• Returning Guest: Adam Coffey, a familiar voice to the Financial Survival Network and a beacon of entrepreneurial success.
  • Exciting News: Adam unveils his new book, Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion.

Main Discussion Points:

  1. The Entrepreneurial Dream: From starting a business to imagining the zenith of a billion-dollar exit.
  2. Roadblocks to Success: Addressing the very tangible challenges business owners face when trying to scale and maintain profitability.
  3. Adam's personal journey:
    • How he dreamt beyond the obvious hurdles.
    • Navigating the trials and errors on his path to creating a billion-dollar empire.
  4. Lessons from "Empire Builder": Key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business veterans alike.
  5. Adam’s insights on resilience, strategy, and the art of business growth.

Why Read "Empire Builder":

  • Deciphering the secrets behind monumental success in business.
  • Exploring strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable tools that propel businesses to unparalleled heights.

Closing Thoughts:

  • The importance of vision, ambition, and adaptability in the world of business.
  • Inviting listeners to engage with Adam's new book and assimilate its insights.

Connect with Us:

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Martin Turenne, CEO of FPX Nickel (🇺🇸FPOCF -- 🇨🇦FPX) provided us with a sponsor update. He shared details about the just filed Baptiste project’s preliminary feasibility study (PFS), which revealed an impressive 18%+ IRR and an NPV exceeding $2 billion US. These findings position Baptiste as a significant future nickel supplier that will “appeal to the world's leading mining companies.”

Turenne also touched upon the collaboration between automotive giant Toyota and electronics leader Panasonic. Together, they've formed Prime Planet Energy and Solutions, which is set to become a major electric vehicle battery producer. He emphasized the growing demand for nickel, and the need for a secure supply chain. Nickel is a vital element in the manufacture of EV batteries.

Lastly, the CEO provided insights into the potential of the Van mineral deposit. He also highlighted FPX Nickel's commitment to establishing and maintaining a respectful relationship with the First Nations tribes. He Recognizes their concerns about mineral exploration and mining development in their territories, Turenne underscored the company's unshakable commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices.

Visit the company’s website for the latest updates:

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