Last month was the 30th Anniversary of the famous October stock market crash in 1987 in which nearly 25% of the market value dropped in one day... as well as being infamous for the original stock market crash on October 28th, 1929. Black Monday, usually in late October, is associated with ominous events, turbulence, and calamities.

Gerard believes that all the pieces are now in place for an unprecedented political crisis in Washington. In the short run, I’m concerned that many Americans will fear for the nation’s good health. In the long term, I believe America will survive and thrive past Black Monday in Washington 2017. However, I think our long-term outlook is still rock solid, optimistic, and good. 

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Trump tax cut not until 2018? Infrastructure? Who knows. Rates are headed higher, probably at a slower rate than Yellen promised. The tax cut is a mixed bag for individuals, however it will be a Godsend for smaller businesses that are currently taxed at much higher rates. Jordan sees it happening early next year. Let's see who's right. But no matter how badly the government screws, the market always finds a solution!

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Eddie Ghabour has been saying for quite a while that the bull market in stocks is the real thing. He believes that tax reform, especially on the corporate side will become a reality, sooner or later. It's going to be a boon for small businesses around the country. And it will spur employment and growth. It's just a question of when it goes through, this year or next. 

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We talked with Ned Schmidt about the impending increase in precious metals. He's ultra bullish. He doesn't believe that Bitcoin can take gold's place as the ultimate insurance policy against stupid government. He's very bullish on Ag. Circumstances favor a lot different commodities going up and up. 

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