According to Craig Hemke, the only trade you need to watch is the Dollar-Yen. As long as the Dollar stays strong, gold and metals are going nowhere. Craig, a/k/a Turd Ferguson made this startling discovery several years ago. And it has predicted gold prices like a charm. Nothing else in the world seems to matter these days. Whether it be North Korean missile tests, higher debt and deficits, scandals or anything else for that matter, gold is trapped by algorithms and will stay that way until it doesn't. How long is anyone's guess. 

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Naresh Vissa is a long time friend of the show. He's written a new book, TrumpBook: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again. It's an interesting look at why Donald Trump won the presidency and how liberals are making hate great again. Naresh does a number of verbatim compilations of people blaming Trump for the damnedest things. Like their headache, flu, the weather and many more things he has absolutely no control over. It's entertaining and at the same time very disturbing, but definitely worth a read. 

Direct download: Naresh_Vissa_29.Nov.17.mp3
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Technology can be a beautiful thing, especially when it acts as a force multiplier for people already doing a good job. Benjamin Bressington's brainchild is and it has the potential to shake up the moribund real estate industry. It handles an amazing array of tasks that can greatly increase an individual's productivity and income. We're excited to help spread the word about it. 

Direct download: Benjamin_Bressington_29.Nov.17.mp3
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Jason was an early investor in Bitcoin and first recommended it to his subscribers around $100. He has 10 cryptocurrencies in the GSB model portfolio and a developed an ICO tracker to review and assign ratings to upcoming initial coin offerings. He's well versed in blockchain tech, current news, the various contentious forks, etc.

His latest articles: Why I am not Buying into the Bitcoin Cash Hype and Why Litecoin is Massively Undervalued vs Bitcoin.

Beyond the incredible investment returns, Jason also believes in the moral case for investing in cryptocurrencies and published an article about it here:

Direct download: Jason_Hamlin_28.Nov.17.mp3
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John LeBoutillier as a former congressman is only too aware of the goings on in swap. Now, scarcely a day goes by without someone on Capitol Hill being unmasked. You can expect more of the same for the indefinite future, no doubt. 

Who's running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a governmental entity that should not exist? Well the court has now decided and we'll have to wait for the appeals, but our money is on Trump's appointee. 

Direct download: John_LeBoutillier_28.Nov.17.mp3
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Though Mosher believes President Trump is doing an incredible job dealing with China—and it’s tributary state, North Korea—he say’s there is still much to fear.

In his eye opening new book, Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order, Mosher exposes Chinese president Xi Jinping’s dreams of overturning the current U.S.-led world order and replacing it with one dominated by China. He argues that now, more than ever, U.S. foreign policy must be consistently and resolutely directed at curbing the power-hungry People’s Republic of China.

Direct download: Steven_Mosher_28.Nov.17.mp3
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Todd Bubba Horwitz is concerned about the country's future. There's no longer good paying jobs for the middle class. And Trump has been stymied at every turn. Unless the country gets its act together, there's major trouble ahead. Bubba's been doing his show for years and knows that the Austrian way is best, but who's listening? 

Direct download: Todd_Bubba_Horwitz_28.Nov.17.mp3
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To Daniel Greenfield it's very clear, the democrats have not rediscovered morality, but rather their apparent desire to banish the Clintons is all about political self-interest. The Clintons are yesterday's news and they are holding the party back. So now is a very convenient time to be outraged over Bill's treatment of the fairer sex. But don't believe it, the party could care less.

And if you're a liberal who needs a safe space, there will soon be a hotel in Washington DC catering to your sensibilities. Owned by liberals, for liberals with a completely liberal staff. Talk about an echo chamber. 

Direct download: Daniel_Greenfield_27.Nov.17.mp3
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John Rubino is watching the stock buyback frenzy being replaced by retail investors joining the fray. Does that mean that a top is getting close? Makes one wonder. He's thinking that the large economies will do their best to outlaw crypto-currencies that are not directly under their control. Imagine a crime, possession with intent to distribute bitcoin. Seems far-fetched, but then people smoking marijuana in the early 1900's never saw prohibition coming either. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_27.Nov.17.mp3
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Financial advisor Anthony Saccaro joined us for a discussion of markets and the economy. He's skeptical of the exalted state of the American Economy. He sees many areas in which it has not recovered. Like employment, high levels of benefit recipients and the escalating debt. Where's it all heading and how can you avoid the fallout? Listen on and think about crypto-currencies. 


Direct download: Anthony_Saccaro_27.Nov.17.mp3
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Andy is moving on. Nothing matters but crypto-currencies. According to Andy, everything changes and monetary systems are no exception. Cryptos are coming to dominate the world and everything else in it. And Andy has a point. Intangible property such as brands, trademarks, patents have become worth many times more in value than the world's tangible assets. The question is, "Will it continue on in the form of crypto-currencies?" Andy is convinced. I myself believe that the final chapter has not been written. In the meantime, Andy won't be on the show for a while. As you are well aware, he became a Bitcoin believer while being a bullion marketer. This led to an inevitable conflict, which ended several months ago. Now he's free to pursue his heart's desire. 

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_22.Nov.17.mp3
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Peter Spina has been running Goldseek/Silverseek for nearly 20 years. He was early to the internet and has been running strong ever since. He's a free thinker and a libertarian. He's managed to keep his sites relevant for nearly two decades, which is no mean feat. He moved to the Czech Republic, partly to connect with his heritage and also because he sees Eastern Europe as a freedom loving place. He shares with us his experiences and how he got where he is today. He is someone who is making a difference, for sure!

