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John writed, with US QE about to end, the rest of the world faced the prospect of another “taper tantrum” financial crisis, one that this time around could suck the major economies into a deflationary vortex. So it should come as no surprise that the end of QE was countered with a series of offsetting treats for the global financial markets:

• The US Fed promised to keep interest rates low for a really long time.

• The European Central Bank announced that in November it would start buying asset backed bonds, in effect beginning an open-ended, potentially huge debt monetization program of its own.

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:


-insane mega-QE announcement

-Japan pension funds selling bonds to BOJ to buy stocks, atop tripled BOJ stock buying

-no monetizing ALL JGB issuance

ARTICLES:  "Decision Time"; "Kamikaze Attack, and the End of Mining"


Final Currency War

-Friday morning, U.S. warns ECB of devaluaing Euro too much

-Then, BOJ announcmenet

                -This Thursday ECB meeting, may be forced to make major QE/NIRP announcment anyway, in response to BOJ announcement and further European economic decline (horrific German retail sales, for example)

                -plus, collapsing PIIGS bonds, particularly Greece

                -ARTICLE:  "final currency war"


FOMC Statement

                -pure, unmitigated BS in pretending labor market strong in front of elections

                -not to mention, not actually ending QE - of either Treasuries or MBS'

                -U.S. economy weakening dramatically - durable goods orders, construction spending, housing sales, prices

                                -anecdotally, my trip to a deserted Best Buy Sat and Sun

                -ARTICLES: "The all-time biggest lie"; "The 'End of QE' - LOL", "BS to the nTH Degree", "2.2% is the new 2.6%"


Swiss Gold Referendum

                -initial polls say "yes" in lead

                -major reason for PM attacks this month, as a "yes" could end the Cartel and other market manipulations

                -all time propaganda campaign as well


RECORD physical demand!

                -U.S. Mint 5.8 million silver eagle sales in October (came out Friday night), third biggest month ever and biggest non-January month

                -Royal Canadian Mint also on pace to exceed 2013's record levels, Indian silver imports on pace with 2013's record level

                -major COMEX withdrawals of gold/silver and GLD gold, enormous COMEX open interest in silver

                -rising junk silver premiums

                -record Shanghai gold withdrawals

                -Maguire says massive gold buying in past two weeks in London


Mining write-offs/production declines will be historic, especially in silver

ARTICLE: -"Kamikaze Attack, and the End of Mining"

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