Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:


-insane mega-QE announcement

-Japan pension funds selling bonds to BOJ to buy stocks, atop tripled BOJ stock buying

-no monetizing ALL JGB issuance

ARTICLES:  "Decision Time"; "Kamikaze Attack, and the End of Mining"


Final Currency War

-Friday morning, U.S. warns ECB of devaluaing Euro too much

-Then, BOJ announcmenet

                -This Thursday ECB meeting, may be forced to make major QE/NIRP announcment anyway, in response to BOJ announcement and further European economic decline (horrific German retail sales, for example)

                -plus, collapsing PIIGS bonds, particularly Greece

                -ARTICLE:  "final currency war"


FOMC Statement

                -pure, unmitigated BS in pretending labor market strong in front of elections

                -not to mention, not actually ending QE - of either Treasuries or MBS'

                -U.S. economy weakening dramatically - durable goods orders, construction spending, housing sales, prices

                                -anecdotally, my trip to a deserted Best Buy Sat and Sun

                -ARTICLES: "The all-time biggest lie"; "The 'End of QE' - LOL", "BS to the nTH Degree", "2.2% is the new 2.6%"


Swiss Gold Referendum

                -initial polls say "yes" in lead

                -major reason for PM attacks this month, as a "yes" could end the Cartel and other market manipulations

                -all time propaganda campaign as well


RECORD physical demand!

                -U.S. Mint 5.8 million silver eagle sales in October (came out Friday night), third biggest month ever and biggest non-January month

                -Royal Canadian Mint also on pace to exceed 2013's record levels, Indian silver imports on pace with 2013's record level

                -major COMEX withdrawals of gold/silver and GLD gold, enormous COMEX open interest in silver

                -rising junk silver premiums

                -record Shanghai gold withdrawals

                -Maguire says massive gold buying in past two weeks in London


Mining write-offs/production declines will be historic, especially in silver

ARTICLE: -"Kamikaze Attack, and the End of Mining"

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