Direct download: Peter_Spina_21.Nov.17.mp3
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Mickey Fulp was at the Gold Silver Summit in SF. We talked with him about the uranium's prospects. For years, we've followed its travails in our monthly market reviews. Just when you think it can't go any lower, it never fails to disappoint. But now, Cameco has closed its major mine and plant, temporarily, driving the price of uranium to $26, a price that is still unprofitable. But as they say, "The best cure for low prices, is low prices."Let's see if this holds true yet again. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_20.Nov.17.mp3
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I bumped into Sprott Global's Rick Rule at the Gold-Silver Summit in San Francisco. Rick is extremely bullish on cryptos. There's still great potential here, but it's also a younger man's game. That doesn't mean that us older investors can't make money, but rather that the 20 plus year olds are where the innovations in the space are coming from. He's impressed by the brilliance of the block chain technology and sees many more huge and profitable innovations coming down the road. But of course there's going to be bumps, so don't sell your tulip bulbs just yet, you might them. Rick is always full of great views on things. 

Direct download: Rick_Rule_20.Nov.17.mp3
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David Erfle is so hooked on junior miners that he started Junior Miner Junky, a newsletter dedicated to uncovering the value plays in the field. He believes that Idaho is an up and coming jurisdiction that will catch most players by surprise. He sees great potential and great companies emerging that will make earlier investors an extremely high return. Hats off to David for doing what he loves! 

Direct download: David_Erfle_20.Nov.17.mp3
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There are so many events happening in the world now. Angela Merkel's days look numbered. Tax reform happening? Silver-Gold Summit, is it still relevant? Continue mission, charlie-mike, as they say in the army. But it's certainly frustrating to all the believers. We keep taking on more and more debt and yet precious metals refuses to move. Gold and silver should be going up, but nothing is happening now. But as the saying goes, "Things take much longer to happen than you ever thought but possible, but when they do it unfolds much faster than you ever believed." The numbers don't lie and yet the liars seem to have made them irrelevant. Let's see what happens. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_20.Nov.17.mp3
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The correct answer is who knows? However, Michael believes that there’s at least a possibility. The real problem is could 2009 happen again? No one knows the future, but at least be prepared because anything can and will happen. Take some money off the table. Partial liquidation of profitable holdings is a good idea at this point in the market. What will happen if tax reform doesn’t happen? The market could take a major hit. 

Direct download: Michael_Eastham_20.Nov.17.mp3
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House’s New “Controversial” Tax Plan

Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus and Seasoned Political Activist Matt Nye uses his expertise to touch on Trump’s new Tax Proposal and what the impact would be on America.

The House Republicans’ new tax plan released by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) proposes bold changes for tax reform — changes that have already been received with outrage by many groups. A number of industries and the small business lobby have come out against the bill, and the bill faces headwinds in both parties.

The bill, called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” puts forward extensive tax cuts for businesses, but many people are hazy on whether their own taxes would go up or down, given the complexity of deductions. What questions remain unanswered?

Direct download: Matt_Nye_15.Nov.17.mp3
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Whether people like it or not, Bannon has proven himself to be a relentless rebel working like a machine against the Republican establishment. The chances of him slowing down are slim to none.

He told reporter Keith Koffler during an exclusive one-on-one interview, “We’re never gonna beat the Democrats until we beat the real enemy, which is the establishment Republicans, because they stand for nothing. All they stand for is money and power, right? And we can take that on and defeat it.”

In his profound new book, Bannon: Always the Rebel, Koffler utilizes hours of exclusive interviews with Bannon to reveal his plan for a GOP takeover and restoring America.

Direct download: Keith_Koffler_15.Nov.17.mp3
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Danielle D'Martino Booth joined us for a very enlightening conversation about the Federal Reserve and her book Fed Up: An Insider's View on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America. Having worked many years in the belly of the beast, Danielle gives us a unique perspective on why things are the way they are. There's no accounting for bureaucratic crack ups, they're an inevitable part of government. But her stories are entertaining and instructive. A must listen!

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Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:

2X fork cancelled, as predicted!

BCash raid commenced immediately, in process of failing

BGold fork completed, others coming

2018 – The Herd is Coming to Crypto!

etc., etc.

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Craig Cecilio is a 20 year real estate finance veteran. So when crowd source funding started to come about, he jumped on it. His DiversyFund has raised over $100 million for sound California real estate projects. He sees the opportunities as nearly limitless once the fund expands nationwide. And providing investors with a 9-18% annual return, it sounds like a winner to us. 

Direct download: Craig_Cecilio_14.Nov.17.mp3
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When it comes to calling the gold cycle few people have been as accurate as Erik Hadik during the last few years. Now he believes that the yellow metal is poised to go much higher between now and Q1 2018. Stocks still have some way to go, but the Dow Transports peaked in mid-October and this could confirm that a multi-month top could be in place. 

Eric made a call concerning Middle East turbulence. And sure enough we've just seen a major upset in the Saudi Royal Family. What does that mean for the future? This could be his most surprising and important call yet. Could a Muslim unification be coming in 2018-2021? Multiple attempts have been made, but to date they've all failed. This will be much more significant. 

Direct download: Eric_Hadick_14.Nov.17.mp3
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Amy Wan was a partner in a law firm. She looked out over the horizon and believed that things were changing rapidly, and that she wanted to be on the right side of that change. This led her start her own company, which specializes in helping people do funding syndications with drastically reduced legal fees. So far, it's been a great ride and with the emphasis on efficiency in the legal system, it should get even better. 

Direct download: Amy_Wan_13.Nov.17.mp3
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Short term rates are starting to rise, but long term rates are not. What does that mean to the economy? Under normal circumstances that would mean a recession is on the way. We're also seeing further deterioration of state finances and junk bonds have been getting hammered. Perhaps, we've really been living in the best of all possible worlds and now the merry-go-round is going to stop, quickly and hard!

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