We sat down with Regenx Tech’s (RGX 🇨🇦: RGXTF 🇺🇸) CEO Greg Pendura and USA Division President Rick Purdy for a sponsor update. The team has been busy getting its first plant module up and running. As with any new technology, there have been challenges, but the company has finished the plant commission process and is now ramping up production. Their goal is to process 2.5 tons daily of diesel catalytic converters (per module) and recover the platinum and palladium contained therein; it is now within reach.

Purdy is extremely pleased with their efforts to date. The plant has been streamlined and the recovery process upgraded, which necessitated installation of a larger gas line. Now the ramp-up begins. 

Pendura commented, “It’s coming together and we’re very excited about what we’ve got.” He recently presented RGX’s technology to the Precious Metals Institute’s Scottsdale Conference, which resulted in an NDA from a large industry player, who will soon visit the company’s Tennessee facility. It was also discovered that large smelters have been stockpiling currently unrecyclable diesel converters, while urgently seeking a way to economically reprocess them. This could be another major source of feedstock material for Regenx. 

As the company moves from proof of concept to full-scale industrial production, the market will soon wake up to Regenx’s potential and inherent value, which is why we continue to hold RGX shares.

Company website: https://Regenx.Tech

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