Martin Armstrong's commentary about the coming divergence point was on ZeroHedge today. He says that society can go either way, Mad Max or not. I guess it's all in the cycles, but what can you say about the master forecaster? One thing for certain, he has called the current markets better than anyone else around. Just look at the dollar. And he says that if interest rates go up in the US, then there's going to be serious capital flight out of Asia. But getting back to the Mad Max scenario, what happens when government stops sending out the checks? What happens when the EBT cards no longer work at Walmart or your local supermarket? And not just here in the US, but in the rest of the civilized western "democracies?" Will it be Annie get your gun? Or will something greater and unimaginable occur, an expansion of human consciouness? Only Martin knows for sure. 

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Lowell Ponte and Craig Smith have released a new book in their epic series, Don't Bank On It:  The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking. They show you why it has become illogical, and hazardous to your wealth, to trust your money to today's increasingly vulnerable and unsafe banks.

Banks (as we know them) and the U.S. Dollar are dying as we are pulled into the rising "cashless society" where everything, from your digital "money" to your household appliances, will be Internet-controllable and hackable, as well as trackable and taxable by bloated governments desperate for ever-more revenue.

Smith and Ponte propose a surprising alternative future you can bank on, based in part on what a Harvard economics professor did with his own near-million-dollar bank account. This book shows ways to save your savings.

Call now to get your free copy 1-800-630-1494.

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Rick E. Norris is a CPA and a JD. He's worked with people who couldn't make ends meet who were making $20,000 and $20 million per year. Their situation was the same, it wasn't an income problem, it was a spending problem. Creating a budget is the first step to fiscal sanity. The second is learning to live with it. After that things get remarkably easier and better. Rick's a numbers guy with a personality. He understands that people want to indulge, but helps keep them on the path. 

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