There are so many events happening in the world now. Angela Merkel's days look numbered. Tax reform happening? Silver-Gold Summit, is it still relevant? Continue mission, charlie-mike, as they say in the army. But it's certainly frustrating to all the believers. We keep taking on more and more debt and yet precious metals refuses to move. Gold and silver should be going up, but nothing is happening now. But as the saying goes, "Things take much longer to happen than you ever thought but possible, but when they do it unfolds much faster than you ever believed." The numbers don't lie and yet the liars seem to have made them irrelevant. Let's see what happens. 

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The correct answer is who knows? However, Michael believes that there’s at least a possibility. The real problem is could 2009 happen again? No one knows the future, but at least be prepared because anything can and will happen. Take some money off the table. Partial liquidation of profitable holdings is a good idea at this point in the market. What will happen if tax reform doesn’t happen? The market could take a major hit. 

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