Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent PPI numbers and its impact on the market, with Eddy explaining that companies will pass on the increased costs to consumers who are already struggling with inflation. They also discussed the Fed's interest rate policy and the yield curve, and how it affects the market. Eddy advised investors to maintain flexibility and have a disciplined strategy that is rules-based, and to lean in when the trend is in their favor and cut their losses or implement stops and targets.

They also delved into the complexities of the current global instability and its potential impact on the economy, expressing concern about the state of the world and the potential consequences for the economy and people's lives. Gifford emphasized the importance of refining and improving investment strategies and maintaining discipline, even in moments of pessimism, and highlighted the need for investors to have a plan that takes advantage of emotions in the market and to be prepared for market downturns.

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W. Craig "Bill" Reed, a bestselling author and executive consultant, shared his insights on the power of storytelling in corporate settings. He emphasized the importance of engaging the emotional and instinctual parts of the brain, using simplicity, structure, and emotional connection in storytelling. Reed also discussed how to apply these principles to presentations to large audiences or business-to-business accounts, and offered practical tips for crafting effective stories that resonate with customers.

Additionally, he shared how Remotely Me helped Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate improve their sales and recruitment process using neuroscience, resulting in a reduction in onboarding costs, increased productivity, and less turnover. Overall, Reed's expertise provides valuable guidance for anyone looking to improve their communication skills in a corporate setting.

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