Doug joined us for a follow-up to his speech at the New Orleans Investment Conference. Doug expressed his reservations about the survival of Western Civilization. Between the dumbing down of the population, unrestrained migration and a generally coarsening of discourse, the individual's sovereignty is under attack. It's faced other challenges in the past, but perhaps this time is different. We had better wake up quickly. 

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Richard Cella sees much to be optimistic about concerning the economy and the stock market. But it's priced to perfection and there's many things that can go wrong. It's also priced to include a big tax cut and there's much doubt on the horizon concerning that accomplishment. But you never know how long the good times will keep rolling. 

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Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Bitcoin approaching new all-time high

-SegWit 2x hard fork losing support, just one week from occurring

Bitcoin dominance exploding

CME Futures contract launches next week – ETFs to follow

Buy Bitcoin searches on Google surged past buy gold

-Bitcoin/gold “flippening” inevitable

Global debt exploding, led by the U.S., with no end in sight


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