James Hirsen is as disgusted as we are. Hollywood is never one to let a commercial opportunity go to waste. The potential Ebola pandemic has yet to be contained and Hollywood is already talking about Ebola the TV series. They're always about setting new lows in taste and class. And they never disappoint. We also talked a little bit about Piers Morgan and his failure to take responsibility for his CNN show's failure. But liberals never do take responsibility for anything, do they?

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Joe Messina of theRealSide.com joined us today. He can't get over New York City's Welfare Homeless Storage crisis. $15 million per year blown on the storing the homeless population's stuff. And the way the Ebola crisis is being handled, simply defies credulity. And an amazing thing happened in New York, no we're not talking about a tree growing in Brooklyn, we're talking about a teacher being fired in Manhattan. Oh the humanity!

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Woody O'Brien, gentlemen farmer out of West Virginia stopped by today. He had the extreme misfortune to visit our nation's crime capitol recently. Not surprisingly, the economy is booming and home prices are through the roof. It's easy when you produce nothing and steal the production of the rest of the country. Woody is concerned about the long term prospects for food production. The world's farmers are dying off and the young people don't seem interested. Resources are not being invested to insure the food will be there for the future extra billions of the world's inhabitants. 

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