on whether gold will drop to $2000 and bounce back up, which would indicate a bull market. Rubino also mentioned the macro reasons for a possible recession and how it could affect the precious metals market, with Lutz suggesting that this could be a "back up the truck moment" for buying gold. They also discussed the potential impact of ETFs on the cryptocurrency market, with John suggesting that the ETFs could be a significant new source of demand that sends Bitcoin and Ethereum up dramatically.

The conversation also touched on the possibility of a false flag attack in the Middle East to justify going to war, with Rubino expressing concern that some in the US government would like a US-Israeli alliance to destroy all perceived enemies in the region. They both urged caution and verification of any information coming from the government. Additionally, they engaged in a lively discussion about the upcoming election and the various scenarios that could occur, including scandals, health emergencies, and convictions. Overall, the conversation highlighted the unpredictability and uniqueness of the current political and economic climate.

Find John here:

Find Kerry here: FSN

Direct download: John_Rubino_05.Dec.23.mp3
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Derek Mazzarella, a CFP, discussed his core satellite approach to investing, which involves blending other asset classes around core holdings like the S&P 500 to help clients avoid emotional investing during volatile markets. He also shared his theories on why the market has rallied, including positive inflation numbers and above-average earnings, but noted potential risks ahead, such as unemployment and interest rates, which could impact the market. Mazzarella also discussed the impact of national debt and spending on taxes, highlighting the need to keep an eye on the amount of debt the country has and how it will impact spending in the future. Finally, Mazzarella discussed investment strategies for the new year amidst market uncertainty, suggesting investing in fixed investments like bonds for short-term investments and quality stocks for long-term investments, and paying attention to tax moves like tax lost harvesting and making gifts before the end of the year.

Find Derek here: JustRetireAlready

Find Kerry here: FSN


Direct download: Derek_Mazzarella_05.Dec.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent GDP report and market behavior. Gifford expressed skepticism about the report and warned of warning signs in intermarket relationships and small companies struggling. He also discussed the concentration of stocks in the S&P 500 and how it could lead to trouble if those stocks have a bad day or self-correct.

Gifford advised having a disciplined strategy with predetermined reasons to get in and out of investments, holding cash, and taking profits as the market rises. He also warned of cracks under the surface of the market, including high consumer debt and government spending built on debt, and predicted a financial event in six to nine months. The conversation ended with a discussion of where to find Gifford and how to connect with him.

Find Eddy here: tactive wealth

Find Kerry here: FSN

Direct download: Eddy_Gifford_01.Dec.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviews Michael Moor, a technical analyst, about his analysis of the markets based on price action. Mike shares his charts and projections for the S&P, which he sends to his clients every morning. He believes the market is still bullish and could potentially reach 46,333.50 before a correction. Mike also discusses potential exhaustion levels and areas of concern for the market, including the possibility of a rollover if the market settles below 46,333.50 for a couple of days.

Mike provides a detailed technical analysis of gold and natural gas, highlighting key levels and trends. He warns of the possibility of a bearish correction in gold and notes the low volatility in natural gas, which affects trading. Kerry asks questions and seeks clarification on certain points, including the potential bullish indicator of gold staying over $2000 for a record amount of time.

Mike and Kerry also discuss the merits of technical analysis versus fundamental analysis in predicting market moves. Mike argues that technical analysis is more effective because it reveals market trends earlier than fundamental analysis. They also engage in a lighthearted discussion about the terms "trending" and "tron" and their historical significance in the stock market and commodities exchange.

The conversation highlights the evolution of trading practices and the impact of technology on the industry. Mike provides specific trade levels and projections for various markets, including crude oil and Bitcoin, and emphasizes the importance of watching the market around key levels to determine the next significant move.

Visit Mike's site at:

Direct download: Michael_Moor_01.Dec.23.mp3
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1. The consumer Confidence Index was up for consumers 5 +but down for 34-54.

