Kerry Lutz interviews Mark Raffan, the Negotiations Ninja, on the art of negotiation. They discuss the importance of preparation and strategy in negotiations, caution against making it your job to ensure the counterparty gets a win, and emphasize the importance of knowing what you want and breaking it down into negotiable items. Mark shares a real-life example of a negotiation that bombed due to getting stuck in the weeds and discusses the importance of understanding the total value of a deal over the lifetime of that deal. They also advise being direct in negotiations and visualizing the completed deal to have a clear vision of success.

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Kerry Lutz interviews Kyle, the top realtor in the US in 2019, about the current state of the real estate market. Kyle explains that the market is currently in a stalemate, with demand tempering off, but prices and buyer demand not plummeting as expected. Rates are a big factor in the market, and if they were to be cut, there would be a massive influx of buyers.

Kyle also advises buyers and sellers not to let interest rates become the be all and end all, as refinancing is always an option. They also discuss various trends and strategies in the real estate market, including the decline of commercial real estate and the potential for repurposing buildings, as well as the housing shortage in the Northeast. Kyle advises real estate investors to be long-term players and to factor in a contingency plan when looking at deals.

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