Mickey Fulp was at the Gold Silver Summit in SF. We talked with him about the uranium's prospects. For years, we've followed its travails in our monthly market reviews. Just when you think it can't go any lower, it never fails to disappoint. But now, Cameco has closed its major mine and plant, temporarily, driving the price of uranium to $26, a price that is still unprofitable. But as they say, "The best cure for low prices, is low prices."Let's see if this holds true yet again. 

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I bumped into Sprott Global's Rick Rule at the Gold-Silver Summit in San Francisco. Rick is extremely bullish on cryptos. There's still great potential here, but it's also a younger man's game. That doesn't mean that us older investors can't make money, but rather that the 20 plus year olds are where the innovations in the space are coming from. He's impressed by the brilliance of the block chain technology and sees many more huge and profitable innovations coming down the road. But of course there's going to be bumps, so don't sell your tulip bulbs just yet, you might them. Rick is always full of great views on things. 

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David Erfle is so hooked on junior miners that he started Junior Miner Junky, a newsletter dedicated to uncovering the value plays in the field. He believes that Idaho is an up and coming jurisdiction that will catch most players by surprise. He sees great potential and great companies emerging that will make earlier investors an extremely high return. Hats off to David for doing what he loves! 

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