The Republican Liberty Caucus head Matt Nye joined us. Looks like there's some major movement in the Mueller Probe. The so-called Bulldog is leaving to go spend more time with his family and he will assume a teaching position to help free wrongly convicted innocent people . I wonder if some of them will be people he put away.

Show me a failing city and I'll show you a democrat mayor. The evidence is ample! In some cities, the last non-democrat mayor was a Whig Party member. No wonder Johnny can't read, write or do 'rithmetic. 

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Andy Schectman head of respected bullion dealer Miles Franklin joined us. Business is good. Perhaps more people are looking for the ultimate safe haven that precious metals afford. We examined several precious metals market anomalies and there are lot more. The gold silver ratio at around 84-1 is completely out of whack. The premium on junk silver is running less than one percent. Platinum prices are at generational lows when compared to gold and palladium. And finally, the palladium price is higher than gold and almost double that of platinum. What's going on here and how long can it go on? And last but not least, JP Morgan Chase has accumulated nearly 1 billion ounces of silver, the largest hoard ever assembled. Why would they be accumulating this barbarous relic, along with mining stocks, SLV and other silver ETF's. Some might dare call it manipulation; they've won every single metals trade they've made for years. 

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