There's many changes afoot in the gold mining sector. The so-called GDX-J appears to be ready undergo another makeover. This time non-cashflowing companies will be removed from the index. Only producers and royalty companies will be included. What about all those exploration companies? How will this impact their ability to raise capital? We talk extensively about Barrick-Newmont-Goldcorp and where they're heading. Large numbers of projects will be spun-off to raise capital and lower debt. What will the industry look like next year at this time? But this spells major opportunity for those with capital and expertise. 

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Probably not much. It's in their interest to just sit back and wait while the rest of the world opens up the money spigot. They'll probably wind up doing that too, but right now they can just keep the machine idling until the direction becomes clearer. We also had a discussion about Basel III. It could be that once again gold reserves will be considered money. Is that too much to hope for and would it upend the international monetary system? It does help explain renewed central bank buying. 

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We met Jerry years ago; he's an ace trend trader. That means he's looking for hot markets to put his money into. It's often said that the trend is your friend and Jerry believes that the trend is looking up for Gold, Cannabis, Cryptos and China. It's translating that belief into action that's the hard part. He sees gold going up as a result of endless US deficits and the pressure that will come to bear on the dollar. Cannabis is just getting started. Imagine the gold rush if it gets taken off the Schedule A list of dangerous drugs. He's bullish too on cryptos and believes that Bitcoin will rise again. And finally, he believes that China is already the largest economy on the planet, in terms of individual purchasing power, and will keep on rising. Let's see what happens next. 

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