Dan Freed of theStreet.com discusses how the big banks earn their profits. There's a number of areas besides bounced check fees and nickeling and diming you wherever they can. Business loans, M&A activity, stock buy loans, etc. Mortgage demand is down right now, but Uncle Sam is taking steps to remedy that situation now. But the big banks are always on the look out for new and creative ways to increase their bottom lines, and increase the potential for catastrophic losses. 

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Craig Lack wrote the book on how to survive and thrive under Obamacare. As we get closer to the election, for now small business has been spared the full effects of the law. The net result will be paying more for less coverage. This means that it is up to every individual to take responsibility for their own health. That means making diet and lifestyle changes to minimize the chances of illness. If everyone in the country made these changes, there would be no health care crisis. Medical costs would drop by 80 percent! 

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John Manfreda stopped by today for a discussion about precious metals and oil. He believes, as many do, that oil prices are deliberately being manipulated downward to injure Russia, Iran and Venezuela. For now, it appears to be working, but it's hurting the American Energy Sector too. How much longer can it go on for? Precious metals may have put in a bottom, we'll know shortly. Probably a good buying opportunity. 

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