• Israel adds to the sense that we're back in the 1970s. Will the US and Iran get involved?
  •  The defense contractor stocks are up, of course. 
  •  Oil had given up $8/bbl of its big run, but this morning it took half of that back. 
  • The yield curve is flattening. What does that mean?  
  • The UAW strike is widening and Keiser Permenante had a temporary strike that might resume if no deal is signed this week.  
  • The weight loss pill story ...  
  • Twitter is absolutely the only way to keep up with fast moving events like a war.  
  • Biden is building Trump's wall as New Yorkers chant "Close the border!"
  • Chaos in the Republican party, or politics the way it should work? 
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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed various topics, including the potential for a global conflict due to the recent Middle East war and its impact on the global economy. They also warned of an impending financial crisis due to rising inflation, spiking oil prices, and geopolitical chaos. The conversation highlighted the need to consider the long-term consequences of relying on quick fixes and the importance of seeking out reliable sources of information in a world where disinformation is rampant.

The discussion also touched on the potential dangers of allowing illegal immigrants into the country, including the possibility of sleeper cells and the economic impact of illegal immigration. They also talked about the changing landscape of news reporting, with Twitter and citizen journalism replacing legacy media outlets. The section emphasized the need to check sources to avoid disinformation and the importance of considering the psychopathic nature of those who view war as a good deal. Overall, the meeting highlighted the potential dangers of geopolitical tensions and the importance of being informed and prepared for potential crises.

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Kerry Lutz and Eddie Siddell discussed the US job report, inflation, and market volatility. Eddie expressed skepticism about the job report, citing that the majority of the jobs added were government and low-paying hospitality jobs. He believes that the economy is not out of the woods yet due to non-recourse commercial loans and overspending, which could lead to inflation.

Both Kerry and Eddie predict volatility in the market due to political uncertainty and advise investors to be prudent and assess their financial situation. They both agree that the key to financial survival is to be prepared and protect one's assets.

Find Eddie here: EGSI Financial.

Find Kerry here: FSN

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