Whether people like it or not, Bannon has proven himself to be a relentless rebel working like a machine against the Republican establishment. The chances of him slowing down are slim to none.

He told reporter Keith Koffler during an exclusive one-on-one interview, “We’re never gonna beat the Democrats until we beat the real enemy, which is the establishment Republicans, because they stand for nothing. All they stand for is money and power, right? And we can take that on and defeat it.”

In his profound new book, Bannon: Always the Rebel, Koffler utilizes hours of exclusive interviews with Bannon to reveal his plan for a GOP takeover and restoring America.

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Danielle D'Martino Booth joined us for a very enlightening conversation about the Federal Reserve and her book Fed Up: An Insider's View on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America. Having worked many years in the belly of the beast, Danielle gives us a unique perspective on why things are the way they are. There's no accounting for bureaucratic crack ups, they're an inevitable part of government. But her stories are entertaining and instructive. A must listen!

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Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:

2X fork cancelled, as predicted!

BCash raid commenced immediately, in process of failing

BGold fork completed, others coming

2018 – The Herd is Coming to Crypto!

etc., etc.

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