Jake Shannon is a high-functioning polymath with successes across a broad domain of endeavors. He is currently a highly sought after comedy hypnotist, performing for corporate and private events. He is also interim Chief Financial Officer for Gatemaster Systems, a software company based in the Bay Area. 

A veteran entrepreneur with experience in start-up and early stage venture formation, he has founded a number of businesses in domains including web publishing, media production and rights management ventures, and coaching. He hosted The Jake Shannon Radio Show on Utah's AM630 K-Talk before walking away to focus on writing and performing. He is the author of seven books and frequently appears on both radio and television. 

You'll enjoy his approach to getting ahead in life and finding your purpose and achieving it. Comments are always welcomed at khl@kerrylutz.com.

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Aaron Clarey a/k/a Captain Capitalism just returned from his first trip to Europe. He was not overly impressed, for a number of reasons. He was happy to be back in the once free US of A. He's currently writing a book on ending black poverty in America. Interestingly, the fastest growing demographic to his podcast and blog is Hispanic and African-American. They understand that the welfare state promises nothing but a permanent state of dependency and failed dreams. Aaron on the other hand, helps people breakout of dependency and realize their dreams. Expect the book to be controversial and fun, typical hallmarks of his books. 

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Rob Kirby joined us today for an intense look at the financial chaos taking place across the globe. The situation is getting worse by the day as The Powers That Be contine to lose control over the markets. As Rob said there isn't one market left that's performing its basic price discovery functions without constant interference from the Central Bank Cabal. The pressures are building and eventually it's all going to blow apart. Until that day arrives we're going to see increasing instability and ever more manipulation. 

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