2. The revisions for the previous month were down not up. The downward revisions of previous months data ni other metrics such as jobs and housing and CPI and MPI se em ot be a trend in itself.

3. LEI for the U.S. Declines again ni October. Contracting by 3.3 %over six months.

4. Most of the major LEI contributed negatively ot the LEI in October.

A. NewOrders - 2

B . Average weekly initial claims - 18

C . Building Permits Private Housing -.14

D . Interest Rate Spread, -85%(10yr./FedFunds)

The consumer resilience that is reflected in some of the data that is meaningful doesn't line up with what I see in person with conversations while traveling to main street America.

 The consumer is just starting to feel the reality as the cost of inflation and higher interest rates is hitting home. The dwindling savings of both the consumer and commercial savings accounts is seen in the data but is just starting to be felt.

The Fed can't be the buyer of last resort of al unsold treasuries very much longer. January/ February of 2024 should be interesting for all involved. Expect the consumer confidence to begin a sharp reversal beginning in late December and accelerating through the first quarter as the data lines up with the markets and reality.


Direct download: Russell_Stone_30.Nov.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz interviewed Matt Putra, a fractional CFO, who provided an overview of how fractional CFOs work and the benefits of hiring them. Matt explained that fractional CFOs help companies save costs and improve their financial performance by providing a full finance team and a broader market view. He also discussed his process for financial forecasting and risk management for turnarounds and growth companies, which involves building a detailed financial forecast and working with the leadership team to create a risk register and prioritize areas to work on. Matt's company specializes in turnarounds, fundraising, and growth for e-commerce, SAS, and clean tech industries, and he advised companies to look for a fractional CFO with lived experience and successes in their industry.

Matt's linkedin

His company's website is

Direct download: Matt_Putra_28.Nov.23.mp3
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In this riveting interview, Kerry Lutz sits down with Mark Shaw, a prominent JFK assassination investigator, to delve into his groundbreaking research that challenges the official narrative of the JFK assassination and sheds light on the enigmatic death of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen.

1. Dorothy Kilgallen's Career and Involvement:
Mark Shaw provides a comprehensive overview of Dorothy Kilgallen's illustrious career as a journalist and her significant role in investigating JFK's assassination. Kilgallen's relentless pursuit of the truth led her into a complex web of conspiracy and intrigue.

2. New Revelations and Corruption within the Warren Commission:
Shaw exposes startling new revelations and government corruption surrounding the Warren Commission's investigation into JFK's assassination. He uncovers how key commission members were handpicked by President Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to support the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Dissenting opinions were systematically ignored and destroyed.

3. Dorothy Kilgallen's Connection to Carlos Marcello:
Shaw delves into Kilgallen's investigation into JFK's assassination and her connection to Carlos Marcello, a powerful mafia figure with a motive to eliminate JFK due to his brother Bobby Kennedy's relentless pursuit of organized crime. The interview unveils new information from Morris Wolfe, who knew Kilgallen, providing further evidence that her knowledge may have cost her life.

4. Government Cover-Up and Destruction of Evidence:
Shaw discusses the alarming concerns of Senator Richard Russell and Senator John Sherman Cooper, both disturbed by the cover-up and destruction of crucial evidence during the Warren Commission's investigation. The interview underscores the extent of government corruption that plagued the probe.

5. Reopening the Case of Dorothy Kilgallen:
In a thought-provoking conclusion, Lutz and Shaw ponder the possibility of reopening the case of Dorothy Kilgallen, believing that her untimely demise was a result of her relentless pursuit of the truth surrounding JFK's assassination. This discussion leaves viewers with haunting questions about the hidden depths of this enduring mystery.

Mark Shaw's research challenges the official narrative of JFK's assassination and brings to light a dark world of government corruption and intrigue. This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in uncovering the truth behind one of the most significant events in American history and the mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen.

Visit Mark's site to find out more: Mark Shaw Books

Visit Kerry here: FSN

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