Ross Hansen heads up the largest privately owned mint in North America. Last year business was down, but he's unconcerned and undeterred. While most of the populace buys into the meme that prosperity is just around the corner, Ross looks at hard data like the labor participation rate and sees another story, a country in decline. In the end, a debased currency means gold is the place to be. And you take that to the mint!

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It's been 9 years since Florida had a hurricane; it's been almost 7 years since the financial collapse. Does that mean that neither will happen again? Have weather patterns miraculously changed? Has the government become more responsible and has the Fed stopped printing money? You know the answers to those questions and that's why you buy homeowners insurance and gold, to protect against the natural calamities and the manmade ones as well. And while you're at it, download Dennis's free book

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After Carter Andress's stint in the military he was ready for the private sector. He was used to hazardous conditions and that made him ideally suited for construction projects in Iraq. When Bechtel gave up on a project after losing 51 workers, Carter's company got the job done. His company is still doing work in Iraq and while he had hoped to expand to non-war zones, that prospect is looking less likely now. He's written a book about his experiences Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist


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Steve Lord is editor-in-chief of the Modern Money Letter. 

bitcoin is now trading below $350, how much lower can it go? 

- How much longer until bitcoin is adoped by Wall Street and main street?

-Since last we spoke Paypal started accepting bitcoin as did Apple. Is this the beginning  of a wave? 


Listeners can access a free and special report we are giving away on Bitcoin. Consider it a Bitcoin 101. It can be accessed at

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