Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed the current state of the economy, including the recent drop in interest rates and the concerning trend of rising deficits and lack of fiscal control in the government. They explored potential solutions, including a gold standard or austerity measures, but concluded that there may be no easy way out of the current situation and that a financial crisis may be necessary to impose austerity and bring the country back to living within its means. The speakers also discussed the risks associated with stock buybacks and how companies manipulate their financial statements to inflate profits and hide losses. They urged listeners to visit their respective websites for more information and to send in questions for future meetings.

  • Hedge fund guy Bill Ackman sold his T-bond shorts, called the interest rate top and rates fell hard. 
  • Wall Street landlords are in a bind, with interest rates up and house prices falling. Brutal 2024 coming?
  • This year's budget deficit with be the third highest ever. Why?
  • Stock buyback blackout is ending and analysts predict massive buying. What big company in its right mind would buy back its stock now? 
  • UAW strike is spreading. Is labor unrest the new normal?
  • Biden really wants a shot at Iran here. Very dangerous week. 

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